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‘Affirmative Action Is Not Racist’

‘Affirmative Action Is Not Racist’
Jale Baba
August 21
10:51 2018

Can someone from the SODELPA Party’s Communication Team Counter Timoci Gaunavinaka’s & Nemani Delaibatiki’s views on Fijian Education and Affirmative Action-  saying that it is a racist programme and a failure implemented by the SVT and SDL Governments.

Please give these two gentlemen facts and figures.

Just the mere fact that Gaunavinaka has supported the education of his children privately without any Government scholarships/assistance and they have been successful does not mean that Fijian Education and Affirmative Action Programmes have failed.

There are many Fijians like him who have privately funded their children’s education and they have graduated and have been successful. BUT, these patriotic Fijians do not view Fijian Education and Affirmative Action as a failure.

They view it as a success and a necessity to bring about a level playing field.

On the other hand Gaunivinaka must be commended for his success and achievements in privately funding the education of his children.

But it does not give him the right to generalise the issue because he has done it successfully we all Fijian families in Fiji should follow suit.

It also does not give him the right to condemn all Fijian families for their failure to educate their children privately and be successful.

We Fijians are competing against two races who have had their fair share of civilisation and industrialisation and progress many thousands of years ago till to date.

Competition and hard work has been inbred in them for so many years of civilization given their numbers (population), limited resources and opportunities that it is likened to “the survival of the fittest” game.

Equality and equal citizenry is not the solution to Fiji’s problems.

It will only widen the gap further amongst the rich and the poor and reverse the achievements gained during the SVT and SDL leadership era.

It’s so unfortunate that Fijians like Timoci Gaunavinaka and Nemani Delaibatiki, I believe just because of their past experiences with past Governments are condemning Fijian education and affirmative action programmes as racists and a failure and are just advocating their own selfish views and seeing issues from the bridges of their noses!!!

Pathetic, selfish and unpatriotic Fijians. PS.  Fijian in this post refers to Indigenous Fijians.

I am a patriotic Fijian native of this country and I do not buy into this superficial racist dreams of equality and equal citizenry.

I am asserting myself as a patriotic native of this country and I am not being racist.  Take it or leave it or like it or not, that is simply the way it is from my table and pen.


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