Letters To The Editor 6th September, 2018

Rosy shows way Senaca Nabutu, Davuilevu I want to salute the Health and Medical Services Minister Rosy Akbar. I have seen her clean the hospital herself. She did wonders as
06 Sep 2018 10:56
Letters To The Editor 6th September, 2018

Rosy shows way

Senaca Nabutu, Davuilevu

I want to salute the Health and Medical Services Minister Rosy Akbar. I have seen her clean the hospital herself.

She did wonders as the Social Welfare Minister in bringing about reforms across the board, she implemented new ideas and made a difference.

Had she been given the Health portfolio from the beginning, she would have also made a huge difference in a very troubled sector.

Her permanent secretary Susan Kiran is a very professional person and both are two strong women making a real change.

Driving attitude

Neelz Singh, Lami

Attitudes alone are not the key to safe driving. Young people often believe that driving skills and knowledge about driving are all that is needed for them to be safe on the roads.

However, one of the most important influences on driving ability is their attitude towards driving and the resultant behaviour on the roads.

Attitudes towards the road environment and driving can impact on our driving behaviour.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of road traffic crashes and incidents are being caused by aggressive drivers.

Often safety training is based on the notion that if we can change a person’s attitude than their behaviour will change.

To achieve a culture of road safety we need to focus on behaviour change in preference to attitude change.

Why? Because objective, observable behaviour, ie the application of new knowledge, awareness and practical skills can be accomplished as a result of learning whereas changing attitudes is not easy to assess and may not ultimately affect driver behaviour on the road.

Typically, young men have been blamed for their poor attitudes and behaviour when driving.

However, the number of young women showing aggressive road user behaviour is increasing.

Drivers are encouraged to understand that attitude does influence the driving task.

Many drivers have the belief that they are good drivers and are reluctant to review their behaviour.
Changing driving behaviour through attitude change is unlikely.

Additionally, changed behaviour through repetitions in practice as part of the learning process and subsequent reinforcement, may lead to changed attitudes.

“A bad driver attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

The movie, The Nun

Kelepi Lesi, Catholic League Fiji president, Suva

Exposing a false premise of a Nun’s horrifying ordeal set on a fabricated narrative to reveal the problems in the novitiate, violates Catholic sentiments

How miserable can they be to import such profanity only to demonise the Catholics.

The Nun descends into sacrilegious and irreverent behaviour, a violation of the sacrament of holy orders where the movie desecrates treasured Catholic sentiments, or is it to quench his appetite for Catholic bashing, now he turns to the cloistered Nuns.

The movie is simply an archaic stereotype at best.

It makes me so sad he goes to the extent to bring in movies that portray, particularly Catholics, such a mockery, this movie should be banned because it goes against our Catholic culture and is prejudiced against the Catholic faith.

Concerned Catholics are of the view that our constitutional right is compromised and seek its removal.

EFL payout

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Energy Fiji Limited (EFL)  workers will get a $1.9 million bonus. However, i would like to know how will the EFL share this bonus because there are three group of workers (unestablished staff (hourly paid) Staff and executive staff.

I hope no one minds my query.


Nanise Berabi, Lautoka

As a Fijian citizen, I write with concern the case of an alleged attempt to abduct a teenage girl in a taxi in Labasa that caused her injuries (Fiji Sun 2/09).

Speaking to the Fiji Sun, the Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Mereseini Vuniwaqa said: Fiji stands very high when we compare our statistics with other countries worldwide.

We have one of the highest numbers of sexual assault of women and sexual violence against women and children.”

I urge the concerned authorities to look into the root cause of these social ills and create more awareness in the school because the case above is not the first reported.

In my own opinion, I would like to warn the young ones to say no to strangers when they offer you a ride.

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