Letters To The Editor 7th September, 2018

Calling Rosy Akbar easily Raj Deo, Nasinu I read a letter in this esteemed newspaper about the Health Minister Rosy Akbar. This prompted me to share an anecdote with the
07 Sep 2018 09:24
Letters To The Editor 7th September, 2018

Calling Rosy Akbar easily

Raj Deo, Nasinu

I read a letter in this esteemed newspaper about the Health Minister Rosy Akbar. This prompted me to share an anecdote with the readers about how I witnessed firsthand what this lady goes through almost daily. We were attending a Krishna Janamashthmi prayer and as it normally happens, men stayed back for grog.

One gentleman who I have known for two decades shared a story about how he was unhappy with one of the nurses he had encountered. What happened next shocked me.

Another gentleman decided he will raise the issue with Madam Akbar immediately and this was well past 11pm.

He called her and on the second or third ring she answered! On the first call itself! Amazing. She listened patiently what the gentleman had shared and took down necessary details.

I could not hold myself and decided to question the person who thought it was prudent to call up the Minister so late at night about something which happened about a month ago.

I asked him if he had ever called up Minister Jone Usamate so late. He did not even know Minister Usamate’s number. I asked him whether he had ever called Minister Neil Sharma, which the gentleman had not.

I then questioned him whether he knew who the Health Minister was in the SDL led Government, he did not even know this.

I asked him why he thought it was all right to call Minister Akbar and not others who held the portfolio before her, seeing that it’s not as if the issues in our health system came about overnight.

He said something which shocked me and also gave an insight into the way our society thinks. His response was, she is a woman, she should answer. What does that mean? It meant absolutely nothing to me at all.

I was shocked and ashamed that this had happened. I wanted to apologise to the Minister but I knew it was not my place to disturb her.

Yes, Minsiter Akbar is accessible, has given her number around but please, remember, she is not responsible for how a nurse spoke to you. This is where thankfully the civil service reform comes in.


Amenatave Yaconisau,  Delainavesi

Maybe it’s a solution to walkout with no reason.  It happened with SODELPA parliamentarians, now it’s Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC). We have to solve the conflict with solutions.

Fiji vs Solomon soccer

Dharmendra Kumar,  Suva

After watching the friendly international match between Solomon Islands and Fiji, I fully agree with the Fijian coach’s comments prior to the game that the Fijian players were overweight.

I’m also surprised that Scott Wara, a professional centre back, was put in the midfield and was certainly not comfortable in that position.

So the question is, why were overweight players chosen and who handles fitness?

We no doubt have the firepower upfront,  but we lacked quality midfielders. Once Abbu Zahid was injected in the game then the strikers started getting quality balls upfront.

Christophe Gamel please stop making excuses and just get the players fit to play and start looking for quality midfielders in the mould of former Fijian internationals such as Ramendra Dutt, Meli Vuilabasa and the Sami brothers from Ba.

Fiji was rather fortunate to get a penalty to draw the game, but in saying that it’s great to have the opportunity to watch internationals at home.

Mr Gamel needs to have an extended squad and monitor fitness and not hesitate to drop players who are unfit and those that lack discipline.

Please do not use the scapegoat survival strategy. Nevertheless Fijian soccer is heading in the right direction as we can see a structure in Fiji’s game plan.

Umbrella business

Spencer Robinson,  Suva

The Suva weather seems to be making ‘headlines’ again judging from the number of umbrellas I have counted on Friday morning.

The weather for this weekend is expected to be a wet and cold one according to the latest forecast, therefore, our umbrella’s that have been put aside at home will be useful to embrace the rain and drizzle.

Moreover, businesses will anticipate an increase in the sale of umbrellas during the weekend. Overall, stay safe and have a blessed weekend.

International Literacy Day

Neelz Singh,  Lami

International Literacy Day used to be celebrated by lots of people on September 8 to make people aware about the literacy in every country and to make them see the need and Importance for literacy.

The literacy rate in every country is different and there may be a big or small difference in the literacy rate as compared to every country. Schools in Fiji also celebrate Library Week. To encourage and promote literacy students can improve their reading and writing skills.   

Every student wants to make a possible goal to make it successful for a bright future.

Students are able to do every task with accuracy and they can manage and handle every task properly.

It is much more important for people to have a proper education from a well established institute, schools or colleges.

This year’s theme is ‘Literacy and Skills Development’.

Despite the progress made, literacy challenges persist and at the same time the demands for skills required for work, evolves rapidly.

This year’s theme explores integrated approaches that simultaneously support the development of literacy and skills. That is to ultimately improve peoples’ lives and work and contribute to equitable and sustainable societies.

The day focuses on skills and competencies required for employment, careers, and livelihoods, particularly technical and vocational skills, along with transferable skills and digital skills.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

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