Letters To The Editor 8th September 2018

Road lanes Satish Nakched, Suva The increase of new vehicles on our roads is a positive indicator that our economy is doing well as people now have more disposal cash
08 Sep 2018 12:10
Letters To The Editor 8th September 2018
Letters To The Editor

Road lanes

Satish Nakched,


The increase of new vehicles on our roads is a positive indicator that our economy is doing well as people now have more disposal cash to purchase their wants and improve their lifestyle.

As long as there is a positive economic climate and stability in the country the influx of new vehicles will continue and the suggestion of limiting such imports, I believe will not be possible for now to curb the problems of having too many vehicles on our roads.

The other option of creating and extending new roads could be minimal but the road up grades has to an extent improved the traffic flow.

The creation of double lanes where possible together with new roundabouts will greatly assist in traffic management.

However, it is noted with concern that any vehicle that comes along the Nokonoko Road in Laucala Beach with the intention to make a right turn at the junction of the roundabout in Ratu Dovi Road will have to keep to the inside right lane only.

The other left lane is for the vehicles that will make a left turn towards the Centre Point side.

The problem here is that during the day and especially in the afternoon peak hours more than 80 per cent of the traffic makes a right turn there.

This creates a traffic jam with a long queue of vehicles waiting patiently to manoeuvre safely at the roundabout on their way towards the Nasinu side.

The empty lane reserved for a left turn cannot be resisted and the drivers then jump the jam travel on this lane ignoring the road marking and turn right at the roundabout.

This junction caters for this type of manoeuvring as Ratu Dovi Road has double lanes also both ways and can easily accommodate such movement.

It is also interesting to note that where there is an urge for any traffic bookings by the enforcement agencies they happily base themselves on Ratu Dovi Road about fifty metres from the roundabout towards the Nasinu side and achieve a healthy catch of frustrated drivers.

I believe that this issue regarding the defects in the traffic lane which hinders the continuous flow must be seriously looked into by the Road Engineers with the view to change the road markings allowing right turns from either the lanes which will maximise the usage of the road space.

This new road marking that is suggested will surely act as a catalyst in preventing long queues and eliminate driver stress and fatigue.

Good Hospital Service

Zhang Jin Yan,


My mother recently fell ill and I could not afford the hospital fees for Suva private. I was very reluctant on taking her to CWM because of my past experiences with them back in 2003, the hospital was overcrowded and dirty at the time and I was usually ignored by nurses and doctors because I knew little English.

After spending a few weeks with my mother at the CWM, I was very astonished at the many improvements the hospital has gone through.

My mother was tended to whenever she needed something, the room was regularly cleaned and the doctors would slowly explain to me about my mother’s condition so that I understood.

Health service has greatly improved since we last visited the hospital in 2003. Thank you Ministry of Health and the Fiji Government!

Interfering by NFP

Raj Deo,


Living in Lautoka, I had to put up with the fumes from the dump fire for a few days.

What I could not put up with was the fact that the vice president for the National Federation Party chose to politicise the issue.

Is the vice president for NFP our new garbage dump warden?

The authorities came along and sorted out the issue in due course, which would have been done even without the Garbage Dump Warden’s interference.

Constitution Day

Sukha Singh,


I think the big crowd at Subrail park is a very good indication for the support for the FijiFirst Party the President the Prime Minister and the Constitution

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