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Opinion: ‘Voters Are Bosses of Parliament’

Opinion: ‘Voters Are Bosses of Parliament’
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September 15
12:57 2018

Tupou Draunidalo is party leader and president of HOPE. She is a former Opposition Member of Parliament of the National Federation Party. She is also a lawyer by profession. The views and opinions expressed here in the article are those of Tupou Draunidalo and not of the Fiji Sun.

HOPE wants to remind the citizens of Fiji that they elect members to Parliament to work in the best interest of Fiji and its citizens.

Essentially, you voters are the boss of Parliament, these are your public servants that you have chosen to do the work of government.

With fresh elections around the corner, HOPE just wants to remind you, the voter bosses, that you are free to choose all over again who you want working for you in Parliament.

Not happy with your last choice? Sack them.

Think someone new is better qualified or has better ideas?

Elect them.

Happy with your previous choice? Re-elect them.
This is your chance to be heard. Remember, it is not you who owes loyalty to any politician or political party, it is the politicians and political parties that owe their loyalty to you, their citizen bosses.

Political parties don’t own Voters.

Voters own political parties

There are three political parties currently represented in Parliament. The citizens of Fiji all know who these 3 parties are, what they stand for, how they have performed over the last 4 years and how they have conducted themselves.

Yet recent polls, conducted prior to HOPE’s registration as a political party, showed 33-42% of voters undecided.

Look at the numbers those three parties got in the poll, and contrast that with their numbers in 2014. Have those numbers gone up or gone down? They have gone down!

If that’s not a clear sign of voter dissatisfaction with the entrenched parties, we don’t know what is. And it’s that sign of dissatisfaction that has the three entrenched parties scrambling to convince voters that they should be ‘loyal’ to the entrenched parties and not ‘split the vote.’

Don’t be fooled by these arguments. Don’t be manipulated into voting for a party or a candidate you don’t really want. You are free to vote for whomever you choose. They want your vote because it’s your taxes that are paying their salaries.

Use your vote wisely and choose the candidate that will work best for you. That’s your constitutional right as a citizen. Exercise it.

Take control of your Parliament.



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