Hope To Rediscover Your Motivation

In leadership there is a lot of focus on how leaders need to motivate their staff, yet people tend to overlook a much more serious issue which is, how can
01 Dec 2018 10:38
Hope To Rediscover Your Motivation
Motivation is all about finding something that you genuinely care about. Photo: Ronald Kumar

In leadership there is a lot of focus on how leaders need to motivate their staff, yet people tend to overlook a much more serious issue which is, how can a leaders motivate themselves.

I was in a coaching session recently with a very successful leader in an extremely important role who was struggling, not with his job but with motivating himself.


Leaders motivation

When a leader loses motivation there can be serious consequences.

Firstly, it’s difficult for anyone to be more motivated than the leader they report to.

It’s the leader that sets the example so what happens to them impacts others.

Secondly it’s difficult for l eaders to talk about this kind of issue because if you are not motivated as a leader then others may feel that you shouldn’t be in the role. So what should one do?


What is motivation

Motivation is all about finding something that you genuinely care about.

When you find that something then motivation will find you.

Just think about this scenario.

You are standing next to me in the street  opposite a house that is on fire.

I turn to you and I request you to retrieve my coat which I have accidentally left in the house.

I can tell you with complete certainty that no matter how much you may like me you are not going to run into a burning building to get my coat.

Now just imagine if instead of my coat it was your family in the building, the people you love most in the world are in danger, not only would you run into the burning house, you wouldn’t even hesitate.

Two scenarios with the same burning building yet two different sets of behaviours yet the only thing different is the extent of what you care for, your passion.


Rediscover your passion

Every child has a dream of what they will become when they grow up yet very few if any of those dreams will come true and that’s fine.

A lot of people tend to drift through careers.

They get offered a job and they discover they like the job and the people around them and suddenly a job becomes a career and there’s nothing wrong with that yet if you want to be highly motivated you need more.

To rediscover your passion you need to think back to what you wanted to be when you were young and then ask yourself why.

It’s in this answer that you will be able to rediscover your passion.

When I was young I went through different stages of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

At one time I wanted to be a superhero, then I wanted to be James Bond then I wanted to be a surgeon.

I never become any of those things but there was a underlying passion hidden in those dreams which when I asked myself why I wanted to be those things, the answer was quite simply that I wanted to help people.

Everyone is different but for me I discovered that helping people was what I wanted to do.


Passion + Talent = Motivation

Passion is not enough on its own, it needs to be combined with talent.

When you discover your passion you need to find a way to demonstrate that passion in a way that you have a level of competency.

Using myself as an example, I didn’t have the skills to be a surgeon but I did have the skills to be a leader and to develop other leaders so it’s not a surprise that I ended up in a role where I travel the world helping organisations develop their leaders so that they themselves can help their teams.

So I am naturally motivated because I enjoy what I do.

If you want the same to happen to you then you need to find where your passion and talent meet and that is where you will discover your motivation.

As a leader it’s expected that we focus on creating an environment that motivates the team yet you can’t forget that none of this will work unless you can motivate yourself so take some time away from leading your team and spend that time on leading yourself.

Ask yourself what is important to you?

Why are you a leader? What did you want to become when you where a child?

What are you good at?

If you could write your own job description what would it look like?

Within the answers to these questions you will find your passion and when combined with your talent you will never have to worry about losing your motivation ever again.


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