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Letters to the Editors: 06th December, 2018

Letters to the Editors: 06th December, 2018
December 06
12:16 2018

First and foremost, Fijians

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The comments by our new Minister for Health and Medical Services, Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete, during his maiden parliamentary speech, is one that needs to be echoed throughout the nation.

He said that while he is iTaukei he is first and foremost a Fijian!

It would therefore be prudent to say that while I am a Kailoma I am first and foremost a Fijian!

While a friend of mine is Indo Fijian he is first and foremost a Fijian!

While my favourite shopkeeper is Chi- nese he and his family are first and foremost Fijians!

While my neighbours are Europeans they are first and foremost Fijians!

While our family friends are Rotumans they are first and foremost Fijians!

While close relatives have strong Gilbertese heritage they are first and foremost Fijians!

Dr Waqainabete also mentioned that he would champion equality because of his background and because his granddaughter, Miriama Waqainabete, has multiple heritage!

My iTaukei friend married my cousin and they have four beautiful children! My cousin married an Indo Fijian and they have four beautiful children as well!

A close Indian friend of mine is married to an iTaukei and they have three beautiful children!

My iTaukei neighbour is married to a Rotuman and they have a daughter and a son! My daughter lives with an iTaukei and I have a beautiful granddaughter!

Interracial marriage has become much more common today than ever before.

We are one people, made by one creator, living together in one country, which we all call home!

Anyone who thinks otherwise is abso- lutely racist, unchristian and totally selfish!

Dr Waqainabete is also a wise and God- ly intellect who rightfully stated that the circumstances we find ourselves are no doubt the will of God!


Former PM pension

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I would like to know if Mr Rabuka, a former PM, would still get his former PM Pension?


Sports and Inspiration

Floyd Robinson, Toorak

Does size really matter in sports?

Some club said Roy Krishna was too small and not fit for professional soccer, but he has defied all odds to the extent that he is now the top goal scorer for Wellington Phoenix.

Meanwhile, our national women’s football side deserves credit because they have reached the final of the Oceania Football Confederation Women’s National Cup final.

The awarding of the Golden Gloves to Adi Tuwai is like the icing on the cake. All in all, let’s draw inspiration from Roy Krishna and our women’s football team. Let’s look forward to another weekend of exciting 7s rugby.


Letter response

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Suva

Jan Nissar from Carlton in NSW, Australia, made some very interesting re- marks in his letter titled “Blast from the past” (FS 3/12).

With all due respect to the writer, as a Christian, I take offence in his last comment where he said, never trust anyone who speaks to God!

As Fijians, irrespective of what religion or faith you belong to, we all speak

most a Fijian! Photo: Simione Haravanua to our different gods through prayer.

I voted for the PM and not Rabuka, but what Jan Nissar said is disrespectful to Rabuka and all Fijians who voted for the SODELPA leader.

Jan Nissar should know that as a result of democracy and the choice of the people, “the person who perpetrated these atrocities is still lingering today like a bad odour in the hallowed chamber.”

No, Fijians who cast their one vote for Rabuka are not blind, deaf or plain dumb, but they were only using their freedom of choice and democratic right to choose whom they want to lead them in the next four years.

I believe Fijians who voted for Rabuka did so because they have been lied to by the Opposition that iTaukei land, natural resources and all we hold dear are slowly being taken over by the FijiFirst Government.

This, my friend Jan Nissar, is why I believe some Fijians opted to vote for the blast from the past.




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