University of the South Pacific Students Visit Koto’s Family

Assistance continues to pour in for the single mother and her two boys who once lived in a tiny make-shift shed in Nadi.
12 Aug 2019 14:42
University of the South Pacific Students Visit Koto’s Family
University of the South Pacific students while visiting Atelaite Koto’s family in Togomasi, Nadi, earlier this week.

The story of a single mother and her two boys living in a tiny makeshift shelter in Togomasi, Nadi, continues to touch the hearts of many Fijians.

The article of Atelaite Koto and her two sons, published in the Fiji Sun on May 16, 2019 titled ‘Single Mum Builds Own Shed To Shelter Her Two Children’, drew the attention of many readers here and abroad, who came forward to assist the family.

Earlier last week, at least 30 youths from Lautoka took time out to attend to the needs of Ms Koto’s family.

The youths, who are all members of the University of the South Pacific Student Association (USPSA), visited the family to present them a brand new chest box and cash.

Association president Viliame Naulivou said: “We took a chest box and beddings we received from overseas donors, females and youths from America. We also took some groceries along with us.”

Mr Naulivou said the group was content to see the positive changes concerning the family in the last few months.

“She is currently employed and there is a big change in her. And we believe she can look after herself now,” he said.

He said the group plans to reach out to other individuals and families who needed assistance.

The Fiji Sun has learned that Ms Koto’s two boys are currently attending Veilomani Boys Home in Yalalevu, Ba.

Edited by Naisa Koroi

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