Proud Mothers Tells

The Fijian students’ acts went viral on social media after the school posted about it on its Facebook page.
29 Sep 2020 11:56
Proud Mothers Tells
David Kolibasoga and Sairusi Ravudi.

The mothers of Rotorua Boys’ High School students, David Kolibasoga and Sairusi Ravudi, are very proud of their sons for their acts of kindness and honesty.

The Fijian students’ acts went viral on social media after the school posted about it on its Facebook page.

David’s mother, Talei Kolibasoga, said she was proud of her son and his friend for helping out a woman in distress.

The pair had seen a woman in distress wandering in and out of traffic on the busy road outside school, escorted her to safety and called the Police.

While waiting with her, she gave them quite a large sum of money.

But the boys handed the money over to a Police officer to return to the woman when Police arrived at the scene.

Ms Kolibasoga said she was at work when she received a phone call from her David and his friend Sairusi.

“I could hear the panic in their voice when they called me at work to describe the situation that they were in,” Ms Kolibasoga said.

“The woman was visibly upset so they stopped her to ask if there was something they could do for her,” she gave an account.

“I am humbled, grateful and most of all thank God for Sai and David for promptly choosing to help that young lady when being teenagers, they also had the choice not to,” Ms Kolibasoga said.

“David is a down to earth humble man and it is his nature to return anything that does not belong to him. This is not the first time for David to find and return a huge sum of money to the Police.

“The boys both know not to touch anything that does not belong to them.

Sairusi’s mother, Rosie Ravudi gave credit to the young men as a lot had been said about their upbringing at home, especially good parenting.



Sairusi is from Nakorovou, Dreketi, Rewa with maternal links to Nasukamai in Ra, while David is a Kiwi born from Naisaumua, Tailevu with maternal links to Sauniveiuto, Deuba, Serua.

Both boys are Year 10 students and play in their Under 15 grade rugby team.

Edited by Caroline Ratucadra



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