New USP Allegations Surface

The Staff Review Committee was also concerned about the leakage of the confidential dossier by Mr Ahluwalia.
25 Feb 2021 10:21
New USP Allegations Surface
New allegations have surfaced that a director at the University of the South Pacific was allegedly given an inducement allowance of 50 per cent by former Vice Chancellor Pal Ahluwalia.
This was given during a time when Mr Ahluwalia himself had spoken against the issuing of inducement allowances.
The recipient of the alleged allowance was the Director Assurance and Compliance Dulari Traill. She was on an annual salary of $124,386, and then given an Inducement Allowance of $63,693, taking her total salary to $188,079. She received this allowance while compiling a report alleging corruption on the part of others in receipt of much smaller allowances.
She was given a one year extension by Mr Ahluwalia at the end of her contract from May 28, 2020 to May 28, 2021 on the same salary of $188,079 which included the 50 per cent inducement allowance.
This came as a surprise to many academics and staff at USP. Questions on the issue sent to Ms Traill remain unanswered.
Furthermore, Mr Ahluwalia had submitted a dossier alleging wrongdoing to the University Council in 2019. In 2019, Ms Traill applied for bonus, increment and contract renewal.
The Staff Review Committee did not agree and subject further deliberations to receipt of report from Chair of Audit & Risk Committee. This was never circulated by Prof Ahluwalia despite it being done. Prof Pal recused himself in the Ms Traill’s staff review but later he ended up giving one year contract to her on the same salary which had inducement.
In 2019, Prof Ahluwalia brought allegations to Executive Committee of Council. The EC asked him to do full internal investigation with natural justice. The dossier was in custody of Prof Ahluwalia and Ms Traill. It was later leaked to media.
Ms Traill’s Staff Review Committee was concerned with leakage as it was considered gross insubordination.

Edited by Selita Rabuku


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