Suzuki Cleans Up Wailoaloa In April

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Suzu­ki Fiji & Niranjan Autoport Pte Ltd carried out the “Suzuki Clean Ocean Project” on Saturday the 15th of April, 2023 along the Wailoaloa Beach.
07 May 2023 13:48
Suzuki Cleans Up Wailoaloa In April
Staff of Niranjans during the clean-up.

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR), Suzu­ki Fiji & Niranjan Autoport Pte Ltd carried out the “Suzuki Clean Ocean Project” on Saturday the 15th of April, 2023 along the Wailoaloa Beach.

As the world’s ultimate outboard motor brand, Suzuki always re­mains focused in providing the ulti­mate marine experience whilst pro­moting a healthy and clean marine environment.

With the project which began in 2010, till date, 53 distributors and more than 12,000 people globally have participated in total.

For the past 13 years, we have been voluntarily conducting the “Clean-up the World Campaign” every year to contribute to a better marine en­vironment.

To continue to make our utmost effort for environmental protec­tion, it is now time for us to review how we have been contributing to the environment and society and newly determine our direction.

This is how we came to make the new Slogan and Logo, “SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT”, to show the world our commitment.

This marks the successful com­pletion of Suzuki Fiji’s campaign to clean up the regions of Queen Elizabeth Drive, Suva and the Wailoaloa Beach, Nadi.

Suzuki Commitments:

  1. Clean-Up the World Campaign
  2. Reduce Plastic Packaging
  3. Collect Marine Micro-Plastic Waste

A huge amount of marine plastic waste that flow into the ocean has become a significant environmen­tal issue in the recent years, and micro-plastics that are further crushed in the natural environ­ment are concerned to have an im­pact on ecosystems.

To tackle these issues, in October 2020, Suzuki Motor Corporation announced the development of a Micro-Plastic Collecting Device which can be equipped to outboard motors.

By installing this device to out­board motors, micro-plastics near the water surface can be collected simply by running the boat. In July 2022, 5 models (DF140BG, DF115BG, DF140B, DF115B, and DF100C) have started production with the device as standard equipment and these models are now available in the Fiji market. We are proud to announce that SUZUKI FIJI is the first to have this technology available in its out­boards.

For the last 13 years since 2010, we have been cleaning up the shore­lines of Suva along the Queen Elizabeth Drive as an annual event however Suzuki Fiji has decided to extend its global campaign to Wailoaloa Beach in Nadi. It is sad to see that even in today’s day and age, Fijians continue to litter irre­sponsibly and without thought to their natural surroundings and it’s unfortunate that we will continue to witness this unless there is edu­cation at homes and schools and also there is a change in attitude and the culture of littering. This year the Suzuki Team in Lautoka and Nadi combined, collected about 200kg’s of litter along Wailoaloa Beach, it was shocking, we need to stop, think and take responsibility!

Litter as minor as a bottle cap af­fects the environment so we have to start now and change our think­ing and take responsibility of our actions. Our attitude has still not changed and we continue to litter our beaches, streets and oceans.

As the custodians of the lands and the water ways, the future of the ocean and its greater marine life is in our hands to ensure its security and sustainability – Shamal Singh, Dealership Development Manager – Suzuki Fiji

Fulfilling its commitment and efforts towards marine conserva­tions, Suzuki Fiji & Niranjan Au­toport Pte Ltd believes that pro­tection and ocean conservation is paramount especially for Fiji, being surrounded by water and its immense dependence on marine culture.


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Source: Niranjan Autoport Pte Ltd


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