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Multi-million dollar plans underway for Lautoka City

“Two ongoing projects were Namoli Green Night Food market project and the Botanical Garden Coffee Shop,” Mr Khan said. 
27 Sep 2023 18:09
Multi-million dollar plans underway for Lautoka City

New projects are abound for Lautoka City.

Lautoka City Council chief executive officer, Mohammed Anees Khan made this clear as he said the council was also making the city attractive for investors.

The council is expected to continue with maintenance for other projects.

“Two ongoing projects were Namoli Green Night Food market project and the Botanical Garden Coffee Shop,” Mr Khan said.

“We expected it to be completed in the next month and a half in October. We had a lot of maintenance delayed due to COVID.”

He said first project that was pending was the Lautoka Bus Station.

“First was the resurfacing of the bus station that has been pending for a while due to our finances or revenues being dropped to the COVID. So now that we have recovered to 80 per cent of our revenue. We will ensure that the bus station surface which has deteriorated a lot can be resurfaced,” Mr Khan said.

He said for the Lautoka Bus Station, the council were looking at a concept of decentralisation.

He also said they were looking into an improvement for the Churchill Park roof and main stand.


“We want to accommodate a camera platform to accommodate television coverage. On the same ground number three has been prepared to international standard for training purposes,” Mr Khan said.

“We are planning to continue upgrade of it, terms of irrigation, pump house and flood lights for domestic use.”

He said the carnival ground would be upgraded.

“We will continue some improvement on it. The Government funded projects are the continuation of the swimming pools I think there were some works on the background and the minister have make some announcement on it.

“And in parallel, we negotiating with the Public Private Partnership Initiative to get one of council land developing into a commercial complex through a UI process.”

Mr Khan said negotiations were underway to see a multi-story commercial and accommodation project undertaken by the council.


“In terms of private investments in Lautoka, there is a healthy list of investments, most of the notable ones which is already underway. There is the new world, warehousing and distribution complex. currently under construction at Wairabetia,” he said.

“The second one is the Challenging Engineering Plaza, which is just behind the Churchill Park.

“The other two commercial developments earmarked within the Lautoka municipal boundary and the two major supermarket chains.”

He did not disclose their names, because the development approval processes was still underway.”

He added there was a major departmental and Duty Free Store and one of the major names in the country has also been embarking on a new complex in the city.

“I am very proud to say that a combination of almost $200 million worth of private investment projects are in the planning underway for Lautoka,” he said.


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