Fiji Sun » Waisea Nasokia Leading Fiji newspaper for Fiji News, Sport and Pacific news Sat, 06 Jul 2019 05:30:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 New Winner For Uluinakau 7s Fri, 08 Mar 2019 21:35:38 +0000 A new winner will be crowned at the 10th Uluinakau Rugby Sevens which ends today at Prince Charles Park, Nadi.

This is after defending champions Tabadamu opted to compete at the Waimanu 7s in Nausori.

Keponi Paul’s Police White will face Warwick Ratu Filise in one of the quarterfinals this morning.

Current Fiji Airways Fi­jian 7s squad member Ru­siate Matai led the Police White team in three victo­ries including a convincing 26-0 win over NYB in the final pool play.

The side is laced with the regulars Belasio Vuki­wai, Livai Ikanikoda, Kini Douglas, Inia Rokomatu and Meli Kurisaru.

Warwick Ratu Filise with the likes of Ifereimi Tovilevu, Leveni Tani, Me­sake Seavula and Sakiusa Drainumolea were in good form.

Host Uluinakau Babas will meet Veilomani Com­bo, after it became the first team to book a spot in the quarterfinals after winning over Dratabu 24-0, Mala Young Boys 24-5 and Na­korokula 28-0 respectively.

In the other matches, Va­gadra is another surprise package who has emerged as Pool B winners upset­ting Saunaka McDonald’s as they face Yamacia.

Yasawa’s Wadigi will take on Red Diamond 3FIR.


Men: Mala Young Boys 24–7 Nakorokula, Korolevu Junior Blacks 12-14 Vaga­dra, Supercool Lau Broth­ers 21- 12 Nawaka White, Nakorotubu Old Boys 33-0 Nadi Indo, Kelland Broth­ers 12-12 Namuaniwaqa Brothers, Vio Panthers 10–14 NYB, Dratabu 21–0 Nakorokula, Nasikawa Blues 5–12 Vagadra, BLK Nadroga 21-0 Nawaka White, Wadigi Salvo 42-0 Nadi Indo, Nawaka Black 5-12 Namuaniwaqa Broth­er, Veilomani Combo 26-14 NYB, Uluinakau Babas 28-0 Nakorokula, McDonald Saunaka 5–29 Vagadra, Red Diamond 3FIR 26-7 Nawaka White, Yamacia 55-0 Nadi Indo, Nawaka Black 5-29 Kelland Brothers, Police White 26-0 NYB.

Youth: McDonald Saunaka 5– 14 Mosi, Natabua Old Boys 12–14 Gaunavou, Mala Young Boys 14-0 Sigatoka YB Rugby Academy, Mc­Donald Saunaka 5-10 Colo West Warriors, Natabua Old Boys 19-0 Vagadra, Mala Young Boys –Nawaka, McDonald’s Saunaka 0–24 Kula.

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Naresia Laid To Rest Sat, 16 Feb 2019 22:00:48 +0000 Members of the national and Nadi rugby fraternity bid their final farewell to the former Flying Fijian and Nadi rugby captain Peniame Naresia at Narewa Village in Nadi on Friday.

Known as the Gentle Giant, Nar­esia passed away at the age of 71.

Speaking at Vatulevu Church dur­ing the funeral service Taniela Vo­cevoce said, Naresia first played for Nadi at the age of 21.

“He was called into the team after Nasivi Ravouvou was with the Fiji team during an overseas tour,” Vo­cevoce said.

“Peniame later captained Nadi and he was a disciplined player.”

Naresia made his Test debut against Tonga in 1972 and played a total of 7 test matches.

He was later honoured by the Fiji Rugby Union at Churchill Park, Lautoka on June 2018.

The former Nadi great, had two brothers Jona Qoro and Vuata Nar­esia Snr who also donned the Nadi and national rugby jumper with pride.

He is survived by his daughter and four grandchildren.

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Rise With The Blues Fri, 15 Feb 2019 22:00:25 +0000 OFC Champions League Group B goes down to the wire as AS Central Sport face Lautoka FC while Henderson Eels are eyeing a historic quar­terfinal appearance when they play FC Morobe Wawens today at Churchill Park, Lautoka.

AS Central Sport are heading into the final match day with a foot already in the knockout stage after two wins with a superior goal difference.

Hosts Lautoka FC on other hand are facing a must win scenario coming off an upset loss against Solomon Islands’ Eels who are still in contention for the last eight with three points.

As it stands, all three teams could finish with six points and the goal differential rule might be taking into account to decide the top two positions.


Lautoka FC coach Kamal Swamy reiterated that it is a must win for his team knowing very well what is at stake.

“Looking at tomorrow’s game we can see that we have a chance to win and qualify so that is the fo­cus in the camp now,” he told OFC Media.

“We had already talk to them about tomorrow’s game and we told the players that we have to for­get about the last game to switch our focus back on the next game.

“We’ll we need to win the game to qualify for the quarterfinals. That is our aim and that’s what we are going to do.

“It’s a must win for Lautoka and we need to at least win by three goals to qualify.”

Swamy revealed his backroom staff members have a game plan in place to get maximum points against the Tahiti champions.

“We have seen their games, we have come up with a plan and we’re sure that plan will work if the players do the right things. It will be a good and we should win.

“I always talk to them like no one is indispensable, so we have been winning games all the while throughout last year, this year and everybody is after us.

“So after the loss we have come back to ground level, we look at ourselves, we have made mis­takes, let’s raise up and show what we can do,” Swamy said.

AS Central Sport coach Efrain Araneda said his team will go for the win despite facing a strong Lautoka side in an unfamiliar ter­ritory for the Tahiti Ligue 1 cham­pions.

“For us it’s a very important game, we got six points just be­hind us Lautoka and Henderson Eels have three points each,” he said.

“So this game is really primary for the future, if we draw or win we qualify and the most impor­tant thing is we finish first. The goal is clear as we are looking for victory.

“It will be a difficult game be­cause Lautoka get the pressure. They miss their last game but in our position is we need to stay fo­cus on our objective, get the quali­fying spot so we going to do our best to win this game.”

Araneda stressed that hosting a quarterfinal fixture at home is the motivation behind wanting to fin­ish top of the group.

“The motivation we got is to play our quarterfinal at home in Tahi­ti and why not keep going in the competition.

“We hope to offer that to our pub­lic and play behind them on April 6th.”

It’s a do-or-die for last season’s semi-finalists Lautoka with only a win would put them back into contention.

The clash kicks-off at 4pm.

Match officials

Referee: Nick Waldron (NZ); As­sistant Referee 1: Jeremy Garae (Van), Assistant Referee 2: Isaac Trevis (NZ); Fourth official: Calvin Berg (NZ)


Lautoka FC: 3. Zibraaz Hanif Sa­hib, 4. Afraz Ali, 5. Poasa Baini­valu, 6. Jone Vesikula, 7. Dave Radrigai, 8. Kavaia Rawaqa, 9. Benjamin Totori, 10. Samuela Na­benia, 11. Zainal Ali, 13. Muni Shi­vam Naidu, 14. Samuela Junior Drudru, 15. Osea Vakataleusau, 16. Daniel Allan, 17. Kolinio Sivoki, 19. Bong Kalo, 20. Mataiasi Toma, 22. Beniamino Mateinaqara, 23. Viliame Tabucala; Coach: Kamal Swamy (Fiji)

AS Central Sport: 1. Tetahio Teri­inohopuaiterai (GK), 2. Christian Tepau (GK), 4. Teiki Kananou, 7. Sylvain Graglia, 8. Manutahi Tetaria, 9. Cesar Castillo, 10. Man­uarii Hauata, 13. Philippe Peni, 15. Pierre Bako, 16. Mikael Roche, 17. Diego Araneda, 19. Heinui Kwong, 20. Georges Bearune, 22. Here­haunui Ferrand, 23. Lorenzo Te­hau, 24. Jacques Wamytan, 25. Pe­ter Babka; Coach: Efrain Araneda (Tahiti)


Kicking-off today at 1pm is a Melanesian clash between Eels and FC Wawens from Papua New Guinea.

With the group fairly posed, Eels coach Eddie Marahare said his team need nothing but a win to keep their hopes alive in the com­petition.

“I think we all are looking for­ward to the game because we need maximum points after beating Lautoka,” he said.

“We know that we do have a chance to qualify for the quarterfi­nals if we win the game tomorrow, so we’re looking forward to it.”

FC Morobe Wawens coach Peter Purari said despite a winless run in the competition they are deter­mined to finish their debut on a high note.

“We can’t go out bowing down but at least we make our mark in the competition,” he said.

“It’s our first time but we have really enjoyed playing in this OFC tournament. I told the players that we have to score goals in tomor­row’s game.

“We need to at least score a goal to put our mark out there in the OFC Championship as a first tim­er.

“Playing the Solomon Islanders tomorrow, watching them play against Lautoka, they are a very good side but we’ll give our best and at the end of 90 minutes we’ll find out where we stands.”

Match officials

Referee: Sione Lelenga (Tonga); Assistant Referee 1: Marc Sinyeue (New Caledonia), Assistant Ref­eree 2: Denson Sale (Vanuatu); Fourth official: Antony Riley (NZ)


FC Morobe Wawens: 1. Alois John, 2. Kenneth Palailo, 3. Nath­aniel McLeod, 4. Moses Kamak­eng, 5. Russel Kambaka, 6. Giwi Simon Muwanz, I7. Michael Saun, 8. Francis Isom, 9. Joshua Panget, 10. Elliot Foni, 11. Bernard Purari, 12. Donatus Bandi, 13. Alu Awi, 14. Jason Farrock, 17. Ferdallas Namuesh, 18. Clarence Yorris, 20. Jason Bendi, 21. William Israel Napo; Coach: Peter Purari (PNG)

Henderson Eels: 1. Desmond Tutu (GK), 2. Graham Tanavole, 3. Boni Pride, 4. Derick Taebo, 5. Fred­die Kini, 7. Obed Ofea, 8. Rodney Suri, 9. Jimmy Raramane, 10. Tuti Zama Tanito, 12. Clement Bae­geni, 15, Joses Nawo, 16. Rollence Misitana, 17, Andrew Rarangia, 18. Rolland Mamanika, 19. Hud­son Felani, 20. Augustine Tagana, 23. Raynick Laeta, 25. Joel Nanago (GK); Coach: Eddie Marahare (Sol­omons)

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Flying Fijian Rugby Great Manasa Qoro Dies Wed, 06 Feb 2019 23:01:14 +0000 The flanker who shocked the rugby world when he kicked over a drop goal during the 1987 Rugby World Cup is now longer with us today.

Flying Fijian great Manasa Qoro passed away at his residence at Nawaka Village, Nadi on Tuesday.

According to former national 7s rep Penisoni Waki, Qoro was probably the first forward in the world to kick over a drop goal.

“Manasa was a tough player,” an emotional Waki told SUNsports yesterday.

Qoro made his debut for the national rugby 7s team at the 1987 Hong Kong 7s where he stopped the flying David Campese in their 14-8 win over Australia in the Cup semi-final.

“What was unique about Manasa is that apart from his huge frame he also had the speed and could either play in the backline or forwards,” Waki said.

He said they played together for Nadi in the early 1990s and were coached by llami Lutu­mailagi.

“During those days before our home games we would present ourselves to the werelevu Nalagi and the other chiefly homes before we go to the market to have some grog and then we’ll have our egg sandwich before playing,” Waki recalled.

“Those were a few things that we would do together and our closeness would motivate us to play better and we still talk about it with the younger players.”

Qoro started his rugby career with the Nawa­ka Rugby Club before being named in the Nadi team in 1984.

Three years later he made his debut in the Fi­jian sevens team before being selected for the national rugby team to play at the 1987 RWC in New Zealand.

Qoro made his international debut for Fiji against Queensland in April 1987 before being selected for the RWC in May.

He played alongside Peceli Gale, Savenaca Aria, Belasio Vukiwai, Meli Rabonu, Sainiva­lati Laulau, Taniela Nayate and the list goes on.

He was 54 during the time of his death and is survived by his wife Bulou and five children and two grandchildren

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Tovolea On Track In Nadro 10s Sat, 02 Feb 2019 22:06:56 +0000 The Jiuta Lutumailagi-cap­tained Tovolea side is on track in the 2019 Nadroga 10s competition played at Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka yesterday.

Led by Nadroga coach Esala Nau­ga, the side includes Fiji Airways Fijian Drua players Ratunaisa Na­vuma and Jone Navori.

The team defeated Ruwalilevu One 5-0, Caginitoba 10-0 after two rounds.

Army Green comprised Fijian Drua flanker Peni Raidre, Inia Ta­walo and flanker Juita Takubu for Army Red.

In other matches, Army Green defeated Seniivi 10-0, Sanasana 5-0 while Army Red defeated Senibiau 7-0, Malomalo 12-0 to remain unde­feated after two rounds.

Nadroga Rugby Union president Tiko Matawalu said their competi­tion attracted 36 teams including Army Green and Army Red who are not affiliated with NRU.

“We begin the season with 10s and will run for three weeks with the elimination next week.”

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Fijiana 7s Keep Low Profile Wed, 30 Jan 2019 22:43:11 +0000 It’s one step at a time for the Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s team as they prepare for their Sydney 7s pool opener against Canada at the Spotless Stadium, Australia tomorrow.

The Saiasi Fuli-coached side played a warm-up game against Spain yesterday to tune themselves up.

Fuli, a former national 7s halfback is on his first as­signment as head coach and had indicated that they’re going to try for a top eight finish.

“Something after that will be a bonus and so it will be how we prepare well mentally,” he said.

The Fijiana 7s side have been boosted by the return of former captain Ana Maria Roqica, Rusila Nagasau, Lavenia Tinai and Luisa Tisolo.

“It’s when we wear the jersey we need to be proud and happy to represent our country,” Fuli added.

Fijiana 7s- Rusila Nagasau (c ), Asinate Savu, Mere­wai Cumu, Vasiti Solikoviti, Raijieli Daveua, Lave­nia Tinai, Ana Roqica, Tokasa Senibuli, Merewalesi Rokoumu, Luisa Tisolo, Ana Maria Naimasi, Akanisi Sokoiwasa.


A 13-player Ireland women’s 7s squad are ready to play their opening pool game tomorrow in the third leg of the World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series in Syd­ney, Australia.

The squad, captained by Lucy Mulhall could see Emily Lane and Béibhinn Parsons make their debut.

The squad trained at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation in Narrabeen before they relocated to central Sydney ahead of the tournament kicking off at the Spotless Stadium in the Sydney Olympic Park.

Ireland finished in 8th place at the Dubai 7s in De­cember. They are drawn with Canada, Fiji and Russia in Pool B of the tournament, and will open against Russia. Ireland Rugby director of sevens Anthony Eddy said: “Sydney marks the half-way point on this year’s World Series and it’s another chance for the players to go out and put in strong performances.

“We have a few players unavailable to us due to inju­ry, but that in turn hands a great opportunity to other players in the programme to make their mark.”


It was Australia’s prime-time moment in front of a home audience, as they thrashed New Zealand 31-0 to win last year’s Sydney Sevens women’s title.

But the Black Ferns haven’t lost a game of women’s rugby sevens since, with coach Allan Bunting admit­ting on his return to Sydney this week that the 2018 humbling might’ve been exactly what was needed.

New Zealand won every other world series event that followed, but couldn’t catch the fast-starting Australia in the title race, while they went on to pip the hosts for gold in extra time at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

A season-ending achilles tear to star try scorer Por­tia Woodman hasn’t slowed them in 2019, with the Ki­wis a perfect two-from-two before this week’s Sydney Sevens at Spotless Stadium, starting on Friday.

“Last year, we suffered our biggest defeat ever here, and got a good smack on the bum and good learnings from that,” Bunting said.

“It helped us in the Commonwealth Games. We re­visit that [loss] often and it really helps us focus on what matters today.

“So we’re quite thankful for that now. What it did for us was really vital and we’re not sour about it.”

New Zealand will play England, France and Papua New Guinea in Friday’s pool games, while Australia’s opponents will be United States, China and Spain.

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Forest Management Contributes To Economic Growth Sat, 26 Jan 2019 22:00:34 +0000 Fiji can promote to the rest of the world the effort to ad­dress climate change.

But also to be able to look at sus­tainable forest management and contribute to economic growth that will bring change to the liveli­hood of the communities.

Those were the comments made by the Ministry of Forestry Per­manent Secretary, Pene Baleinab­uli during the visit to Tokaimalo in Ra with a team from the World Bank and the independent Techni­cal Advisory Panel (TAP) review team.

He said, “This is a demonstra­tion by Fiji to continue the fight against Climate change. The es­sence of the REDD+ programme is to build climate resilient com­munities.”

The tikina of Tokaimalo have dedicated over 1000 hectares.

Conversation International has helped them to plant trees of vari­ous species including Mahogany, Teak and Pine.

“It is good to see that these com­munities have long term vision of what they want for their future generation,” said Mr Baleinabuli.

“This is an example for the Fiji can promote to the rest of the world to the effort to address cli­mate change but also to be able to look at sustainable forest manage­ment and contribute to economic growth that will bring change to the livelihood of the communities.

“The team from the TAP has in­dicated that they are very pleased with what is happening on the ground.”

Conservation International and team leader for Fiji’s Emission Reduction Programme Susana Tu­isese said: “Fiji’s ERP has three major components which include afforestation/reforestation, forest conservation and sustainable har­vesting.

“This not only ensures that the REDD+ activity (e.g. reforesta­tion, forest conservation) is not compromised (by competing land use needs of the local community) but also promotes sustainable so­cio-economic development where landowners and land users are ca­pacitated to sustainably manage their land resources.”

“The idea was through the Fiji WATER support as they provided the finance to actually establish these plantations with the agree­ment the landowner will own the trees after 30 years. They will make sure it does not go through fire,” Ms Tuisese added.

In December 2018, Fiji submitted its Emissions Reduction Program Document (ERPD) to the World Bank, outlining the drivers of de­forestation and forest degradation and identifying interventions to address the drivers.

Fiji’s efforts to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions were received by the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership Facil­ity (FCPF).

In particular the Facility Man­agement Team (FMT) to which the FMT sent a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) team to Suva this week to review the ERPD.

TAP review team’s visit to Fiji

The TAP review team’s visit to Fiji culminated yesterday includ­ing a visit to the Nakauvadra Commune-Based Reforestation program that is spearheaded by the Conservation International (CI). CI is also an important stake­holder of the REDD+ program.

The team was led by Ken An­drasko (TAP Lead Expert), Fred Stolle (Carbon Accounting Ex­pert), Angelika Kandzior (Social and Environmental Safeguards Expert), and Ludovino Lopez (Le­gal Expert).

Also accompanied by World Bank independent consultants Carly Green (Carbon Accounting Spe­cialist), and Michael Green (MRV Specialist) as well as the World Bank’s Task Team Leader (Fiji) Senior Operations Officer Anis Wan and Senior Development So­cial Specialist Haddy Jatou Sey.

The objectives of the visit by the TAP review team and World Bank include:

n hold meetings with the key stakeholders related to the REDD+ process and the preparation of the ERP, consultants of the vari­ous studies and ERP-Document (ERPD), the representatives of the various programs and projects proposed as part of the Emissions Reduction Programme

n evaluate the status of the preparation of the Emission Re­duction Program in Fiji and make recommendations for the im­provement and finalization of the ERPD; (iii) undertake field visits at REDD+ pilot sites and the rel­evant national program and pro­ject sites.



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Tui Nadi Opens Hotel Martintar Fri, 25 Jan 2019 22:00:31 +0000 The unwavering support of Government, stakeholders, foreign visitors and our very own people that has allowed tourism to strengthen existing partnerships and forging new ones.

And all with a view to moving our industry forward and managing Fiji the destinations of choice for many more visitors around the world.

Those were the comments of Tui Nadi, Ratu Vuniyani Navuniuci who officiated at the newly refurbished three-star hotel on Thursday night.

He applauded the couple (Directors Ben Krishna and Parvati) for their commitment and investment in this tourism product, Martintar Hotel – a 3-star hotel that will provide a unique option for our visitors looking for an affordable stay with the proximity of Nadi.

“Hotel Martintar was initially established with only nine rooms and has now grown to 39 rooms with a spa pool.”

Ratu Vuniyani said, “The unwavering support of Government, stakeholders, foreign visitors and our very own people that has allowed tourism to strengthen existing partnerships and forging new ones, all with a view to moving our industry forward and managing Fiji the destinations of choice for many more visitors around the world.”

“We have a great product – Brand Fiji. Or as our tourism slogan puts it, the place “where happiness finds you”.

“It’s that brand that continues to drive visitors to our great nation and one that we are all so proud of employing thousands of our people allowing them to provide financial support to their families and communities.

“Interestingly, Fiji welcomes over 600,000 visitors on a yearly basis making tourism in Fiji lucrative industry that has been thrived over the years with the contribution of key stakeholders that have made tourism industry it is today.

“It is the number one industry in Fiji and one of the highest importance to all of us who grew up in the midst of the industry’s development.”

On behalf of the vanua o Nadi he thanked the couple in their commitment to giving employment opportunities to our people and contributing to our national economy.”




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Liga Creating Legends In Fiji Fri, 25 Jan 2019 22:00:16 +0000 Legend Sportswear ensures quality products delivered to your doorstep and surpasses any local manufacturing lead times

Legend Sportswear, a sportswear manufacturer that has been in business producing a range of apparel products will enter the Fijian market.

Established since 2004, founded by Australian owners, with Australia been their main clientele source, but has expanded to various parts of the globe such as: England, California, China and Fiji now to the rest of the pacific.

Manager (South Pacific) Liga Gukisuva said in the next three weeks they would be announcing some new and exciting partnerships and sponsorship.

He said: “Our experience and expertise allows us to best service all our customers, understanding what your team stands for and what you want to present, whether you a professional football club, or an amateur league, we grantee our utmost attention and services.”

“Legend Sportswear ensures quality products delivered to your doorstep, we surpass any local manufacturing lead times, and continue to innovate for efficiency and consistency, and we now have 180 plus staff members accompanied by strong and experienced leaders.

“Ensuring your garments being manufactured to world class standards”.


Questions and Answers

Your thoughts on the Fijian economy at this moment?

The growth has given us the courage and confidence to stay in Fiji and diversify our business portfolio


What does 2019 hold for you as investors?

We will definitely be exploring opportunities, if we find something that make commercial sense we will explore and make a business case out of it, this is what Bluebird Events have done over the past two years.

We started off as an event management business, then we moved into the LED advertising space, shortly we will be providing customised POS material which will be the first for Fiji and now we have the apparel arm; this definitely indicates the confidence we have for our govt and the economy.


Describe what kind of line of clothing will your shop sell?

Our retails will definitely a one stop shop for all your apparel requirements, we will fit you out from feet to head with our superior products, we know the business inside out and our quality will be second to none at an affordable price.


What can the Fijians expect from this apparel line?

They can expect superior quality worn by some of the well-known brands globally; we take pride in our products and services.


Where will be the first branch is based?

We will make these announcements in due course


Where is the clothing line origin?

The designs on apparel produces are customised to the customers want, you dream it we will create it for you.

Our business is about partnership with our clients, through our products we can assist them in achieving some of their marketing and branding KPI’s.

Collectively we have about 50 years of experience so you can be rest assured that we will have a keen eye on detail to ensure that you get what you want … turning your dream into reality.


What is the investment to this?

We haven’t put a value yet but definitely the business will grow from this year onwards

At legend sports we are here for all your apparel requirements, be it for your inter house, rugby club, social group, school alumni or your church kalavata, we have what you want.

We will deliver items from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on quantity and all our products are made with Fijian in mind not only on our physical attributes.

We are also mindful of our climate and its humidity.


Explain what happened to BLK business?

I thoroughly enjoyed been part of the BLK family.

While there I was presented with an opportunity and been the person that loves challenges, I took it on board and now making it become a reality.

For me it’s about challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries – this has always been my drift.

So, you can be rest assured we manufacture them with you in mind. I can be contacted via my facebook page and our retail shops once they’re fully operational.

As we like to say at Legend Sport. “You Create ~ We Deliver”




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Council Pleads Against Illegal Dumping Of Rubbish. Use The Dump Thu, 24 Jan 2019 23:00:29 +0000 Despite awareness campaigns the fight against the illegal dumping of rubbish contin­ues unabated.

Sigatoka Town Council chief executive officer Tulsi Ram is calling on citizens to avoid dumping of rubbish in non-designated areas but to use the dump.

“It is sad to see rubbish be­ing dumped on a non-desig­nated land especially when people can see it while enter­ing the Sigatoka town, a tour­ist town,” he said.

Mr Ram said the land which is situated next to the desig­nated rubbish dump belongs to the Fiji Sports Council.

“We have a dump attendant from 7am to 5pm who is pre­sent there except on Sunday. We will organise with prior bookings and people can pay the fees and dump the rub­bish,” he said.

“If people are caught ille­gally dumping in those areas rather than the dump they will be taken to task.

The Minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism (MITT), Lo­cal Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar earlier told the Fiji Sun that there is a need to work together in the fight against environmental pollution.

She said that Government wants to work in partnership with the municipality to solve this problem.

The citizens should assist the council which had already taken many initiatives to im­prove facilities for their use.

She added that it is the re­sponsibility of the Govern­ment to support the councils and assist them further with public awareness compaigns against illegal dumping and enviromental pollution.

Edited by Susana Tuilau


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Plan To Form Fiji Drone Association Thu, 24 Jan 2019 23:00:26 +0000 Plans are underway to form the Fiji Drone Association to look after the interests of the Fiji drone community.

A drone otherwise known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot.

Project co-ordinator Salmendra Chand said, “to begin the project, we have a community page on Fa­cebook and we are calling all drone operators, hobbyists and model aircraft flyers in the eastern divi­sion to meet up”.

“There is a meet to organise to get everyone together where you can talanoa, ask questions and get an­swers from certified professionals.


“The theme is ‘spread the word! Have fun, fly safe!’

Compared to manned aircraft, drones were originally used for missions too “dull, dirty or danger­ous” for humans.

While they originated mostly in military applications, their use is rapidly expanding to commercial, scientific, recreational, agricul­tural, and other applications, such as policing, peacekeeping, and sur­veillance, product deliveries, aer­ial photography, agriculture, and drone racing.

The event will be held at the Suva Grammar School, Ground Two, tomorrow January 26 from 10am-2pm.

Fiji Drone Regulations

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji (CAAF), flying a drone is legal in Fiji, but it must be compliant with the drone regula­tions listed below.

General Rules for Flying a Drone in Fiji:

Based on their research and in­terpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Fiji.

Separate permits are required for both recreational and commer­cial flying;

Drones may not be operated within 3 kilometres (2 miles) of a domestic airport or 5 kilometres (3 miles) of an international airport or airfield;

Do not fly a drone more than 200 feet vertically;

Do not fly drones in a manner that may impair the safe opera­tions of aircraft;

Visual contact with the drone must be maintained at all times;

Do not fly over airstrips, heli­pads, fuel depots, private homes, moving vehicles, populous areas, or sporting events;

Do not fly drones over sensi­tive areas such as hospitals, pris­ons, government institutions, the House of Parliament, police sta­tions or military barracks and in­stitutions;

n Do not operate drones at resorts without prior permission from the resort’s management;

n Follow the permit requirements for flying a drone in Fiji.

Edited by Susana Tuilau


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‘SELECTION STILL OPEN’ Tue, 22 Jan 2019 22:00:09 +0000 Olympians told to work on discipline. Coach  wants to see changes before holding any talk regarding selection  

The Fiji Airways Fijian 7s head coach Gareth Baber still has an open door policy when it comes to selection.

Speaking to SUNsports, Baber confirmed that players vying for a spot in the national team should not stop trying.

The Welshman indicated that this also  includes Olympians and former 7s stars of Samisoni Viriviri, Kitione Taliga and Vatemo Ravouvou.

However, Baber warned the players that there is zero tolerance on indiscipline on and off the field as people look up to them as role models.

Baber was impressed with the players’ performance during the McDonald’s Fiji Coral Coast 7s tournament at Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka last weekend.

Viriviri and Ravouvou played for Dratabu while Taliga played for tournament winners Police.

“The door is always open. Vatemo had disciplinary issue with alcohol like what FRU stated. So for me I need prove that he is changed than we can talk about his passport back into the team.

“Ultimately, I’ve got players in the squad that needs to realise that, that’s the level of discipline you got to have.

“They are international athletes. They are more like athletic runners, swimmers than they are rugby players. They got to come with that behaviour and the current boys in the squad are showing them.”

Baber added that former reps are not left behind when it comes to selection however they have to prove their worth.

“They are former reps but we’ve eyes and would want to see how far they’re going.”

Baber said the new players are coming in with very promising talents.

He also confirmed that two new players are on his list and will join the team as soon as they return from Sydney.

Baber did not wish to release their names saying that it would put extra pressure on them .

“Right now there are no names because we love every man in Fiji but ultimately I just want these boys to keep developing because as soon as we mentioned their names there is a huge pressure on their shoulders.

“It’s my job to think of them, where they can put the best of their abilities.

“When they come to an international environment it will not be easy and they can carry with on what they were doing,” he added.

It is understood that the new players are Police winger Rusiate Matai and prop Suliasi Volivoli.



Baber also confirmed that he has met maestro Waisale Serevi and has given his assurance to assist the Russian national sevens team during their first tour to Fiji.

Serevi who is the Russia 7s head coach told SUNsports last Saturday that they would be competing in this year’s Fiji Bitter Marist Sevens tournament in Suva.

“The talks were about when Russia comes in. We’ll play in some games being it be full contact or not,” he said.

“It’s important for our players, they keep the concepts of playing against other teams in their heads. When teams come to Fiji I’m very open, I want them to come in.

“I want them to see our environment I want them to see what we do, it’s important that we keep learning and it’s important that we’re exposed to many cultures.”

Team like Russia and Hong Kong play structured rugby.

“People playing very differently as you’ve seen on TV, we as Fijians play very similarly to each other so having teams like Russia or Hong Kong that came last week is a bonus,” he added.

“Every line-up there’s something called doing it and that’s good for our players to listen and watch.”

– Edited by Leone Cabenatabua




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Hitout Against Canada Today Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:17:12 +0000 The Kalione Nasoko- captained Fiji Airways Fijian 7s team will play Canada in a scrimmaging session today.

The Gareth Baber-coached side will defend the Hamilton leg of the World Sevens Series which kicks off at the FMG Stadium in Waikato on Saturday.

The Fijians take on Wales at 10.52am, Argentina at 2.42pm with the final clash against Australia at 6.52pm.

“We are playing against Canada on Tuesday morning,”Baber said at Nadi International Airport yesterday.

“The Canadians play very much like Australia, Argentina play like Fiji and Wales come with their style so we need to be ready with the different strategies the opposition will bring.”


No Pressure

Carrying the defending champions tag does not pose any pressure on the team, says Baber.

“We’ve won five tournaments last year so half of the tournaments this year we are going to be defending champions,”he said.

“We don’t really focus on that in terms of the team culture. It’s more about why we do it, who we do it for.

“I know it may sound a bit strange but the reality is Fijian players are the best in the world when they are free to think and they’re removed from distractions. My job as coach is to prepare them physically, mentally as well.”

Fiji (35) is in third position in the World Series standing behind leaders USA (38), and New Zealand (37).

“Every game is tough especially on the first day of the tournament,”he said.

“So we need to get it right from the start.”


No room for indiscipline

The doors remained open for players who want to return to the Gareth Baber coached Fiji Airways Sevens team.

Baber said there is zero tolerance on indiscipline for players who want to represent Fiji.

He made the comment after playmaker Vatemo Ravouvou was dropped for consuming alcohol at the Cape Town Sevens last month.

“The doors are always open.

“Vatemo needs to prove that he has changed then we can talk about getting him back in the team.”

Baber confirmed two more players will join the extended squad in the next leg.

Edited by Osea Bola




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Swami Hails Patient Blues Sun, 20 Jan 2019 22:39:04 +0000 Lautoka Football coach Kamal Swamy hailed his team’s patience as the Blues’ started the Vodafone Premier League season with a crushing 6-0 win over Tavua at Churchill Park, Lautoka.

A hat-trick of goals for Samulea Drudru, while one goal each to midfielder Dave Radrigai, Kolinio Sivoki and Sairusi Naulubu capped a dominant victory for the reigning champions.

A notable absentee from the Lautoka squad was Solomon Islander Benjamin Totori, who is expected to return from holiday today.

Lautoka’s Samuela Drudru ina ction against Tavua in the Vodafone Premier League on January 20, 2019. Photo: Waisea Nasokia

Lautoka’s Samuela Drudru ina ction against Tavua in the Vodafone Premier League on January 20, 2019. Photo: Waisea Nasokia

What happened: An entertaining first half somehow ended scoreless, with the hosts missing several scoring opportunities.

Tavua also missed two easy chances in front of goal but looked a shadow of the side that toppled some big team last season.

The victory also marked the notable return of lanky striker Osea Vakatalesau, who has recently struggled to find form and even get selected in Lautoka’s squad.

The flood-gates opened in the 54th minute of the second half with Drudru expertly finishing to make it 1-0. Lautoka never looked back from there.

It was a rare good day in front of goal for Drudru, who has recently been guilty of not finishing easy chances.

He missed a number of easy chances against Tavua too but saved-face with three goals to his name.

Sairusi Nalaubu made it 2-0 in the 57th minute before Kolinio Sivoki made it 3-0 from the penalty spot three minutes later after substitute Dave Radrigai was fouled in the box.

In the 67th minute, Drudru made it 4-0 with a powerful striker from outside the box.

Radrigai added another to make it 5-0 with a side-foot shot after being set up by Drudru.

Drudru put the final nail in the coffin with well-taken goal in the 91st minute to complete his hattrick.

Goalkeeper Ben Mateinaqara recorded a clean sheet but his blunder could have led Tavua to score twice in the match.

Comments: Lautoka coach Swamy said: “We made a slow start the young Tavua team kept on coming but in the second half once we started to maintain possession and be patient managed to score the goals.”

Tavua football coach Nazeel Ali said: “Congratulation to Lautoka for the big win as we are in rebuilding phase after we lost six key players in the transfer window.

“I salute these young boys to hold nil-all at half-time but the superior fitness and experience won the game.”

Meanwhile, Lautoka host Suva this weekend, as their final league match before they concentrate on the OFC Champions League preparations.

Tavua will host Jack’s Nadi at home.

-Edited by Sheldon Chanel




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Police Retain I-Wau Trophy Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:13:16 +0000 The Livai Ikanikoda-cap­tained Police retained the I-Wau Trophy after defeating Tabadamu 17-0 in the final of the 2019 McDonald’s Fiji Coral Coast Sevens at a waterlogged Lawaqa Park, Sigatoka yesterday.

The Nasova side scored their first try to winger Necani Nawaqadau who capitalised on a Tabadamu de­fensive blunder.

In the second spell, rover Rusiate Matai and winger Filipe Sauturaga scored in a match riddled with in­discipline.

The game got very tense towards the end with players from both teams receiving yellow cards.

Tabadamu received three yellow cards to Samu Bale, Semisi Taseve and Atanasio Murimuri while Po­lice copped two to Matai and Ikan­ikoda.

The Sale Tubuna-coached side had five survivors from last year’s winning team in Ikanikoda, Keponi Paul, Joni Tanoa, Nawaqadau and Matai.

Tabadamu also had the services of Manu Laqai, Jone Vota, Leo Naika­sau, Ben Vota,

Police received $10,000 cash prize while Tabadamu received $2,500.

Ilakanikoda said retaining the ti­tle was their objective.

“It is a good feeling to win the I-Wau Trophy as it rightly deserves to be rested at Nasova once again. It was our aim while training in the Suva to win this tournament,” he said.

He dedicated the win to the Police family nationwide for their sup­port.

Two weeks ago, Police lost to Tabadamu in the Tabadamu’s own tournament in Nausori.

In the Cup (SF), Police defeated Australia Dev 22-7, while Tabad­amu ended Amenoni Nasilasila’s Ratu Filise outfit 26-7 which also riddled by discipline.

In the Cup (QF, Police defeated Glen Vavaitamana’s Coastal Broth­ers 12-7, Tabadamu humbled Pio Tuwai’s Stars USA 26 – 7.

In the Plate final, Henibua lost the plot in the 10 – 15 to First Light Taveuni as Inoke, Petero Keleva­nua, and Apolosi Tuiloma scored a try each. Henibua’s two tries came from Josateki Degei.

In the Bowl final, Olympian Sami­soni Viriviri and Vatemo Ravouvou failed to spark Dratabu in the 10-12 loss to NFA.

Antonio Qio and Eremodo Tuni scored for the Akuila Nasi coached side while Viriviri and versatile winger Mesake Varo had their turn.

In the Shield final, livewire centre Luke Nadurutalo’s scored two tries for BLK with a 17-15 victory over Suva Stallions.

Other results: BOWL QF: Dratabu 19 – 17 Suva Stallions, Lokalevu 7- 17 Nasaunivalu, Hong Kong 5 – 0 Out­rigger, BLK 0 – 17 NFA

-Edited by Osea Bola


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Matai wins Jonah Lomu Medal Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:10:34 +0000 Police rover Rusiate Matai took out the Jonah Lomu medal as the top tryscorer in the 2019 McDonald’s Fiji Coral Coast Sevens yesterday.

The Korovou, Tavua native scored a try in the 17-0 victory over Tab­adamu in the final.

“First of all, I want to thank the Almighty for giving me the strength otherwise I couldn’t have achieved it,” he said.

“I would also like to thank the team for their support.

“I was in this team for the last four years and Police won.”

He dedicates his award to his wife Sera Matai and his two children Sil­via and Maraia Matai.

“I would like to thank my family for their support,” he said.

-Edited by Osea Bola


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Sauturaga wins Campese-Serevi medal Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:08:54 +0000 Filipe Sauturaga, 23, was awarded the Campese-Sere­vi medal for being the man of the match in the Cup final of the 2019 McDonald’s Fiji Coral Coast Sevens at Lawaqa Park, Si­gatoka yesterday.

The Wainimakutu, Namosi na­tive who plays wing also scored a try for Police in the 17-0 victory over Tabadamu.

He scored a total of five tries in the two-day tournament.

“I thank the Lord for this achievement. This is my first year to play for the Police team in this Coral Coast 7s and to get this man of the match award in this tournament is incredible,” he said.

Sauturaga played for his village rugby Senibua before he joined Police.

“My aim is to try and be in the Fiji 7s team. I always learn and listen to the experienced players like Livai Ikanikoda, Keponi Paul and Rusi Matai so I thank them for their support and advice.”

-Edited by Osea Bola


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Fijian 3 On AFL Deal Sat, 19 Jan 2019 23:00:43 +0000 Three players have got the opportuni­ty to play Aussie Rules in Australia from February, after they were re­cruited by the Coreen Daysdale Hopefield Buraja Football and Netball club.

Vitogo, Lautoka native Jekesoni Koroi who plays for Nadi Panthers said, this is a dream come true.

“I was in complete shock when I was told that I would be going to Australia to play Aussie rules.

“Who knew playing this sport could lead to such great opportunities,” he said.

Also recruited from the Lautoka Raiders are William Dyer and Josese Rokodamana as they have been playing in the local com­petition for over eight.

“They’re elated to be given such an oppor­tunity and are looking forward to joining the club in early February. “ Koroi added.


The players are excited as they hope to follow the success of Nic Naitanui who plays for West Coast Eagles in the AFL.

Along with his twin brother, Mark, Nait­anui was born to Bola and Atetha Naita­nui on 4 May 1990 in Penrith, New South Wales.

His parents, originally from Suvavou, had emigrated to Australia from Fiji the previous year, with his two elder siblings.


AFL Fiji chairman, Leigh Howard said, “I’m extremely happy for the boys in being selected to go and play football at the high­est level in Australia, he said.

“It’s a credit to all of their hard work at training and having a great attitude to football.

“I specifically flew to Australia back in September last year to meet with Coreen to discuss potential recruitment and I was blown away by their enthusiasm and will­ingness to get involved.

“It means so much to me to see local tal­ents being giving the opportunity and hopefully they will be great ambassadors of this recruitment programme.”


CDHBU Football and Netball club presi­dent Chris Scott said they’re very excited to be given the opportunity to have the Fi­jian boys come to play for their team.

“Everyone at the club is looking forward to both the cultural exchange and the op­portunity to help these boys develop their football skills.

“We feel it is an honour to be the first team to be chosen to participate in this programme and the whole club is looking forward to the arrival of the three boys.

“Fijians are known for their athleticism and we’re keen to see them display the fast running and hard at approach that they are so well known for in rugby.

“They will bring some excitement to our club”.

Meanwhile, the AFL Fiji season will kick-off in Suva in April while Lautoka Raiders and Nadi Panthers have already started their pre-season training.

-Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


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Kato a tough guy: Waki Fri, 18 Jan 2019 23:01:05 +0000 Former Flying Fijians flanker Laisenia Kato will be laid to rest in his village of Sauna­ka, Nadi today.

Jack’s Nadi Rugby Union play­ers will pay tribute to one of her favourite sons who died in Sydney, Australia last week.

Nadi Rugby Ex-Reps Association president Penisoni Waki said, the Saunaka man has left behind many wonderful memories for Saunaka, Nadi and Fiji.

“I have played alongside him dur­ing the late 1980s going to the early 1990s. He was a very strong player who could play in No.7 and No. 6,” he said.

“Indeed a tough guy at young age, his death came as a shock. We will miss his company.”

He was part of the champion Nadi team that wrested the Farebrother- Sullivan Trophy from Suva in 1991 after Nadi had lost it in 1988.

One of the highlights of that victo­ry was the Nadi forward’s running maul where Kato featured promi­nently. The Nadi team of 1991 was coached by Ilami Lutumailagi and skippered by Manasa Qoro.

For Saunaka RC, Kato was part of the Saunaka 7s team that won nu­merous tournaments around the country like the Lelean Old Boys 7s, Nawaka 7s, Batiri 7s and their own Saunaka 7s.

He was part of the Saunaka 7s team that halted the winning streak of the champion Nabua 7s team in one of those tournaments.

He later on became the first son of Saunaka to ever play for the World XV in 1987.

He is survived by his wife and three children.

-Edited by Osea Bola


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Junior Keen To Follow Dad’s Footsteps Fri, 18 Jan 2019 23:00:37 +0000 Waisele Serevi Junior wants to make a name for himself. The son of the sevens maestro put on his rugby boots and played for the King 7s Select in the youth competition of the Mc­Donald’s Fiji Coral Coast 7s tournament.

His side reached the Plate final and the lanky Qa­rani, Gau, native scored a try in their 17-12 win over Wesley Fijians. Serevi Jnr spoke to SUNsports of what is was like to play at home and his love for rugby

SUN: What is like to be playing on Fiji soil?

JNR: This is my first time to be part of the event. The big factor here is the weather as we live in USA.

I’m beginning to get use to the weather here but overall I’m enjoying my time here with the other boys.

SUN: You played American Football in high school. Are you serious about it or you’re intending to stick to rugby union

JNR: I missed my football game last season because of injury. This is the first time I’m playing after I had recovered.

Right now I might stick to rugby but if there is an­other opportunity to play football again I’ll take it but at the moment I’m enjoying rugby. as I’m in my last year of high school.

SUN: In rugby, say who do you choose to play for Fiji or USA?

JNR: It is a hard question but whatever comes and if any opportunity arises from Fiji I’ll be glad to be part of it.

SUN: Do you remember what happened after the final of the 2005 Rugby World Cup 7s in Hong Kong where your dad carried you on his shoulders to receive the Melrose Cup?

JNR: Not really. I know back at that time I could only remember those flashing lights from the cam­eras with people being happy and celebrating. After viewing the video later on then I realised that yes it was something big but at that time I was not really aware of what was happening.

SUN: That win was among the few historic moments for Fiji Rugby and its people. Would you love to con­tinue from where your dad left off?

JNR: Yes of course my dad has done great things and I would want to continue to do the things he does and follow his legacy and also make my name. I would do just that even if it means to play rugby till I die.

SUN: How’s the support from your family?

JNR: My sister is here playing too so I’m having my friends here also. My family is also watching back home and support is always there even from my dad who is now coaching Russia.

– Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


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