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Written By : Nick Wilson Suva.. (Editor’s note: This letter has been re-published because there was a mistrake in the original one published on May 14) First we have a
03 Jun 2008 12:00

Written By : Nick Wilson Suva.. (Editor’s note: This letter has been re-published because there was a mistrake in the original one published on May 14)

First we have a coach that has not won a match in the Sevens IRB Circuit after seven tournaments.
Now we have an Australian technical advisor in the form of Glen Ella, who as a coach and technical advisor for the Australian 7’s rugby team did not win a tournament then and still now in the IRB 7’s.
I guess the Fiji Rugby Union prefers these coaches and technical advisors who advise the team on how to lose.
After all there were seven local technical advisors on tour with the Fiji sevens team in Hong Kong but they disappeared during the Adelaide circuit.
The sevens rugby great, and I mean great, was made the scapegoat for Joe Savou’s failure to produce a winning combination in our sevens team for the very simple reason that there was never a game plan in all the games our boys played under Savou’s coaching.
In Hong Kong, Jo Savou belittled each player’s character and intergrity by saying that the players were influenced by someone from outside to lose their match against New Zealand.
These were the very boys that he and his selectors chose and at that point in time they said it was Fiji’s best.
If I was one of these players’ I would sue Savou and Fiji Rugby Union for defamation of character. Savou states in a newspaper report that he told William Ryder in Adelaide to “shape up or ship out” yet he allowed Ryder to complete the match against New Zealand.
Watching that match, you could see the second that William Ryder got the ball that he was in the wrong position. Any coach worth his salt would have seen in Ryder’s past performance in the sevens that he was and still is a very deadly finisher and would play him as a rover or out wide.
Ryder creates his magical steps and weaves whenever he receives the ball but he needs that space to work in and his foremost thought is to create a gap for his players or go for a try.
You do not use this kind of players as a play maker. It’s a shame that once you represent a country in sevens you cannot play for another country otherwise Gordon Teijens would happily include William Ryder in his present team.
Ryder’s defence in Adelaide against New Zealand was the best of all, the missed tackle by Maya on the NZ player, and when Ryder got the player in a copy book tackle, he was too close to the try line and the momentum got them over.
Rugby sevens introduced into the world three rugby playing freaks. First was the goose stepping magical wizard Serevi, second was the brutal force of a runaway bus Jonah Lomu, and third the shuffle stepping and stingray weaving of William Ryder.
I thank Ryder for all he had done for Fiji sevens.
He was pretty to watch and reminds me of the boxing great Mohammed Ali who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.
I doubt very much Fiji will win one of the two tournaments left – not under the present coach anyway.
He would probably blame the referees this time around.
Oh by the way, what’s this call by the FRU to replace the two coaches for the 15’s rugby team who have lost only two matches? Savou had seven tournaments and no wins yet he is still there. Why?

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