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Written By : Sun Fiji Newsroom. Poems Friendship is a star shinning in the dark Friendship is a rosy and as steady as a rock Friendship is water wetting my
11 Jun 2008 12:00

Written By : Sun Fiji Newsroom. Poems
Friendship is a star shinning in the dark
Friendship is a rosy and as steady as a rock
Friendship is water wetting my life,
With all the pleasure that it can offer
Friendship is advisable for it brings happiness
Friendship is healthy for it’s poisonous
Friendship is gold and is hard to find
Friendship can share the dark side of my life
Friendship isn’t pearls or jewelleries but its
Something we should treasure
And that finally, it may live forever.

By Lanieta Taufa

As far as my eyes could see
A school appears in front of me
Different students in different forms
Cool teachers, it has all

Mahatma Gandhi High is my school
It’s not too big but it is cool
Situated in the middle of Nabua
It’s not Nasinu Sangam and it’s not Narere

The teachings of teachers I’ll never forget
Be stored in my memories with all the set
Peaceful and kindness, but hard at times
Only because students cross the lines

Some students aren’t bothered to study hard
But when it comes to exam they start
To bring back all the memories they know
Of all the teachings the teachers have shown

I have reached the end of my conclusion
Be sad to see you in another delusion
Forget not thy pandas of doom
Only found in my beautiful school

We shall love one another
As the Bible recommended
If we ha no feeling of love
Than our path is blurred

This is our school motor
Which I carried out everyday
We all love each other
That’s why we are not separate

Thank you very much MGM
For the loving you did
It will always be in my heart
Until the day we depart

By Amalagi R Vudi
Form: 401

Buses go in
Buses go out
I got in
And yelled out
Lovely music I never forget
When its time to come to the end
And ring a bell before the bus stops
I never got of

BY: Malvika Prasad
Form: 403
The silence of the night
Echoes through the slithers
Of the shattered glass
And the formidable shudder
Sends a secret to my soul

And the shear covers of the darkness
Something stirs away from slumber
Looking slyly,secretly around
Sniff the air,and returns to sleep

By Deepika Nand


Flashback of memories,
Rise up in my mind,
When I look around me,
And see things as they are,
Most probably for the last time.

I remember my first day here,
I felt like an intruder,
An outcast who did not belong,
But you opened your arms,
And welcomed me in,
Making me feel right at home.

The years flowed by so very quickly,
From forms five to six,
In quick succession,
I’ve made new friends,
An enemy or two,
But those that don’t last as long as you.

I’ll forever be true,
Through rain and sunshine,
Good times and difficult times,
My fervent prayer shall ever be,
Oh! Lord protect this precious school.

So now I bid farewell to thee,
For your kindness and generosity,
Saying goodbye is very hard,
But deep in my heart,
Memories of you will never depart.

By Deepal

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