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Captain Ram defies racial barriers

Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. The love and compassion of a parent knows no bounds, even when it comes to racial differences. This case applies to an 80-year-old Indian man
05 Jul 2008 12:00

image Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. The love and compassion of a parent knows no bounds, even when it comes to racial differences.
This case applies to an 80-year-old Indian man who is a former ship captain, currently involved in raising a young three-year-old Fijian boy. Captain Parasu Ram, who lives in Suva, is taking care of the three-year-old boy who looks to the captain as his father.
The boy’s grandparents have considered Captain Ram as part of the boy’s life and have even named him Parasu, after the Captain.
The Captain had known the young boy’s grandparents for a number of years and had maintained a long term friendship with them throughout those years.
When he heard that his friends’ daughter was expecting a baby, he wanted to give support to them and their daughter. After she delivered her child, Captain Ram became involved and soon began providing for many of the infant’s needs.
Since the moment the child was born three and a half years ago, Captain Ram had provided a great deal of financial support to raising him.
The boy was then adopted to be raised by Captain Ram as well as his grandparents and mother when he was two years old. Since then, child genuinely identifies with the old captain as his father. “He has a lot of energy and he’s always running around, but when you ask he who his father is, the answer is always the same. I raise like he is one of my own children” said Captain Ram.
These days, the boy sometimes lives with his grandparents and then goes to live with the Captain. Captain Ram has provided all the necessities for raising him from baby food to clothes to toys to a healthy loving environment.
Captain Ram said that after the young boy turned two years old, the young boy’s grandparents began allowing him to live with the Captain.
“I knew his grandparents long before he was born and I promised to be there for them because they really needed the support. I provided everything from the pram, to buying the baby’s milk, to the toys, everything. On his birth certificate, they wrote down to make him my namesake so when I am gone, he will always have a way to able to remember me” said Captain Ram.
Parasu Ram had been a former ship captain of at least two ships. One called the ‘Moea’ and another one called the ‘Roblyn’ ship.
This isn’t the first time that, Captain Ram, as an Indian man, had helped raise a Fijian boy. Thirty years ago, Captain Ram, helped raise a young Fijian boy from Koro named Robert.
Captain Ram also knew Robert’s parents and also pledged to support them as well. Young Robert grew up in Suva and attended school at Gospel. After he grew up he eventually married a girl who was also from Koro and returned to live with her there.
Captain Ram’s wife had passed away some time ago and his own children are now currently living overseas.
Thus, the Captain now lives alone with his Fijian son.
The Captain’s home is nearly seven miles from the home of his namesake’s grandparents who he still maintains his long friendship with. Captain Ram has since opened a bank account in the boy’s name to build an inheritance for his future.
He happily reported that no one was ever bothered by the factor of racial difference between him and boy he raises. The young boy least of all understands the difference of race and acts towards the Captain as a three-year-old son acts towards his father.
For the last three years, Captain Ram had posted birthday notices in the local newspaper every year for his boy’s birthday, taking pride his life. Captain Ram plans to take the boy to stay with his grandparents for a week and considers his namesake as close as his own flesh and blood.
The Captain claims that it has a challenging task for a man his age to keep up with a young child who is so full of energy, but he enjoys raising and looking him just like any parent.

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