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Long-time lovers seal their relationship

Written By : WAISEA NASOKIA. It is true that love is something that grows within a heart and develops into affectionate passion. They say love is something that is indescribable
05 Jul 2008 12:00

image Written By : WAISEA NASOKIA. It is true that love is something that grows within a heart and develops into affectionate passion.
They say love is something that is indescribable and many have their own definition of love.
Vikash Mehta, 23, recently married his high school sweetheart Losalini Qaqau. Mehta is an Indo Fijian while Losalini is an indigenous Fijian who hails from Namaimada, Rakiraki in the province of Ra.
On June 25 this year, the couple had their dreams come true as both parties including the parents and family agreed to see them bestowed as one flesh.
On the evening of June 25, the couple went through a Fijian wedding ceremony dressed in Masi, it was also an important occasion marking the bride’s 21st birthday.
Close families and friends of the couple witnessed the ceremony as it took place at the bride’s home at Karan Singh Road in Samabula.
The couple prior to the ceremony had the blessings of their respective parents who said the union would see the beginning of another family.
“It is up to them to get married after being together for so long,” said the bride’s father Girdhari Mehta, 61.
“We are happy to see them get married, as parents we have given them the liberty to go ahead with the way they want their marriage to take its way. We are just happy.”
According to the groom it was his ultimate dream to change a few things he had seen and experienced throughout his life.
“From to day we want to experience both style of marriage which we have witnessed in many mixed marriages, especially a Fijian and Indian wedding,” VIkash said.
“It is something new for me to wear masi and it was a really exciting moment too.” He said his wedding was a grand occasion as he got the opportunity to wear a traditional Fijian wedding attire.
As an Indian he has seen changes in terms of Indian rituals and procedures, particularly what people wear at weddings.
“I have seen it over the years as my friends and family members go through it. I wanted a new experience for myself, so I opted to wear masi,” he said.
As the bride (Losalini) saw her fiancee’ this really moved her heart and made her love for him even stronger.
“I was so happy to see him (Vikash) the very person that I would be spending my whole life with sitting next to me and for the very first time wearing a masi.
In that instant moment my love for him increased more and more,” said Losalini.
Vikash said the respect accorded to him when wearing the masi showed he was a part of Losalini already.
Vikash said it is quite rare and difficult to dress in other people traditional outfits because it was not their traditional clothing.
“In the beginning it was difficult for me to go out with a Fijian girl as her family did not know about it, but I was told that it would be a rolling stone.”
The couple will once again go through fully fledged Indian ritual later in the year.
“Just for both of us to go thorough the Fijian and Indian ceremony she has seen me wearing masi and on that day I will see her wearing a full Indian sarree with me in my Indian outfit,” Vikash said.
He said he would not stop her from carrying out her relious practice and vice-versa.
The couple and their respective families are looking forward to seeing Losalini dress up in Indian attire as part of the wedding rituals, late October this year.
“She is a very strong woman is a good influence on me. I use to drink and she has helped me cut down. Nowadays her advice and encouragement to cut down is working.”
How the two met was another mere episode. The two love bird’s just live a block apart and this fueled the attraction which blossomed into love.
Vikash said he first laid eyes on Losalini in the early 2003 while he was attending form seven at Gospel High school and Losalini was in form four at Latter Day Saint College (LDS) but somehow as love doctor’s summaries it all began at hello!
Later the same year they began dating and from that day on till today the couple are happily married.

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