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Selling mandarine for a living

Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE . Selling mandarine sometimes seems like an easy job but when it comes down to working at it, you end up realizing that it is
12 Jul 2008 12:00

image Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE . Selling mandarine sometimes seems like an easy job but when it comes down to working at it, you end up realizing that it is not as easy job as people think it to be.
In order to provide for one’s household and family, the sale and profit of one’s goods essentially needs to be high and to do that, one’s goods need to be at high standard.
A person needs to figure out the correct season to harvest their fruit, the best location for selling them, how to get to their location with their goods intact, how much to charge customers while keeping in mind the competition against other mandarine sellers, availability of mandarines and so much more.
These are the types of challenges tackled everyday by Ms Ana Roverove and her friends who sell mandarine together.
To sell the goods they have harvested, they come all the way from Nadroga and sell them at the local Suva market.
Ms Roverove has her own mandarine trees by home in Sovi, Nadroga which obviously provide her with her selling goods. Her ability to sell mandarines and prawns are her family’s chief primary source of income.
“I do this to support my family, especially for providing for my kid’s schooling. We come here into Suva, here to the market on Thursday afternoons and we set up for selling mandarines for Friday and Saturday. We try to make it in time so when the market sets up the tables outside around half past four in the afternoon” said Ms Roverove.
Ms Roverove and her fellow mandarine sellers usually hire a carrier to take them from Nadroga into Suva.
They use at least two drum barrels to carry the great number of mandarine fruits and bring the drum barrels with them to Suva.
The costs of the carrier’s use are added her budget to bring her goods and sell them in the capital city. Ms Roverove said that they sell at least four to five bags of mandarine from at least one of their three areas at the Suva local market.
“We also sell our mandarines at Vatukarasa in Sigatoka. It all really depends on the season. If the season is good for mandarine growing then it’s good for us. That’s why we also depend on getting and selling prawns” said Ms Roverove.
Ana Roverove has also found other challenges that have contributed to her business.
Some of those challenges come from the conditions of the weather. She said that it has an effect on how well she sells her mandarine fruits.
“When it comes to the weather we usually call up members of our family who stay here in Suva and ask them, what’s the weather like in Suva? They usually say it’s so and so. If its rainy, we’ll have it slow selling our mandarines, but if it’s sunny, our chances are better.” Location is also a factor for Ms Roverove’s mandarine selling.
She commented that her are at the market location in Suva has been a very acceptable place for the sale of her goods and appreciated the number of customers there.
Ms Roverove spoke more on her job selling her mandarines in Suva by saying “I do like my job and what I’m doing, I get to come here, sell my fruits and I meet and interact with a lot of people.”
Ms Roverove has seen her fair share of ups and downs in the business of selling mandarines. Like many people she considers that some days are very profitable while others are difficult.
“There are many people who come to me to buy my mandarines, but there are many middlemen often who buy it from me and sell it elsewhere” she said.
Despite the challenges, of this small duty, Ms Roverove does her job in good spirits as she sells her quality mandarine fruits to her customers along with her fellow associates from Nadroga.
“As a mandarine seller, I just hope for a good season of mandarine every year for us.”
Ms Roverove takes pride in her job as customers come to her every Friday and Saturday to examine and buy her quality fruits that she brings with her all the way from the west along with her dedication to always provide for her family.

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