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Life goes on for Raijieli

Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. For most parents seeing their children grow and letting go of them to live their own lives is something hard to fathom. But life goes
19 Jul 2008 12:00

Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. For most parents seeing their children grow and letting go of them to live their own lives is something hard to fathom.
But life goes on for Raijieli Salele, who hails from Naisomua village in Tailevu.
The 58-year-old widow, found it hard letting go of her only daughter especially after the sudden passing of her late husband a few years ago.
Her only daughter is now happily married with children in New Zealand.
“Even though I do think of my late husband and daughter everyday, I am at peace knowing that my husband is in a better place and my daughter is happy abroad,” Mrs Salele said.
She added that she is no different from other parents who watch their children grow up only to let them go in the end.
“It was hard for me at first when my daughter got married, but then I realized I was like her too at one stage, going off to get married and having children” she said.
“I had to accept her decisions because I wanted her to be happy.”
Mrs Salele said one thing she is always proud of is the fact that her daughter never got involved in the wrong crowd during her teenage days.
“Peer pressure today is shocking and it is surprising what our young children are doing today,” she said.
“The stories about our children sniffing glue is shocking and it shows that society needs to be more aware about what their children are doing everyday.”
The Fiji Sun crew caught up with Mrs Salele as she was walking towards Naisomua village under the scorching sun on Thursday afternoon.
Carrying a huge bundle of firewood on her back, Mrs Salele said she has not been to the bushes for a long time to look for firewood.
“This is the first time in a very long time for me to go to the bushes to get firewood because my late husband used to do this task,” she said.
It did not seem like Mrs Salele was new to the task she was doing, with sweat dripping from her forehead and at the same time trying to catch her breath for the last few steps before she reaches her doorstep.
Mrs Salele said she had just returned from the city visiting relatives but she prefers her humble life in the village.
“I went to visit an uncle of mine in Suva, and I had just returned this morning before you caught me carrying this bundle of firewood.”
Mrs Salele said she had just discovered that she was out of firewood upon her return and decided to go out and look for some.
“I have learnt that if you are not ready to sweat and fend for yourself, one would not be able to survive especially in this day and age when life is difficult,” she said.
Living alone, the Tailevu villager said she is happy and content with her life.
“I get to do the things I want to do on my own time and there is no pressure for me,” she said.
“But I do miss my husband a lot and also my daughter as I sometimes feel lonely,” she said.
Mrs Salele said she occupies herself with normal household chores and is taking one step at a time and taking each day as it comes.
“Life is full of surprises and we don’t know what each new day has in store for us,” she said.
“I just thank God each day that I am alive for the gift of life.”
Mrs Salele said with the current uncertainties in our country, she always prays that God’s will be done.
“I am not one that meddles into politics but I sincerely hope that God will guide Fiji through these uncertain times,” she said. Mrs Salele said citizens should only pray for a better future for our beloved country.

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