Mother to finish form six

Written By : UNAISI MOCE . For a mother to continue studying at a high school level may be seen within the Fijian community as a waste of time. But
20 Jul 2008 12:00

image Written By : UNAISI MOCE .
For a mother to continue studying at a high school level may be seen within the Fijian community as a waste of time.
But this did not stop Melita Domoni (pictured), who hails from Nasolo village in Bua, Vanua Levu to continue studying as a sixth former at the Nabua Secondary School’s Matua Programme.
The 40-year-old who used to be a caregiver decided to return to school last year after realising that she needed to gain a qualification from high school.
‘When you see job vacancies on the daily newspapers, the qualification required are form six or form seven level, this motivated me to continue my studies at the Matua Programme,’ said Mrs Domoni.She further stated her cousin who was one the pioneers in 2003, influenced her to take up the programme.
‘Ruci Ranadi, my cousin told me about the programme early last year, which I then decided that it was best for me to continue from where I left off that is form four level,’ said Mrs Domoni. Mrs Domini said during her youths she always mingled with the wrong crowd which drifted her away from being consistent with her studies.
‘I was a bit wild during my youth and yes peer pressure was the main contributing factor but when I started to know God I looked at life in a different perspective,’ she said. As a caregiver from 1999 to 2000, Mrs Domoni was blessed to have travelled overseas where she noticed that people at an old age still strive to get an education.
‘It has been an eye-opener for me travelling to Australia, Tonga, United States and the Cooks and I realised that to be educated there is no age limitation in pursing further in studies,’ she said.
‘Thanks to the Matua Programme- I’m able to continue my studies and my aim now is to continue to form seven level and than further my studies in overseas,’ she said
Mrs Domoni said being part of form six level, it was an opportune moment for her to learn subjects studied by students nowadays.
‘It’s really funny realizing that some of my nieces and nephews are in their sixth form and to study what they are studying is just a great experience,’ she said.
Being married with two kids did not stop Mrs Domoni from attending classes which starts at five in the afternoon and finishes at eight in the evening.
‘My family is really supportive and I thank God that I have a husband who is considerate and daughters are both married now,’ she said. She encouraged mothers’ nationwide to try and attempt the Matua Programme whilst disregard the feeling of being embarrassed in pursing further in education.
‘At a matured age returning to school, we tend to focus more on what is at hand and learning is not hard compared to the time of our youth,’ said Mrs Domoni.

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