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Written By : WAME BAUTOLU . Say hello to Hyeri Han, a 14-year-old student of Swami Vivekanand College in Nadi. The form three student is originally from South Korea but
02 Aug 2008 12:00

image Written By : WAME BAUTOLU . Say hello to Hyeri Han, a 14-year-old student of Swami Vivekanand College in Nadi.
The form three student is originally from South Korea but attends a local school with 28 of her colleges.
This is Ms Han’s second year as a student in Fiji and she intends to stay until she finishes her form seven examination which is in four years time.
Ms Hans talks to Island Life about her experience in Fiji and why she had chosen Fiji for her education.
“Well my mother visited Fiji once and she decided that I would attend school here. I don’t why my parents have sent me here but so far I’m enjoying my stay and yes I miss home but I stay in touch with my parents on a daily basis,” Ms Han said.
She stressed that her mother is a teacher and until today she still doesn’t understand on why she came up with the idea of sending her to Fiji.
After two years in Fiji Ms Han has managed to visit the two cities for school purposes but surprisingly she hasn’t had a chance to visit the cinemas.
She laughed saying that no one has been able to take her to the cinemas yet but she is hoping to go there before she goes to Korea for the school break in December.
“But I have been to the President’s House and I bet most children in Fiji haven’t been there. So far I enjoy the movies here in the dorm but I will make sure that I visit the cinemas before the end of the year,” Ms Han said.
Talking about her age, she said in Fiji she is 14-years-old but back in Korea she said she would be 16 years but the form three student couldn’t elaborate as she admits she was a bit confused herself.
With the local food, she loves lovo and wished they have lovo everyday at the dorm.
“We have lovo here on special occasions and I love cassava and dalo which are cooked in lovo. Not only me but most of us here are usually get excited when we have a lovo feast for dinner.”
Being away from home for two years has been fun for the Korean national as she has made many local friends. Ms Han can speak fluent Hindi and when her Indian friends are around, they could just talk to each other in Hindi leaving her other Korean colleagues wondering.
“I have many Indian friends who usually teach me how to speak Hindi and even though I can be very fluent in speaking the language there are still a few words which I still don’t understand yet,” Ms Han said.
For the Fijian language she only knows a few simple words like Bula, Io, Vinaka and Lako Moce.
She still prefers the weather back home because it has four seasons while in Fiji we only have one.
“It was strange for me to experience one type of weather here in Fiji and now I’m use to it but it’s really nice to see nature change its colors as the season changes,” Ms Han said.
She is currently studying English, Math, Technical Drawing, Agriculture, Social Studies and her favorite is Basic Science.
At the moment she is not certain on what profession she would like to take up in the future after she leaves school but she hopes that she will come up with a decision before the end of the year.
Now the 14-year-old hopes to make the most of her stay in Fiji a good one in order to make her parents proud.
“I hope that I would be able to experience most parts of Fiji and discover some of the other traditional food around. I have been to a village here in Nadi and it was nice but I don’t remember the name of the place we had visited,” Ms Han said.
The friendliness of people all around is what amazes her and she stressed Fiji is just a beautiful place to live in.

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