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Luvie makes more from less

Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. Reprocessing food and making use of them for another dish or meal is something most of us do not know about. Left over food at
02 Aug 2008 12:00

image Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. Reprocessing food and making use of them for another dish or meal is something most of us do not know about. Left over food at home make an entrance into our rubbish bins or given to our pets to eat to their hearts content.
I met up with Phillipino national Luzviminda Adricula, at the Ministry of Youth one-day workshop at the Southern Cross three days ago.
Mrs Adricula or Luvie as she prefers to be called has only been here for one year now with her husband who works for Vinod Patel and her two daughters and a son. Her eldest son is in the Phillipines working.
“We came here as family as my husband has been offered a job with Vinod Patel,” she said.
Luvie, 45, a Bachelor of Science in Commerce graduate from the Far Eastern University in Manilla, Phhilipines has so far enjoyed her stay in Fiji.
One may wonder why her interest in reprocessing food in Fiji when she has five years accounting, 17 years marketing and three years management experience to her name back in the Phillipines.
“I authored a marketing system called Preferred Consumer Marketing, which is used by home businesses to mobilize their products and sell it directly to consumers,” Luvie said.
“It has been tagged as a revolutionary marketing system of the new millennium and acquired a copyright classification of scholarly works for the fact that it allows preferred consumers to earn out of simply buying regular products and services of Preferred Consumer Marketing – which is at the same time a single proprietorship business registered in my name,” she said.
Luvie presented this concept at the Ministry of Youth workshop with the hope of challenging the youths to adopt it for use in Fiji in as much as systems are still very traditional.
The humble and very down-to-earth lady loves to cook, a hobby she’s had since she was young.
Here Luvie introduces one of her many local reprocessed food concept:
What I will be introducing to you is Longaniza, which is actually a Philippines version of the spanish sausage. This is one of the many ways we process meat in our country. Each region in our country has their own version, and because I came from the province of Quezon, Lucban Longaniza it is heavy on garlic and oregano, while in other provinces it can be saltier with more vinegar. This type of processing can also be done on chicken, beef and even tuna.
There are two reasons why I go for meat processing, first it adds value to the basic product if I sell it, while it offers convenience of it being ready to cook to the one buying it. Secondly, it allows me to extend my food budget further. If we just simply cook 1/2 meat, it would normally be for just one meal. However, if I marinate it, it becomes more tastier such that you eat less of and more of staple food. My half kilo meat will then make up to 25 pieces, which now extends to more than just one meal.

l 1 kg. Pork ( 20/80 lean to fat meat ratio)
l 1 tbsp Salt
l 5 cloves garlic
l 1 tbsp Paprika or Anniato (polvorized) seeds
l 1 tsp black pepper
l 1 tbsp Ground Oregano
l 1/2 cup White Vinegar
l 1 tsp Onion Powder

Mix all the powdered ingredients thoroughly
Blend it well mixing it with pork , then
Let it stand marinated for at least two days.
Put in casings and freeze.

You will discover that meat processing is after all simple and easy.

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