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Prashant’s dream of becoming a mechanic

Written By : Nandika Chand. Looking at the world job market, there is a global need for tradesmen like mechanics and engineers. There was a period when youths did not
09 Aug 2008 12:00

image Written By : Nandika Chand.
Looking at the world job market, there is a global need for tradesmen like mechanics and engineers.
There was a period when youths did not want to be engaged in this field as they wanted to have white collar jobs and work in air conditioned offices.
Nowadays with the increase in youths and university graduates with Diplomas and Degrees in administration and accounting fields, their is a decrease in people with trade qualifications.
Advertisements in newspapers and on the internet are calling on mechanics and automotive engineers.
Previously the job market used to be flooded with these tradesmen and now we are going to experience this again.
Prashant Prasad, 18, is eager to join this field and has started off by getting hands-on training and experience at Pandit Vishnue Deo Vocational School.
Prashant unlike other teenagers dreaming of becoming lawyers and doctors said he has always been dreamt of becoming a mechanic.
He said he liked to get his hands dirty with grease and engine oil and also loves to wear an over-rall.
“I have always wanted to become a mechanic and I am grateful to my parents who are supporting me in making my dream come true,” Prashant said.
“When I was a small boy, I used to sit in my car porch and watch the mechanic repair our van,” he said.
“We owned a van and a car and I always used to open the bonnet and have a look at the engine and see how it operates and runs,” he said.
“From then my interest just grew and grew in engines and cars and now I am trying to get qualifications in it,” he said.
“No one in my family is a mechanic and i will be the very first one to come into this field,” he added.
Prashant proudly said he had just got his driving license and added it makes a perfect start to his dream of becoming a mechanic.
He said he joined Pandit Vishnue Deo Vocational School to learn the basic skills.
“There are many doors opening up in this field as many vocational schools are teaching this trade to youths and school leavers,” Prashant said.
“Parents and teachers should encourage their children to join fields which the children like and dream about,” he said.
“Not everyone is good academically or can become lawyers, doctors and accountants,” he said.
“There are other fields of trade which also has a very good potential and there is room of expansion,” he said.
“In this field you can climb the ladder from the position of an apprentice, to a mechanic to a senior mechanic,” he added.
Prashant said in the mechanical field there was always something new to learn as new engines and new brands of car always come up.
He said when learning about engines and its functioning was never boring as he took a keen interest in learning every aspect of it.
“Doing practical is very easy and simple as we get hands-on experience and it is easy to understand that way,” Prashant said.
“It becomes difficult when we are doing theory as we have to know the parts of engine and what are its functions,” he said.
“We have done some projects where we have had to build up a working or functioning engine,” he said.
“While doing school projects, if the parts are ready, it takes us less than two weeks to compile an engine and if we have to look for parts then it will take us two weeks,” he said.
“Our latest project was to compile an ignition system and we were able to do it with the help from our teacher, Mr Pravin Goundar,” he said.
“After completing my studies here, I hope to pursue a Diploma in Automotive Engineering either at Fiji Institute of Technology or Training Productivity Authority of Fiji,” he added.
Mr Goundar said the boys were doing a two year program in mechanical studies at Pandit Vishnu Deo Vocational School.
He said the program was practical orientated and the boys are sent on attachments to registered garages.
“At the garage, they get to experience for themselves how to repair engines and cars, their practical work is monitored and tested,” Mr Goundar said.
“Currently, we can say that there has been an increase in the number of youths in this field as there mainly school leavers,” he said.
“Some have completed high school till form five level and dropped out due to peer pressure or financial constrains,” he said.
“The youths engaged in this field learn a lot of new things and they have to b honest and skillful to learn this trade,” he said.
Mr Goundar said learning mechanical trade was not easy as it required dedication and hard work to learn the concept and skill.
Prashant said apart from having a keen interest in engines, he like to play soccer, long drives and loves to hang out with his friends.
He said he looks forward to being a qualified mechanic and maybe settle in an oversea country with his family.
“Young people should pursue their dreams because that is where their heart lies and they will also enjoy,” he said.
Prashant said a person cannot be happy doing a job which he or she does not like or enjoy.
He said the best thing to do was to follow the path which the heart chooses.

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