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Nalini beautifies loyal customers

Written By : SANDRA AH SAM. Making a difference in Fiji by helping women enhance their beauty is what Nalini Kapadia makes a living out of. Mrs Kapadi is 51
16 Aug 2008 12:00

Written By : SANDRA AH SAM. Making a difference in Fiji by helping women enhance their beauty is what Nalini Kapadia makes a living out of.
Mrs Kapadi is 51 years old and has been a beautician for the last 20 years of her life in Fiji.
It all started when she met her husband for the first time in India back in 1979.
Dhan Sukh Lal Kapadia who is now her husband, asked her hand in marriage when he went over to India to meet this beautiful lady whom he was to spend the rest of his life with.
The couple got married in 1979 and then traveled back to Fiji to live here during the same year. Mr Kapadia is originally from Fiji while Nalini, his wife is originally from India.
Nalini being the youngest child out of five brothers and sisters left her family behind in India and traveled to Fiji to start a family of her own with her new husband.
It was quite hard at first for Nalini to settle down in a different country, she found Fiji so far from home and had to get used to so many different races and faces.
“Things were very new and different for me when I arrived in Fiji. I didn’t know anyone except for my husband and his family, I had to adapt to the country. My husband and I started our own family and our future was to be in Fiji,” Mrs Kapadia said.
After having two beautiful children, a son in 1981 named Bhavick Kapadia and a beautiful daughter in 1982 named Alpa Kapadia, she stayed home for a while and played the role as a house wife.
Nalini looked after her children and until 1985, she had decided to attend a course back in her homeland, India, where she studied a full beauty course for a year.
“I went back to India in 1985 and stayed there for a year studying beauty courses which included threading eyebrows, full face threading and upper and lower lips threading, also learnt how to apply herbal products on facial and also learnt how to apply mehndi design, make-up and hair styling. My daughter and I both provide beautician services,” Nalini said.
In 1986, Nalini came back to Fiji being a qualified beautician. She had completed one year of studying beauty courses and had obtained a Certificate in Beautician in India.
When she arrived in Fiji, Nalini wanted to put her knowledge of beauty to the test and to good use. She decided to provide the threading service at her husband’s shop. At that time her husband had a shop in operation selling cosmetic items, watches, perfumes, sunglasses, reading glasses and other accessories. She used a small section of the shop providing the threading services to all the women who knew about it.
“In 1990, my husband opened his shop on Renwick road in the center of the city. The location of the shop is so convenient and accessible for any customer,” she said.
“And already a lot of women knew the services which I provide, because the service was cheap and was done very fast. Busy working mothers, young school girls, the old and young would come to my shop so I can thread their eyebrows and other facial areas”.
The threading is done with a cotton thread which is twisted around the fingers a certain way and is used to remove hair from the skin.
“A lot of women who have excess hair visible on their faces and don’t have the time to beautify themselves because they are too busy working come to my shop as it will only take a few minutes to remove the hair,” she said.
“After they see what I have done to their face by shaping it, cleaning it, and only making them look more beautiful they are happy and keep coming back for the same service every week or so when it starts to grow back”.
“I don’t charge a lot, threading is only done for $3.00 and a lot of people can afford that amount,” Nalini said.
Nalini is well known to a lot of women for threading and at that time, she was the only gujrati in the city who provide the service at a cost every one could afford.
In 2005, the Kapadia’s shop under went a renovation which lasted six months. However, this did not stop Nalini from providing services to her clients; she continued threading at their video shop at Laucala Beach.
After the completion of the renovation, the shop reopened with more customers then ever.
“There are two people who are currently operating in our shop, my daughter and I both provide beauty treatments. We have so many customers who come into the shop in a day and our busy times are from 12pm to 2pm every afternoon”.
Nalini’s daughter, Alpa has also completed a beauty course in India and also studied at the Queen’s land University, she is now helping her mother at the shop maintain the efficient services they provide to the public.
“My customers are always loyal to me, there are now a number of shops around town which provides the same service”.
“People are all different with the services and styles and the way they present their work. These other shops are not really a threat to me because I have my own loyal customers who keep coming back to my shop,” Nalini said.

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