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IT personnel in accounting field

Written By : WAME BAUTOLU. Rageshni Prasad profession lies in the Information Technology Department but today she is looking after the Nadi Town Council Accounting Department. The change of carrier
30 Aug 2008 12:00

Written By : WAME BAUTOLU. Rageshni Prasad profession lies in the Information Technology Department but today she is looking after the Nadi Town Council Accounting Department.
The change of carrier was due to the unavailability of jobs in the IT department and the only vacancy she could get hold of in Nadi was being an accounts officer for Nadi Town Council.
This week is a special week for Mrs Prasad as the council had launched their first ever official website where their accounts officer specialty had played a big part in it.
The accounts officer designed the NTC webpage for free and this was the first website she had ever designed after graduating in the field.
“There were no other jobs available so I had no other choice but to take up a position in the accounts department. I had learnt on how to manage accounts just by observing people everyday in my previous job but I prefer a carrier in IT,” said Mrs Prasad.
After graduating in the field of IT, she became the first tutor for Australian Pacific Training Center in Lautoka before moving back to her home town in Labasa where she joined New Zealand Pacific Training Center as an IT tutor.
Then the unthinkable happen as her husband who is a Policeman was transferred to Nadi and she had to accompany him.
Lucky for her she was being employed by the Insurance Company as an accounts Insurance officer despite having any knowledge in the field.
She said she had done her best for the Insurance company accounts department where she picked up a few tips in handling business transactions but she opted to take up the offer from NTC because she had heard that there were plans to develop their first website and Mrs Prasad wanted to utilise her skill in IT.
“I joined NTC in February this year and as promised in my interview I will do my best to improve their IT system and it is an honor to be able to design a webpage which will help the people of Nadi.”
The idea of building a web site for Nadi Town was brought up by Town Clerk Robin Ali during her interview in January.
Starting at the Council she admits that she had faced a lot of difficulties in the new environment but the support of other town clerks made her feel at home.
For two months, the Town Clerk, Mrs Prasad and Aruna had worked tirelessly to produce a skeleton of the website.
Within those two months she said they had gone around Nadi Town area gathering all sorts of information they can and also at the same time take pictures.
“We intend to put all information about NTC on the Website so that the public are aware of the services we provide. It was a challenge going around from place to place but we had enjoyed the experience.”
Developing a web site is not an easy task and the experts in the field usually charge their client for these sorts of service but for Mrs Prasad it was all about proving her worth to her employers.
“I had done it for free because I work here and I wanted to prove myself that I am still capable in the field of IT. You need to prove yourself first so people will know your capabilities,” said Mrs Prasad.
She said that a website is an on line library which is a source of information or where you can search for all relevant information whether it may be about the market, schools, tenders business opportunities, employment or anything at all regarding Nadi Town.
Proud of her accomplishment, the Nasorowaqa Girl from Labasa said she never dreamt of being part of history while growing up.
She has two brothers and four sisters and were all brought up in a farming community in Labasa.
“We grew up in a farming community and our father was a rice farmer. It would take us three hours to travel to Labasa town in a bus so we don’t go to town much.”
Her family has sold the farm and has settled in Suva but for Mrs Prasad she will hardly forget the place where she was brought up in.
“My father use to wake up at around 3.00pm to attend the farm and usually get back at around 11.00pm. We hardly use to see him and he really worked hard in raising all of us,” said Mrs Prasad.
Apart from getting her inspiration from her father, Mrs Prasad said another pillar of strength in her life was her husband who had paid all of her Diploma fees and was the one that had encouraged her to pursue her carrier in IT.
Looking back at her achievements she stressed that she would like to acknowledged the Nadi Town Mayor, His Worship Timoci Koroiqica and his town clerks for giving her an opportunity to shine.
For many young people searching for jobs, Mrs Prasad said they should take whatever job that comes along and never to be bothered about the salary.
“Accept whatever job offered the first time and get the experience before getting into the field of your own. Today I’m an accounts clerk but my profession lies within IT,” said Mrs Prasad.

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