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Eddie loves krump dancing

Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. For young Edward Baleiwai Kasami, his two weeks school break was put to good use with him learning new dance moves. It is not just
06 Sep 2008 12:00

image Written By : Mela Tuilevuka. For young Edward Baleiwai Kasami, his two weeks school break was put to good use with him learning new dance moves.
It is not just any dance moves, what he learnt is Krump Dancing – one of those ‘in-thing’ that teenagers nowadays are into.
The 10 year-old Noroko villager from Rakiraki, who is commonly known as Eddie to most of his friends, has received a lot of criticism from his two elder brothers about his interest in this new groovey dance but he is not taking anymore of it.
“My two elder brothers keep telling me to concentrate on my school work but I want to do something different and useful during the school holidays and krump dancing is what I am interested in,” Eddie said.
“I will go back to my studies when school starts,” he added.
When Eddie visited the Fiji Sun newsroom on Wednesday, he was shy and nervous about being interviewed but the chubby and very talkative lad, beat me to it as he started talking about his interest in krump dancing.
The Vatuwaqa Primary School student is part of the Culture Squad dance group who had already participated at the Battle Zone Dancing Competition that was held two weeks ago during the Hibiscus Festival.
The Class Five student said it is the first time he has taken part in Krump Dancing and he likes it very much.
This I found out after he showed me some of his chest-pops moves much to the delight of my workmates in the newsroom
The Nasinu resident said he owes his new love of dancing to his neighbour Muzaffar Hussein who encouraged him to join him and ten others to form the Culture Squad that was going to compete during the Hibiscus Festival.
“I would like to become a doctor when I grow up, but who knows, I may join another profession but for now, I don’t think anyone can keep me away from my Krump dancing,” Eddie said.
Eddie who loves to listen to reggae music, also knows how to clown people by way of imitating them.
The youngest son of Jovesa and Lusia Salayavi Kasami, Eddie said he is grateful to his parents for supporting him in whatever he does.
“I have wonderful and caring parents who are always there for me cheering me on in whatever I do, and to me that is most important because without their support, I wont be able to achieve anything in life,” he said.
About criticism from his two elder brothers, Eddie says he is grateful about their criticism because he gets to keep his feet on the ground and knows that when school starts, he would have to take on the advice from his two brothers.
“I know that when school starts, its back to school work and if I don’t, I guess my two brothers will be on my back,” Eddie said.
For those of you who don’t know what Krump dancing means, according to the Urban dictionary it is an acronym for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise.
It is a dance form that was pioneered by Tight Eyez also known as Ceasare Willis and Lil C along with a group of others namely Big Mijo, Slayer and Hurricane.
It is an aggressive and spiritual form of dance with Christian roots. Its movements include chest pops, stomps, armswings, syncs, puzzles, bangs and kill-offs.
There are supposedly three levels to krumping namely krump, buckness and ampness.
Krumping is an urban street inspired dance style filled with highly energetic moves packed with power and flashy ground moves.
Hip-hop artist Missy Elliot is a prime example of one of many Hip-Hop/Rap artist to use this form of dancing style in her music videos.

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