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A whole new library to save Nakasi High

Written By : VASITI RITOVA. When Nakasi High School 6th former and Head Girl, Renuka Devi Narayan was chosen to represent the school at the recent World Water Day Oratory
25 May 2009 12:00

Written By : VASITI RITOVA. When Nakasi High School 6th former and Head Girl, Renuka Devi Narayan was chosen to represent the school at the recent World Water Day Oratory Contest, she turned to her school library for research material and consequently won the 3rd Prize.
The school, long known to take in children who have difficulty in finding a school in the Suva-Nausori corridor, has changed some things since Principal Jaswant Singh and the new management took over at the school.
The changes included $7000 worth of new books for the library from the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation which were received by Nakasi High in time for Renuka to prepare her presentation.
“The books came just in time,” Renuka said. “I did all my research in our library using the new books and had help from my teachers and Ronald (Head Boy, Ronald Sharma).”
Lavenia McGoon, teacher in charge at the Nakasi High School Library described some of the changes the new books have brought to the school community.
“I open the library at 7.30 and it’s usually full from then till closing time at 4.30.
“The students are really enjoying the new books and take every opportunity to be here,” McGoon said. “Even the teachers are using the Library for research for their classes.”
“Before we had a library room, we had library cupboards that our parents and the school raised funds to purchase and kind donors helped to fill.
“But many of the books we had were very old and out of date.”
The people of Japan came in and helped build a new building to extend the school building.
“When JICA built our new wing we moved the science lab there and converted the old lab into a library,” she said. “The shelves were nearly empty and it was impossible for our students to do any useful research here.”
“Now, the whole school body can’t get enough of the books,” she added.
The school had applied for funding from the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation in late 2008 and the books range from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys adventure books for juniors to John Grisham thrillers for the seniors, as well as reference books.
Mr Singh said Nakasi High School had bee “so under-resourced” the teachers would be embarrassed to tell others where they were teaching.
“We’re so grateful for the kind hearts that have given so generously to our school and especially to the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation for coming to our aid and giving our children something that they really needed,”
The Vodafone presentation occurred at the school on 20 April.
“For many of our parents, and indeed Fiji parents in general, buying text books is difficult enough without having to worry about books for entertainment and so students grow not knowing how much pleasure can be derived from reading.
This affects their ability to learn and think laterally and consequently their intellect. This is a wonderful day for Nakasi High School,” he added.
Established in 2004, the Vodafone ATH Foundation is a Charitable Trust and is guided by the Vodafone Group Social Investment Policy.
To date the Foundation has granted more than FJ $5 million to local non-governmental and not-for-profit organisations.

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