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Going from Power to strength the Digicel way

Written By : VASITI RITOVA. So far, so good, she says. Gillian Power will let you enjoy your Digicel phone because that’s what the company wants and works hard for.
08 Aug 2009 12:00

image Written By : VASITI RITOVA. So far, so good, she says.
Gillian Power will let you enjoy your Digicel phone because that’s what the company wants and works hard for.
She will work hard to put a Digicel phone in your hand and make the company’s presence known to everybody else if you go the other way. That’s what she is in Fiji to do and she will attempt to sell that product to whoever wants to buy it.
However, she will always let you decide for yourself if you want to be part of this huge network of telecommunication service providers. Power will constantly participate in a process that will review Digicel products and improve her client base because she is finding an exciting growth in Fiji’s marketing base for the company.
She is sure Digicel has taken ground in the Pacific Islands and in particular in Fiji, where the company has enjoyed some pretty tough competition with others in the last nine months.
The young woman, Digicel Pacific’s Public Relations Executive, is Irish and that means she is basically strong and will succeed against the odds. That’s what they say about Irish women!
But, she also is part of a large family of what Digicel effectively calls “seasoned telecom executives and industry experts with vast experience in building, expanding and marketing mobile services both in the Caribbean, Latin America and in other international markets, including the Pacific Islands”.
Power is part of Digicel’s “unique culture driven by an entrepreneurial style encapsulated by Chairman, David O’Brien, the board and management and all staff, which is in excess of 5,500.
These guys are quite good in island-hopping and their presence in the Pacific is nothing new because they started the hops in the Caribbean. Power is among those who plan the hopping in the company’s Nadi office.
Fresh from a well-earned holiday in Ireland this week, Power yesterday enjoyed her involvement with the local community in Nadi, where her colleagues from Digicel Fiji shared a day of fun with kids with various disabilities.
It’s part of Digicel’s community outreach programme, something that has touched her heart in Fiji since she arrived.
Digicel Brand Ambassador, rugby wizard Waisale Serevi, was the toast of the fun day. The man has contributed to Power’s strong feelings for the people of Fiji and foremost, for Digicel and what it believes in.
“He is a very special person and Digicel is forever blessed to have him,” she shared recently. “Serevi has touched Digicel with a special wonder and we are very lucky!”
Power and the Digicel Team in Fiji have had what she calls “an exciting nine months since the launch”.
“We have gone from strength to strength and we have exceeded our expectation,” she said. “We have made our presence known and most importantly, we have tried to put a phone in everybody’s hand.”
“When we sell our products it will be for what our customers are looking for,” she added. “Our business portfolio has grown in the last nine months and our community outreach has reached a wonderful stage.”
Power added Digicel was founded on principles that required commitment and dedication and their involvement with a generally good cross-section of the populace has been “quite enjoyable”.
At the launch of an entirely new international calling package, called Digiworld, Digicel invited models and break dancers to push the package into “kick mode”.
At least 150 invited guests enjoyed a night of cocktails and fun under the stars at the $5.5m done-up Novotel facility, in Suva last Friday, to witness Digicel go up another notch in Fiji’s freed-up telecommunication lines.
The launch was done in what Power labelled “a purely Digicel night”, saying the announcement to launch Digiworld in Suva signified the company’s “growing portfolio of business packages”.
Digiworld Access is a plan aimed at international callers and business people alike.
“Basically, they will, for $50 per month, get 100 free talk time minutes to Digicel mobiles in Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu as well landlines in India, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.”
“The Plan is an add-on to existing Digicel postpaid customers and open to anyone wishing to activate a Digicel postpaid account,” she said. “It’s part of our on-going process to expand our business portfolio.”
“Digiworld is one of them,” she said. “We have lots of other new products coming up but I am not ready to share it with you yet.”
“It’s all part of our growth here and we are going from strength to strength and have matched and exceeded our expectations in Fiji at the moment.”
In true Digicel style the launch event proved a huge success as guests, including
Digicel’s corporate customers and members of the Suva business community enjoyed the evening with music from DJ Skitz.
Models from Fiji Fashion Week were present as well as dancers from the University of the South Pacific showcasing their talents as part of the evening’s entertainment.
Digicel Fiji was launched on 30 September 2008 after waiting since May 2008, and with an initial investment of at least $FJD115 million, its presence effectively ended a long term monopoly in telecommunications industry.
They said the long wait was worth it. Its Pacific reach has now steadily grown across the region and the launch in Fiji followed similar events in Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu. It became the 28th launch for the company.
“With an initial investment of F$115 million in Fiji, Digicel has built a state-of-the-art network and for the first time ever Digicel will provide Fijians with reliable nationwide coverage , superior 24/7 customer care, a wide range of state-of-the-art handsets, and first to market high-value services,” a company statement says.
“Digicel will provide over 95% coverage in Fiji. Digicel Pacific aims to create a seamless pan Pacific network that facilitates affordable communications across the Pacific.”
It claims to have employed over 10, 000 people since it started and Power testifies to that strength in Fiji.
She is playing a major role in the opening of what will become Digicel Fiji’s main commercial centre in Suva in the coming week. Digicel Fiji is organising another evening of entertainment to mark the official opening of the company’s Business Lounge in Kadavu House, Suva.
“This is our corporate site and it will definitely become the hub of Digicel in Fiji,” Power said with pride. “It will become our entertainment centre, our access point, our information centre and the whole works.”
“It’s part of Digicel’s growth in Fiji,” she added. “It will be chic, modern and appealing to all our customers and it will be a haven of enjoyment for our customers in Fiji.”
Yes, it’s like going from Power to strength or vice versa…so far, so good.

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