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Call of Moses and your call

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. He was chosen for a duty and a mission. It was God’s mission to free people from slavery. Today you are called for a
16 Nov 2009 12:00

Written By : SUN FIJI NEWSROOM. He was chosen for a duty and a mission.
It was God’s mission to free people from slavery. Today you are called for a duty to be prefects of Jasper Williams High School. Remember it’s not just the choice of your teachers but it is God’s call and choice. He knew us before we were conceived in our mother’s womb.
Today’s act of dedication is a step for new heights if you faithfully serve as prefects. You will find favour in sight of God and teachers. Humble yourself when you go about doing your duties. Be good examples in whatever you do. You will go a long way. You may become one of our country’s leaders in the days to come.
Remember it is not your call or duty, it is God’s. Seek his guidance daily and he will help you to grow.
My story, I am a farm boy; I was a class prefect and became a head boy of my school. This helped me to develop my leadership qualities. I became Divisional Superintendent of the Methodist Church. It is God who will head and guide you so all the best to you prefects.
God Bless You.
Rev. Immanuel Reuben

Urban drift is very exciting and fun. Entering the big world with big classrooms, big buildings were a totally new environment. Faces will welcome you with big smiles.
Time passed by and I decided to take a little journey to explore the world, let’s say cross country. I saw and experienced new things which disappointed me. I thought it would be best for me to pretend so that I could get along with others.
Leaving Suva City was very emotional; not even a goodbye but my tears expressed it all.
As the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Jasper Williams High School is where I sat my first few week. It did not go well but life had to move on because changes were inevitable. I experienced culture shock. The way they set their rules was to be abided by all. They act like ladies and there was a silent one. Finally I found the real me and I was to get out of my shell. Whatever hidden things you do in life will one day be brought to the naked eye. So be careful of what you do, wherever you go, because there’s a devil behind you. He is ready to devour you.
By: Neomai Ravoka, Form 6A


A Jasperian must vow
to be the best in
anything she does
Instill discipline and
good character in her
Catch every
to express herself to
the world
Trust in herself that
can become successful
in anything that she
Overlook her
weaknesses and strive
toward perfection
Resist any temptation
that will lead her away
from achieving her
Invent new ideas to
make the world a better
Always be humble in
anything she does
Never give up her cross,
no matter how hard the
situation is in order to
become a true

By: Aqela Dibuna &
Asenaca Satala,
Form 5T

Let the purple
flag reign

We ride
We cool
We rule the school
We hang
We gang
Forever till the end
Friends forever
Always stick together
No matter what pain
Together well gain
I got your back
And you got mine
So let it be divine
We are best friends
Because the Jasperian
clan always stick
No matter the weather
Jasperians forever

By: Shiwani Goundar,
Form 5T

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