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Wake ye oh sleepy giants!

Written By : Sun Fiji Newsroom. Raijeli Tuitubou Vulaono is well known as wife of Pastor Atu Vulaono, the founder of the Christian charismatic movement, Soul to Jesus. Not so
25 May 2010 12:00

image Written By : Sun Fiji Newsroom. Raijeli Tuitubou Vulaono is well known as wife of Pastor Atu Vulaono, the founder of the Christian charismatic movement, Soul to Jesus.
Not so well known, however, is the fact that Raijeli has a secular job, as Project Sabeto manager for the country’s national airline, Air Pacific.
“The Sabeto Sleeping Giants mountain ranges is one of Nadi’s renowned landmarks,” explains Raijeli.
“This project is likened to the ‘awakening’ of these giants whereby Air Pacific constantly reviews its products and service delivery, bringing this to life with a new, refreshed branding and commitment, to the satisfaction of our customers.”
Put another way, Raijeli’s work on Project Sabeto is looking at ways of making your flights with Air Pacific more comfortable and pleasurable.
She has been with the airline for 21 years. All the time – day in, day out – she breathes and thinks about product improvement and enhancement.
Hearing her talk about the excitement of her work and the satisfaction she gets from it, it is almost safe to deduce that for Raijeli, her work motto seems to be: ‘Don’t wish for things to happen – Make things happen!’
This is not merely a theoretical exercise for her.
Almost every week, she puts herself in her customer’s shoes by actually taking an Air Pacific flight either domestically or internationally.
It helps that her husband Atu works around the country doing church work, and Raijeli joins him after work each day or on weekends.


Travel through Nadi Airport and you will see that things have indeed happened.
There are the new look check-in counters at departures, for example, with Air Pacific montage in bright tropical colours giving an island atmosphere to the whole terminal.
Walk through and it will be difficult not to get the idea that you are now at the home of Air Pacific, in the islands of Fiji.
Working with airport owners Airports Fiji Limited and ground-handling company Air Terminal Services, Raijeli and her Project Sabeto team have been helping them in other areas.
There is more signage at prominent locations around the airport for ease of movement and to help newcomers to the airport.
Express lanes had been added at immigration counters for the airline’s premium customers.
Check-in counters for Tabua Class members have been given a fresh, island look with coconut tensa barriers.
The Tabua Lounge on the ground floor of departure gates has been refurbished and now projects that distinctive Fijian look.
Even for domestic travellers, security checks are now done straight after check-in and not during boarding calls, as was the practice. This had tended to delay aircraft departures.


But the constant job of awakening the ‘giants in slumber’ is not done at ground level only.
Raijeli and her team work with everyone in the Air Pacific family with special emphasis on staff members who deal with customers on a personal basis.
This includes those working in the airline’s sales and ticketing office through to cabin and inflight crew members.
“Within the family, our task is to constantly bring in the new Air Pacific culture, to enhance staff loyalty, to live and take ownership of the brand,” she says.
“It should be a source of pride that they are the most friendliest people working for the world’s friendliest airline.”
As of the future, Raijeli and her team can only promise that they will work on product enhancement, constantly.
“I get great satisfaction in accomplishing the best with what’s given and do it with passion,” said Raijeli.
“I commit all to God for His direction, intelligence and knowledge on all assigned tasks and honour Him for His Faithfulness.
“I give credit to my family for their support, prayers and patience.
“I’ve had great general managers who have mentored my skills and abilities into what I am today.
“I am blessed with people around me and appreciated their contribution into my life.” – Source: Air Pacific Media Office.

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