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Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. Alot of people around the country like to look good when they go out. It doesn’t matter if you want to look professional, casual or
04 Aug 2010 12:00

Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. Alot of people
around the
country like to
look good when they go
It doesn’t matter if you
want to look professional,
casual or well-dressed for
a going out, clothing
tends to make up a great
deal with our
Since our clothes play
a large part in how people
see us, people tend to be
very careful when making
their selection of clothes
from the store.
You could shop in fancy
shirt at a major clothing
store or a saree from a
new apparel outlet or for
a sulu at a tailor’s shop,
but in the end, you would
like to see if it looks good
on you.
Sometimes clothes do
not only make you look
good, but feel good about
yourself as well.
If you are going to
start your shopping for
clothes that will improve
your appearance, there
are a few things that you
have to consider first.
Today’s fashionable
shopper has come about
being educated and set
himself or herself to the
kind of clothes that they
believe are currently in
Thus their wardrobes
say it all; that is how they
dress on a big budget and
how glamorous they wish
to look with the greatest
For teens you will find
the same thing, but with
them it’s about the trendy
new look; in fact it is the
same with a lot of people,
especially those in an
urban area like Lautoka
or Suva.
It is especially
realistic for today’s busy
businesswoman as you
will see many of them
being professionally welldressed,
or a businessman
who can be found in a suit
and tie.
Try to examine the
material and sometimes
that means you have to
try it on before you
purchase it. Sometimes
this can be justified by
seeing if it would fit you.
Trying on the clothing
will also help you figure
out if what you want to
buy is comfortable
against your skin or not.
You can look in the
mirror and figure out who
well it looks.
You don’t want to buy
clothes that end up
causing you discomfort or
irritation on your skin, do
When you go shopping
for a business suit, you
can either find a store
that specialises in smart
looking suites that make
you look professional or
you can have one tailormade
for you. Having a
suit tailor-made
specifically for you can be
quite costly. However,
they are sometimes worth
the price.
You get to inspect the
material that is going to
be made into your suit
and you eventually have it
tailored to your specific
Many tailor-made suits
tend to last a lot longer if
the material and tailor
work is good and decent.
There are many
different ways that you
can do a little window
shopping for clothes.
Simply browsing around
from one shop to another
in order to compare
clothes is a perfectly
natural thing to do.
A lot of people tend to
look for what is
fashionable in today’s
world. This usually means
looking for specific
colours and matching
types of clothes to form
decent attire.
Try to pick the clothes
that you love and would
fit snugly in. Clothes say
a lot about the person so
choose carefully.

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