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Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. Alot of people who go out shopping in the supermarket intent on choosing healthier foods for their family’s diet. Not only will a healthier diet
08 Aug 2010 12:00

Written By : JONATHAN BRYCE. Alot of people who
go out shopping
in the
supermarket intent on
choosing healthier foods for
their family’s diet. Not only
will a healthier diet keep
people’s bodies in good
form, but it helps prevent
illness such as diabetes.
In order to pick out the
products you need to have a
healthier diet, you first
have to list the types of
foods you need for
breakfast, lunch and
dinner. It may be a good
idea to keep this list with
items like low-fat milk,
fruits, vegetables, whole
meal bread, cereals, etc.
The list will come in
handy while you are at the
supermarket choosing
which foods are best to
When you pick up a
canned item, look at the
ingredients. Try to
determine in the amount of
fat and sugars and such are
suitable for your dietary
Don’t forget that for a
healthy diet, you need a
balanced diet consisting of
carbohydrates, vitamins,
protein and all nutrients
for your body to function
Try your best to resist
foods that are high in fat,
high in calories and snacks.
It is also recommended that
you keep the red meat to a
minimum. Too much red
meat could also contribute
to heart problems. Make an
effort to pick foods with low
Pick items like fish,
pasta, carrots and a number
of fruit and vegetable items
to complete your diet.
Some suggestions for items
you can choose at the
supermarket include
carrots, celery sticks,
broccoli, apples, oranges,
pears, fresh berries, grapes,
whole-grain bagels,
crackers, pretzels, salsa
and baked tortilla chips.
You should also eat low-fat
cottage cheese, whole-grain
snack crackers, reducedcalorie,
fat-free yogurt.
It is usually important
to make certain that you do
not go shopping on an
empty stomach. When you
go to the supermarket
hungry, you will be tempted
to buy snacks or unhealthy
food just to satisfy your
immediate hunger.
A healthy diet involves a
person eating just enough
calories, but not too much.
They would have to try and
balance their calorie intake
against their calorie
expenditure, which means
that a person should not eat
more food than his or her
body can use.
Protein can be found in
foods like red meat, poultry,
fish, beans and pulses and
It’s important to know
that the preparation of
these foods is important
because certain ways of
cooking and adding
ingredients may increase
cholesterol. For a healthy
diet, a person must try to
limit amounts of processed
meat as they often contain
a lot of fat, and also salt.
Don’t forget to add some
carbohydrates to your diet
as they are known to be one
of your body’s sources of
energy. Each person’s
organs such as the heart
muscle, lungs, brain and
digestive system need a
constant supply of energy
to work properly as well as
to grow, repair a body’s
tissues, keep the body
warm and provide power to
your muscles. Most of the
carbohydrates in your diet
should come from starchy
foods like bread, cereals,
potatoes, pasta or rice.
If you use these
strategies, you can’t go
wrong in buying the best
healthiest foods for your

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