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Written By : Source: NATIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY. Fire is considered as one of the most dangerous elements in the world. Many people are affected every year by fire and many
09 Oct 2010 12:00


Fire is considered as one of the most dangerous elements in the world. Many people are affected every year by fire and many have succumbed to its deadly effects.
Every year fires drastically impact our country having a multiplier effect on our economy.
What’s even sadder is that most of these fires in homes could have been prevented, with a few simple fire safety measures.
National Fire Authority’s acting chief executive officer Jone Koroi said: “Fire can be fatal to human lives particularly as it can damage the economy in terms of losses in revenue and has a multiplier effect”.
As the threat of fires in the country continues we need to put a stop to these unnecessary fires from occurring in the first place.
You can reduce the impact of fires on your family and property through careful planning. Make sure you and your property are prepared to prevent fires.
“You’ll need to educate yourself and other family members on the fire hazards.
You’ll need to take specific steps to remove fire hazards from your home and you’ll need to plan ahead on how to react in case of a fire, so that if the worst happens, you’re prepared, and no one is injured or killed”, Mr Koroi said.
Business owners and property owners also need to take extra care to avoid fires from occurring in their properties or in their business premises, there are now existing fire safety regulations which must be strictly complied with to protect their business premises from the detrimental impact of fires.
The Authority is duty bound through the National Fire Service Act, 1994 and National Fire Service Amendment (decree) 2009 to inspect any premises, whether public or otherwise, to ensure all properties are compliant with fire safety requirements.
The inspection will ensure that every building and structure have the necessary fire safety devices needed to minimize the threat of fire and its negative consequences.
The most effective way of stopping fire is by preventing it from happening.
Fires do not only threaten the office buildings and multiple storey buildings alone. It is a threat to nearby business premises in cities or towns as well.
It would be best if you also conduct a fire risk assessment for your business.
Through this, you are able to determine which parts of your home are considered as fire hazards which you should repair or get rid of in order to protect your businesses from detrimental impact of fires”.
The community, stakeholders and NFA need to work closely together in partnership if we are to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary fires in Fiji.
Being fire safe is very important for every person.
It is to be noted that fire in any place can lead to severe destruction.
Thus the knowledge of proper fire safety techniques and use of fire fighting equipments is very critical.
Fire safety does not require a complex procedure of learning.
Fire safety simply enables a person to save his life and belongings in the event of any fire.
It is important that people should call the firefighters as soon as the fire starts.
Don’t wait till it’s too late as fires can destroy your property within minutes if you are late in making the important call to the fire brigade.”
“Fire prevention is important and should be practiced in our homes.
The Authority appeals to the general public to cooperate and work together with them in preventing unnecessary fires from occurring in the first place.
However, should fire occur in your homes or properties, please immediately alert the fire brigade by calling 911 quickly as soon as the fire starts and give the firefighters the best chance to save your property from destruction,” Mr Koroi added.

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