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Written By : SUN FIJI ADVERTISING. In the swimwear market, much of the advice and many of the consumer guides for swimsuits focus solely upon recreational swimwear. With a minimal
11 Oct 2010 12:00

Written By : SUN FIJI ADVERTISING. In the swimwear
market, much of the
advice and many of
the consumer guides for
swimsuits focus solely
upon recreational
swimwear. With a minimal
amount of effort, women
can quickly find hundreds
of tips for selecting, sizing,
and fitting fashion
swimwear to their unique
body figure; such
information can easily be
obtained by conducting an
online search or picking up
any fashion magazine in
early spring.
However, competitive,
fitness, or serious
swimmers often need
similar advice on
selecting, sizing, and
fitting competitive
swimwear, but have a
considerable amount of
trouble locating it.
The world of swimwear
fashion advice and
swimwear tips has largely
left serious swimmers to
their own devices when
choosing a swim suit.
While the appearance of a
swimsuit may not be as
compelling an issue in
competitive swimwear as it
is in fashion swimwear, its
fit and functionality are
still just as important, if
not more important.
Whether you have been
swimming competitively
for years or have just taken
up lap swimming as a
means of acquiring greater
overall fitness, odds are
you have had some
unanswered questions and
concerns when choosing a
competitive swimsuit for
your serious swimming
pursuits. Below is a guide
to shopping for and fitting
a swimsuit designed for
serious competitive
Swimwear Shopping –
What to Look For
Competitive swimsuits
can run upwards of several
hundred dollars, based
upon the brand name and
model of the swimwear.
While this figure may be
out of the price range of
some swimmers, it is still
important for every
serious swimmer to
purchase a quality piece of
swimwear. Competitive
swimwear is designed for
different reasons and
purposes than fashion
swimwear, and these
differences should be
evident in the design and
fabric of the swimsuit.
Here are some general tips
for selecting the best
quality swimsuit product
for your money.
l Swimwear Brand
Swimwear brand names
may be more important
than you think. The fact
that brands such as Speedo
and Jantzen have stayed on
the market for several
decades testifies to the
quality of the swimwear
they produce. However,
newer brands like Tyr
Swimwear have made a
serious entry into the
market. Before purchasing
a swimsuit, be sure to do a
little research on the brand
you are leaning toward.
Read some information
about the company and see
what past customers have
had to say about the
swimwear. A little
consumer research can go a
long way toward ensuring a
quality, long-lasting
l Swimwear
Keep in mind the reason
you are buying the
swimsuit when browsing
through stores. If you are
selecting swimwear for
casual lap swimming,
speed facilitation may be
less of a factor for you than
swimsuit longevity. You
may be able to cut some
costs by looking at brandname
swimwear designed
without the latest
innovations. If speed
facilitation is your major
requirement, be sure to
compare brands and
research product claims
before purchasing. The
advertising claims of the
swimwear manufacturer
may be more fancy words
and big names than actual
swimwear innovations.
l Swimwear
Do not assume that you
need to buy brand-name
swimsuits from a high-end
sports store or directly
from the manufacturer.
Many second-run fashion
stores carry brand-name
swimwear that did not sell
initially due to unpopular
cut or color. If swimwear
functionality and
longevity are more
important to you than
appearance, these stores
may provide better, more
cost-effective swimsuit
options for you.
l Swimwear
Pay attention to
swimwear fabric.
Purchasing an expensive,
brand-name swimsuit and
quickly losing it to
chlorine degradation and
fraying would be very
unfortunate! Well-made
competitive swimwear
should contain high
quality materials and
competitive workout
swimwear should be
treated for chlorine
resistance. While no
treatment can result in
complete chlorine
resistance, some sort of
chlorine treatment can
greatly lengthen the
swimwear’s life. If you are
unsure of the chlorine
resistance of a particular
swimsuit, feel free to ask
the salesperson or call the
manufacturer regarding
this important concern.
With all of these
thoughts in mind, you
should now be ready to
shop for and buy
competitive swimwear.
Once you acquire that
swimsuit, feel free to dive
in and swim to your heart’s
content, knowing that you
purchased competitive
swimwear at the best value
and with the best fit.
How to buy boxing equipment/gear
Hand Wraps
Properly wrapped hands
are the key to avoiding
hand injuries. While it is
recommended that you
have an expert
demonstrate how to wrap
your hands, remember the
following: fingers must be
separated to allow freedom
of movement (wrapping
too tightly is the most
common mistake); the
padding around the
knuckles must be smooth
(no creases or wrinkles)
and evenly distributed.
Boxing Gloves
Correctly fitted gloves
should be snug but
comfortable. The long
laces should be securely
tied (but not too tightly!)
with the extra lacing
wrapped around the gloves
at the wrist. Prior to
sparring the metal (or
plastic) lace tips must be
cut off, the laces wrapped
smoothly with tape and the
gloves coated with a thin
layer of petroleum jelly.
Do not – under any
circumstances – settle for
the cheapest mouthpiece
you can find. The
mouthpiece must be of the
type that is molded to fit
the individual’s mouth.
Consider any extra money
you spend on a mouthpiece
an insurance policy
against preventable
damage to your teeth,
gums and lips.
Boxing Shoes
Compared to sneakers, a
good pair of boxing shoes
are lighter, leather soled
and provide superior ankle
support. Boxing in
sneakers makes it more
awkward to move about the
ring, puts you at risk of
fatiguing your legs more
rapidly and increases the
likelihood of ankle
There is ongoing debate
as to whether headgear
prevents head injuries, but
there is no question that
proper fitting headgear can
significantly reduce the
risk of cuts and eye
injuries (from punches or
butting). The headgear
must be snug enough that
the impact of a blow
doesn’t move it and
obstruct your vision.

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