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Written By : Source: NATIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY. The National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters are proud of their line of work. They are brave men and women who every day, put
18 Dec 2010 12:00

image Written By : Source: NATIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY. The National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters are proud of their line of work.
They are brave men and women who every day, put the community’s welfare before their own, and whenever a house is on fire or where there is need for rescue, NFA firefighters are Always Ready to help.
This entails rescue operations such as Road Accident Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Natural Disasters and Paramedic response.
Firefighters are trained in fighting structural fires and various other catastrophic fires such as ships, grass/bush and rubbish.
They also save traffic accident victims and perform first aid services and paramedical services on the scene.
Furthermore, they salvage property and pets, and without a doubt, these are their extraordinary accomplishments.
“Although our firefighting equipment and trucks may not be state-of-the art, the NFA firefighters are selflessly committed to saving lives of members of the community in every possible way even if it means to endanger their own lives”, NFA Chief Executive Officer Jone Koroi said.
“When everyone is fleeing the fire, firefighters are running towards the property fire eager to put out the fire despite the high risk to their lives and not knowing what would happen to them”.
“During this FireWise Fiji campaign in partnership with ANZ, NFA has increased its emphasis on fire safety, especially in the home.
“This will help the firefighters in their fight against fires and creating awareness on fire safety in order to reduce structural fires by 50 per cent next year.
“You’ll need to educate yourself and other family members about fire hazards.
“You’ll need to take specific steps to remove fire hazards from your home and you’ll need to plan ahead as to how to react in case of a fire, so that if the worst happens, you’re prepared and no one is injured or killed”, Mr. Koroi said.
“Fire needs oxygen, heat source and a fuel source to start it up.
“Fires can be fatal to human lives particularly. It is also damaging to the economy in terms of job losses, losses in revenue and this impact has a multiplier effect.
“The multiplier effect from fires is of great concern to the Government as well as to the National Fire Authority.
“The importance of preparedness through education and change of attitude towards the handling of fire cannot be over emphasised.”
“In that way we contribute to the containment of our natural environment as well as the realisation of a community well prepared and supported to achieve minimum impact from fire and other emergencies.
“However, the NFA cannot do this alone and needs the support of everyone in Fiji to help keep their homes fire safe in order to eliminate the chances of fire destroying our homes and our community.
“We urge everyone to handle fire with utmost care and let us all be vigilant and fire-wise and keep our Fiji fire safe,” Mr Koroi added.


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