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Firefighters and the fire progress

Written By : Source: NATIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY. One can benefit a lot if he or she learns to use his skills in building his own career. For example, if you
25 Dec 2010 12:00

image Written By : Source: NATIONAL FIRE AUTHORITY.

One can benefit a lot if he or she learns to use his skills in building his own career. For example, if you have the skill to fix things and analyse how to put things back to its useful state like mechanics or electricians.
We are all blessed with different talents and skills that we can show other people.
The talent that people possess is inborn or is naturally gifted ever since a person was born.
The skills on the other hand can also be learned through going to school.
You will think that it is difficult to achieve both terms but they are achievable if you are confident and dedicated towards realising your dreams.
Training and dedication are core values that a person should learn all throughout the learning process or the process of cultivating the skill.
A very significant career that requires training and lifetime dedication is firefighting.
Firefighting is a job that poses a lot of risk. When firefighters respond to an emergency call you have to prepare yourself that it might be your last.
You have to be brave and strong enough to handle crisis and to rescue those who are in need and lastly you must be willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of others.
Without firefighters, no one will save those who are affected with incidents related to fire.
Firefighters have different roles to portray. Not only do they put out the fire, but they also respond to life and death situations.
There are so many situations that a firefighter’s job encompasses and during any natural disaster, firefighters will always be ready to help.
“Since the establishment of the National Fire Authority (NFA) in 1995, the Authority has come a long way,” NFA Board chairman John Low said.
“This includes Expansion of NFA’s Fire Service. NFA’s role beyond fire and provide a broader emergency management role. Additional services by NFA are: fire, hazardous materials, road accident rescue, urban search and rescue, natural disasters, community education and paramedical services.
“NFA’s primary focus is to save people’s lives and property. The dedicated firefighters of the NFA are committed to serving you – which means protecting the life and property of the people in Fiji.
“These expanded services have changed NFA’s service delivery operations from just a fire service to be a part of a “whole of Government” integrated emergency management approach and align NFA’s service delivery priorities to that of Government’s national development priorities.
“All this comes with the efficiency of our firefighters in firefighting and we are proud of our firefighters’ dedicated service. As the Authority expands its service the welfare of firefighters will always be our paramount priority,” Mr Low said.
NFA’s chief executive officer Jone Koroi said: “Fires can ruin human lives. It is damaging to the economy in terms of job losses, losses in revenue and this impact has a multiplier effect.
“The importance of preparedness through education and change of attitudes towards the handling of fire is important in order to mitigate fires from occurring at our homes.
“In that way we contribute to the containment of our natural environment as well as the realisation of a community well prepared and supported to achieve minimum impact from fire and other emergencies, NFA needs everyone’s support to mitigate fires in the country.
“As we are in the festive season, NFA advises the public to take extra care during the festivities and to take extra precautionary measures when handling fire.
“However, should a fire occur in your home, you must make an early decision to evacuate quickly and call 911 for the fire brigade immediately,” Mr Koroi said.


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