Education ‘the soul of a society’

By SERA JANINE Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.                                ––– GK Chesterson The English writer’s opinion of education may
08 Jan 2012 11:02

Nukulau Village education committee members pose with the students and Bank South Pacific staff in front of their new classroom in Nukulau, Nasau in Ra.


Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
                               ––– GK Chesterson

The English writer’s opinion of education may be seen as foresight or just that he has an inside look at what advantages education can bring.
Education has always been seen as a cornerstone of a society and most communities can vouch for its benefits to development and growth in society.
Education has also been seen as an advantageous factor when it comes to seeking growth.
Hence, for one of the smallest villages in the province of Ra the search for education is not hindered by the village’s remoteness.
Nukulau Village lies on the border of the Ra and Naitasiri provinces. The village is just about one hour on horseback from Roma, the last village of the Naitasiri province.
The nearest school in their vicinity is Nasau District School which is located at about 25 kilometres from Nukulau Village.
Little children had to travel by carriers to reach the school.
This saw a large number of these students opting to board at Nasau District School.
They leave their families on Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning and return on Friday afternoon for the weekend.
The only means of reaching Nukulau is by a pick-up truck or carrier as it is commonly known or on horseback.
Considered to be one of the smallest villages in the province, with less than 20 households, its growing population has seen the village committee note the urgency of getting its populace educated.
Village committee advisor and education co-ordinator Meli Nagusuca said the village had vouched for the benefits of education as most of the people from the village have excelled academically.
“Education is an important factor and will always guarantee the well-being of generations,” he said.
Hence, despite the small population of the village its people are determined to establish the foundation of education in their village.
They have done this by setting up a kindergarten for its young children to get a taste of early education.
Mr Nagusuca said it was also to familiarise the child with the classroom atmosphere before they enter mainstream education.
The kindergarten committee went about trying to get all the paperwork in order for the school.
With everything in order, they were only left with one obstacle -a proper classroom.
The students had to make do with classes in the village community hall.
This saw classes disrupted every now and then as pressing village matters required the use of the hall.
However, the village elders saw the drive in the parents and students as they remained faithful in attending classes.
“The drive made us more determined to do something about it,” Mr Nagusuca said.
He took several trips to Rakiraki Town with the kindergarten committee members to try and secure additional finances for the construction of the school.
The committee’s efforts paid off as Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) Rakiraki branch offered its help.
BSP Rakiraki branch managed to complete the community project at Nukulau Village.
They helped build a kindergarten that will create interest in children to begin their education with the bright green colours of BSP.
BSP regional manager western Viliame Varasikete was delighted to hand over the building to the school committee and said this was the new beginning for the little children in their quest for a proper education in their tikina. He also mentioned the distance he experienced travelling from Nasau District School to the village, had made him really feel for the need of a school in this area and he stressed on the importance of education in the tikina.
Nukulau is offering a solution to drop-outs as a result of the geographical location of the village. Most villagers drop out of school after they find the cost of sending children to school a struggle. Most opt to go back to dalo and yaqona farming.
It is this mindset that the village’s education committee is challenged with.
A challenge they have decided to face head-on by opening their first education facility in the village.
Mr Varasikete said the bank was proud to come out and assist as the education of children remained paramount on most priority lists.
“There are a lot of children who have not attended school and this project is like a dream come true,” he said.
The Nukulau Village Kindergarten is not only for the village’s children as the committee has opened its doors to other neighbouring villages.
Mr Nagusuca said the kindergarten also aimed to educate children of the district of Nasau.
Children from the next village, Nubumakita, will also attend this kindergarten.
Mr Varasikete thanked BSP’s Rakiraki branch and the kindergarten committee for the wonderful thought and foresight on a very successful project that would bring about convenience for young children in the tikina to attend pre-school and help them prepare for a good and early education.
With this assistance and the establishment of proper classroom facilities the children of Nukulau and surrounding villages in the district of Nasau now look forward to an exciting and educational school year.
Hence, with the quote from Mr Chesterson in mind, Nukulau and the district of Nasau can now look forward to an educated generation if it remains committed to education growth.


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