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FIJI Water Centennial International 7s & Oceania 7s quotes, results

Viliamu Punivalu, Samoa coach: “We’ll enjoy the win and start worrying about the Gold Coast 7s next week. We go back tomorrow, and meet up with four other players who
06 Oct 2013 11:17

Viliamu Punivalu, Samoa coach:
“We’ll enjoy the win and start worrying about the Gold Coast 7s next week. We go back tomorrow, and meet up with four other players who are training back in Samoa. And from there we head across to Australia.”
“I think Fiji did a great job hosting the tournament. It would be nice if Fiji does host a tournament in the IRB 7s Series one day. That would be ideal for us being close to home and the weather as well as the atmosphere.”

Ben Ryan, incoming Fiji coach:
“For me, this was a chance to get to know the players. I thought Fiji played with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment. They played with very good team spirit. I’m extremely grateful for all the work that Alifereti Dere has put in; he was prepared a really good side for me to inherit.”

Chad Tuoro, Cook Islands coach:
“I’m happy that we have qualified for Hong Kong. Now it’s a matter of going back and implementing a programme that will help us maintain these players. Our challenges are the lack of funding and the spread of players in Australia, New Zealand and Rarotonga so getting them together to train is something we need to work on.”
“Next year, four of these players who play XVs may be coming back for the RWC 2015 qualifiers against Fiji. So we’ve come along way and hopefully all these will encourage funders to support us and the sport.”
Michael O’Connor, Australia coach:
“We have a tough pool at the Gold Coast 7s with Argentina, Samoa and Scotland and we need the best players. Probably only two from this young squad will be called up. We still have a lot of work to do like improving our defence, in the breakdown and the restarts.”

Warren Jennings, PNG manager:
“We played terribly. It’s finished for us this year. We have to wait again for the next Oceania 7s to try again. We need some fresh players and with PNG likely to host the Oceania 7s next year, we’ll try harder.”

Setefano Fata, American Samoa coach:
“This is a milestone achievement for us. It’s our third time in the Oceania 7s, so I guess its third time lucky for us. As coach, I am very happy. I hope this win and getting to play in the 2014 Hong Kong 7s will boost rugby in American Samoa.”
 Tuvalu Coach Etonia Veibataki:
“It’s a learning curve for us. This was to be our first Oceania 7s. We really learnt a lot from this tournament. We hope to be back next year. I guess we need a lot more exposure. Rugby is only six years old in Tuvalu while in Fiji they are celebrating 100 years, so we still have a lot of catching up to do. We have 10 clubs from eight villages.”

“We came into the tournament ranked seventh, and we go back as 7th place winners. It’s a learning experience for us because we only have three old hands in Leslie Puia, Felix Qalo and Stewart Baiabe. We’d like to return to Fiji for the Marist 7s next year. We realise we need more games of this level to improve.”

 Results Day 2:
Oceania QF1: Fiji 40-0 Solomon Islands  (HT: 26-0), Oceania QF2: Cook Islands 26-12 American Samoa (HT: 5-12), Oceania QF3: PNG 19-36 Australia (HT: 12-19)
Oceania QF4: Samoa 62-0 Tuvalu (HT: 38-0), Fiji Water 7s SF1: Fiji Warriors 12-17 Argentina (HT: 0-12), Fiji Water 7s SF2: Fiji Barbarians 26-0 France (HT: 14-0)
Oceania Play-offs:  Solomon Islands 12-40 PNG (HT: 7-21), Oceania Play-offs: American Samoa 21-5 Tuvalu (HT: 14-5), Oceania Semi-Final 1: Fiji 31-17 Australia (HT: 12-12), Oceania Semi-Final 2: Cook Islands 0-48 Samoa (HT: 0-26)
Oceania 7-8th Playoff: Solomon 33-0 Tuvalu  (HT: 19-0), Oceania 5-6th Playoff: PNG 19-29 American Samoa  (HT: 12-12), Oceania 3-4th Playoff: Australia 49-5 Cook Islands (HT: 28-5), Fiji Water 7s 3-4th Play:0ff: Fiji Warriors 12-14 France (HT: 12-0), Oceania 7s final: Fiji 17-31 Samoa (HT: 12-19), Fiji Water 7s Final: Fiji Barbarians 19-10 Argentina (HT: 12-0)
 Day 1: USA 17-19 Argentina (HT: 5-14),Fiji Warriors 21-10 France (HT: 21-5)
Cook Islands 14-10 PNG (HT: 7-5), Australia 31-0 American Samoa (HT: 14-0)
Fiji 48-0 Tuvalu (HT: 24-0), Samoa 43-0 Solomon Islands (HT: 33-0)
USA 24-19 Fiji Barbarians (HT: 17-12), Fiji Warriors 17-5 Argentina (HT: 10-0)
Fiji 41-0 Cook Islands (HT: 26-0), PNG 54-0 Tuvalu (HT: 28-0)
Australia 43-0 Solomon Islands (HT: 17-0), Samoa 45-0 American Samoa (HT: 24-0), France 36-14 USA (HT: 26-0)
Fiji Barbarians 24-7 Argentina (HT: 7-7), Cook Islands 28-10 Tuvalu (HT: 21-0)
Australia 12-26 Samoa (HT: 7-14), Argentina 19-12 France (HT: 12-12)
Fiji Warriors 14-24 Barbarians (HT: 7-17), American Samoa 14-7 Solomon Islands (HT: 7-7 ), Fiji 44-0 PNG (HT: 17-0), France 14-12 Fiji Barbarians (HT: 7-5)

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