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Compiled by RACHNA LAL Welcome to Hard Talk, where we pose questions to both top executives and budding entrepreneurs on some of the major issues involving business. Given the increasing
16 Nov 2013 05:39


Compiled by RACHNA LAL

Welcome to Hard Talk, where we pose questions to both top executives and budding entrepreneurs on some of the major issues involving business.

Given the increasing internet penetration, more people are using the internet in their daily lives – whether it be for entertainment, research or social networking.
One of the other emerging trend is in the real estate market.
Property seekers now also use the internet to find their dream home. was launched to cater for the South Pacific market by bringing real estate agents and property hunters together in one place.
Established in late 2012, is a specialised real estate website that lists hundreds of properties available for purchase or rent, mainly in Fiji.
The properties on are from registered real estate agents and range from houses, flats, vacant land, commercial properties and even hotels.
The website has been founded by Rajeev Singh.

Questions for Rajeev Singh, founder of

1. Why did you come up with such a website?
The idea of came to me after I experienced difficulty in trying to find properties for sale in Fiji. I knew there were great properties available for sale but I couldn’t find them online and there was insufficient information available about the few properties I did find.
I thought to myself if I am having a hard time to find a property for sale then surely many other people would be experiencing the same problem.
I had identified that there was a gap in the market for a quality real estate website that provided property hunters with all the information they needed in one place.
We live in a very fast paced society today and a lot of people do not have the time to browse through numerous websites and newspapers to find properties. is a great resource for everyone as it provides quality information in a modern and easy to use website.
I started approximately eight months ago to provide property seekers a ‘one stop’ website to find properties in the South Pacific region from registered agents.

2. How did you use your knowledge through your education background for this project?
Having an IT background, I looked at how technology combined with business acumen could be used to solve the problem and the creation of a portal website proved to be the answer.
I researched about the Fijian real estate market to understand it, learned about real estate advertising and analysed whether the strategies currently being used were effective from both an agent’s and buyers perspective.
After spending a few months researching, I decided that the creation of a single website that consolidated available properties into a single website was the answer. The concept of a portal website catering for a vertical market such as real estate has been successful in Australia, Europe, Asia and America and if executed correctly I could not see any reason why it would not work in Fiji.
In creating the website, I approached real estate agents and property hunters to understand what they exactly required and working with my development and support team who I consider to be one of the best in the industry I came up with

3. What are some of the things your website offers people?
In addition to having a wide selection of properties, is a user friendly website that allows people to search on their criteria, whether it be price, location, or even the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required.
It allows potential buyers and renters to view photos, send instant enquiries directly to real estate agents, view location maps, convert prices to different currencies and find real estate agents.

4. What is the benefit of people putting their properties on your website?
There is certainly demand out there from astute real estate agents wanting to utilise a cost-effective advertising platform like to complement their existing advertising strategy.
To be able to reach your market 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in Fiji and all over the world is extraordinary and very inexpensive when compared to traditional advertising.
The agents who advertise on have been able to capitalise on the enquiries and sales leads that have been generated from the thousands of people who have accessed the website from both in Fiji and overseas.

5. How has response been from people?
We have received plenty of positive feedback from users of the website, real estate agents, and even from other property websites within the industry for having the initiative to start a website like for the South Pacific region.
Buyers and agents alike are taking comfort knowing that only registered agents are allowed to advertise properties for sale. This maintains the high standard sets in terms of sellers and minimises the risk of fraudulent transactions for the buyer.
I currently have some of Fiji’s leading real estate agents advertising on my website and have over 230 properties listed on the website mainly in Fiji ranging from houses to hotels.
The website has generated plenty of sales lead for real estate agents both from domestic and international property seekers, been accessed by thousands of people since its operation and has garnered positive reviews.

6. What is your vision for this website?
I believe will soon become the go-to website when looking for a property in Fiji and the South Pacific region.

7. What other attractions have you added/plan to add?
I have recently added an International page to the website that displays properties outside of Fiji which is handy for the expatriate community, overseas investors, and dual citizens.
This is a result of forming strong partnerships with international agents. provides an excellent avenue for real estate agents to advertise their properties and buyers now have a great website to find their new address.

8. Any other comments?
I believe the website will help the real estate market in Fiji as it provides a mechanism to connect buyers and sellers in one place.
Property seekers know is a credible source to look for properties as our policy is to only advertise properties from registered real estate agents to ensure we help all Fijians and maintain our high standards.

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