By NEMANI DELAIBATIKI The following is from a continuing Facebook exchange between aspiring independent electoral candidate Roshika Deo and longtime journalist, Grubsheet blogger, occasional Fiji Sun columnist and part time
29 Mar 2014 07:54


The following is from a continuing Facebook exchange between aspiring independent electoral candidate Roshika Deo and longtime journalist, Grubsheet blogger, occasional Fiji Sun columnist and part time Qorvis/MSLGROUP communications
consultant Graham Davis.
It followed Ms Deo’s denials on controversial comments reported by American newspapers during her recent American State Department funded tour in the USA. During this tour the State Department gave her a Woman of Courage Award.
Mr Davis challenged Ms Deo’s comments and denials on her return to Fiji.

Wednesday 12:16am
Roshika, your action in banning me from your Facebook page and erasing my comments about your lies and distortions is outrageous. You are engaging in precisely the same kind of censorship that you’ve railed against.
And it has made me all the more determined to highlight your hypocrisy.
You do not deserve your award for “courage” when you cannot take an opposing opinion. You preach democracy but engage in the methods of totalitarianism, while all the while pointing the finger at others. Your political career is a hollow farce.
Dear Graham, there are several people that manage the page! Your comments have not been erased as far as i know and i can check that after this. It’s not censorship that i can assure you.
More determined? What hypocrisy are you talking about? Just because we have differing views on the regime? I can take the opposing views and have been taking it for some time – in fact the opposing views come with a lot more than just views – it comes with intimidation, police intelligence, police cases and threats – can you help expose this hypocrisy? You are unusually very critical of me, is it because of my view on my country’s democratic situation? So let me get this straight, you want to remain on the page in the event that you have been banned by one of the manager?
Graham, your comments are still there – all of it!
Though your name is not highlighted and visible – i am assuming you have been banned, do you want me to un ban you?

Roshika, you know that I have been censored. Why try to pretend otherwise? I cannot access the site and my comments have been erased. You “assume I’ve been banned”? It is your party so you are responsible for banning me. I am not asking you to do anything. Let the people be the judge.

Graham, i just checked – I can see all of your comments, each one of it!
Today FBC did an interview with me – I was told I can’t talk about Fiji Sun, the current administration and when i even tried to share about the police intimidation I was cut off several times. The newspapers also censor me. So i know how it feels. We have lived in this censorship and continue to for nearly 8 years.

Roshika, I cannot access your site to comment and my previous comments have been erased. In the interests of democracy and free speech, please restore them plus my access to post on your website.

Your comments are not erased. It’s all there. Perhaps you cannot comment, I will see into that.
Your access for the sake of democracy and free speech will be respected as we hope that ALL ours as Fijians are.

Roshika, my comments are NOT there. The whole strand of toing and froing between the two of us is no longer visible, including fresh comments by Jeremy Duxford. When I went to my notifications, they are blank. When I tried to access your site, I couldn’t see them.
When I tried to post again, I am unable to.
This, coupled with your comments in America, raises serious doubts in my mind about your bona fides.
And stop trying to create diversions. I want to be able to see that you are sincere about free speech. From where I sit, I can only see an appalling example of censorship.

Graham, please go and check again. I am actually not sure whether you were banned or reported by someone – because I can’t seem to find an un ban tab.
And i can see all your comments and others! I am flattered that you are so adamant in seeing my sincerity about free speech.
Graham, I don’t think you were banned but perhaps reported. When i check in the tab I can’t see a un ban or unblock tab. It could be that your comments were reported. Unless i am looking at the wrong place. Do you know how to unblock/ un ban someone?
Don’t worry, just did a Google search! You have been restored! Welcome back to free speech eh!

Thursday 10:33am
Roshika, I see that you asking on Friends of Fiji Media what my role is with MIDA. As a matter of fact, none whatsoever. But the fact that you introduced me into the strand of discussion at all demonstrates your complete disdain for open and transparent debate.

You know that “Friends” is a closed group which I can only access by having the contents leaked to me. So you were clearly trying to raise me as an issue in relation to MIDA away from the public gaze.
This – coupled with your attempt to censor me on your own website – says a lot about your attitudes.
Attempting to malign me on a closed website is hardly courageous.

29 minutes ago
Roshika, you have again censored my comments and banned me from your website, even as you allow others to criticise me. Interested to hear your justification for this. If you can’t take the heat, you shouldn’t be in the political kitchen.

Your choice, Roshika. Allow free and fair debate on your site or have the blow torch put on you publicly. I will not be censored in the lead-up to a democratic election. I will publish the exchanges elsewhere if you do not reinstate me by the end of the day. The difference between you and me is that I have never censored any comment on Grubsheet except racism and obscenity.
I will also make sure that the Americans are made aware that their award for “courage” went to an individual who preaches freedom of expression but doesn’t practice it.

Dear Graham, we do not have a website. We have Facebook campaign page that is used to dispel information on the campaign, and discuss real issues that affect us as Fijians. All you have been doing for the last couple of days is attacking every single person that has made a comment in support of our press release, i would hardly call that debate. Also anyone else that has put a comment personally attacking anyone, even you, that comment has been removed. It is our Facebook campaign page and we also have the right to ensure that there is constructive debate on instead of the propaganda you appear to be unleashing. You may be getting paid to be doing this but here we are, as Fijians trying to make a real different and contribute towards nation building without
Having to be subjected to your attacks signaling each Fijian out.
You are most welcome to do what you want. Thank you and have a lovely day.

Then you are an even bigger hypocrite than I possibly imagined. My points were valid ones that you have deliberately censored for your own political purposes. You attack your country and you attack others who hold different views but place yourself off limits in a way that I have never done. You have adopted the tactics of totalitarianism to justify your grassroots campaign for democratic “change”. Shame on you. The First Lady of the United States has been made to look like a fool.
Chat Conversation End. Seen 10:46am.

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