Motivation drives Lata

Date of birth: 08/02/1994 Address: 78 Kaunitoni Street, Vatuwaqa, Suva Telephone: 9354654 Current occupation: Currently I am a second year student doing Bachelor of Science with Graduate Certificate in Education
11 Jul 2014 07:47

Jyotishna Lata

Date of birth: 08/02/1994
Address: 78 Kaunitoni Street, Vatuwaqa, Suva
Telephone: 9354654
Current occupation: Currently I am a second year student doing Bachelor of Science with Graduate Certificate in Education majoring in Biology and Chemistry
Name of employer/institution: The University of the South Pacific
Work experience: I currently do not have any work experiences, but I have worked for a business firm as a receptionist (Bhima’s Digging and Machinery works) during my semester break. However, I am looking forward to doing a practical in any of my district high schools early next year, based on the requirement of a particular unit (ED152) that I will be taking next semester. This will allow me to open up to the youths of my community and impart my knowledge to them together with knowing their ideas.

Career ambition: Firstly, my career ambition is to be a school teacher. I choose to be a teacher because I want to motivate today’s generation of what significant changes they can make towards conserving the Mother Nature.

Last year attended school/tertiary: I was a student of Rakiraki Public High School for five years from 2008 to 2012. I also had been a student of Rakiraki Methodist Primary School from 2004 to 2007 and Varavu Sanatan Dharm School in Ba from 2003 to 2000.

Name three words that best describe you and why?
I am passionate because I believe in my dreams and see the world through the perseverance I have on my dreams. Secondly, I am humorous, which is the most important aspect of my life since it relieves my stress; allows me to bond with people more comfortably and also lets me take some tough decisions in my life more calmly. Thirdly, I am competitive person and I love the challenges of mastering new things in life.

Most prized possession/why?
Undoubtedly, my most prized possession is my mother because there is no one in this world who could replace the love a mother has for her child. Ever since my father passed away, she supported, nurtured and guided me throughout my life without making me realise what she had been suffering all this while and she always strengthened my hopes and aspirations whenever I felt low. Whereever I am at the moment is because of her hard work and strong willpower that never made me lose hope. She has faith in me and I have faith in her blessing and one day I will prove to her that her hard work and patience has been fruitful. That is why I can never see my life without the love and support of my mother. She is irreplaceable.

Hobbies and interests:
I love dancing. I also like swimming because it not only gives me happiness, but provides me with many health benefits. Additionally, I like socialising and meeting new people; I take interest in knowing what views and ideas others have about the issues that happens around us. Besides these hobbies, I have interest in modelling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
Starting of with my Post-Graduate programme in Chemistry, I would be actively serving the Ministry of Education in Fiji, more specifically, as a school teacher empowering the female youths in school to take up challenges and become someone in life.

What motivated you to enter the Hibiscus contest?
Growing up in my community, I have seen women being victimised at every stage of their lives either by their husbands or the heads of their own famil. They were not given the rights to decide what they wanted because there was always someone superior to them to take decisions for them which, eventually, had to be followed. They were not given the opportunity to get educated and become independent; instead they were forced to get married and take household responsibilities.
Thus, my inner conscience compelled me to bring the issue of empowering women forward and I was told by my friends and family that participating in the Hibiscus contest would give me a platform to portray the messages that I have regarding the empowerment of women.

Why will you make a great Miss Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen?
I know that I am going to make a great Miss Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen because I have the ability to express my ideas whole-heartedly and convince people about what positive changes they can make in order to minimise the issues that are affecting our Mother Nature; that is, the changes they can do to their lifestyles with the intention of minimising effects of climate change.

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