Leaders of Namosi villages speak out AQELA SUSU NAMOSI Namosi village leaders say they support and respect their chief in their traditional role but oppose him in politics. Nasigatoka Village
05 Aug 2014 08:27

Leaders of Namosi villages speak out

A Namosi villager greets FijiFirst candidate nominee, Inia Seruiratu. Photo: Paulini Ratulailai

Namosi village leaders say they support and respect their chief in their traditional role but oppose him in politics.
Nasigatoka Village leader Tito Nariva told a FijiFirst meeting yesterday in Namosi that villagers in the province supported the FijiFirst party.
But he said this did not mean that they did not respect their chief, the Tui Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, who is also a candidate nominee for the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA).
He said they would always honour all their traditional obligations to him but they would not support him or SODELPA for the September 17 general election.
“We will always respect Tui Namosi as our chief because we can never take that away from us but we believe that FijiFirst is the only party that can take us forward,” he said.
“We give our 100 per cent support for FijiFirst because since 2006 it has carried out unparrelled development,” he said.
“Just last week, Friday, we were able to get electricity in our villages; previous governments have always come and promised us that they will get electricity to our village but they never did but we are fortunate to have our cry heard by this government.
“It is like a miracle.”
Mr Nariva said the policies of the Bainimarama government benefitted the old and the young in Fiji.
He reassured the team that even though party leader Voreqe Bainimarama was not present the people had declared their full support .
Mr Bainimarama was scheduled to attend the campaign meeting yesterday, however, he could not attend due to family commitments.
“I want to assure you and the other party candidates that are not here that you have our full support even though our chief will also be contesting this election under another party,” he said.
Namosi village leader Pio Tabuasei said their chiefs would always have their place in the vanua but they believed that the Bainimarama government truly paved a way forward for the country.
“What we can say is that not much developments had been carried out in Namosi when the Tui Namosi was in government but this government is able to deliver to us,” Mr Tabuasei said.
“Everything we want they are always willing to give to us and we are very pleased and glad to say that we give our full support for this party also because of their policies.”
Navunibau village leader Mikea Nawaqabuli said they would always respect the Tui Namosi even though he belonged to another party.
More than 200 villagers from Waivaka, Narukunibua, Nasigatoka,Namosi, Navunibau, Navunikabi, Saliadrau, Naqarawai, Wainimakutu and Naraiyawa attended the meeting .
A party delegation headed by candidate nominees Inia Seruiratu, Timoci Natuva and paralympic gold medallist Iliesa Delana held a campaign meeting in Namosi Village.

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