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Party opinion Nayagodamu Korovou Fiji United Freedom Party Proposed leader Today we are grateful and want to let the world and especially to all Fijians throughout the world that the
09 Aug 2014 08:36

Nayagodamu Korovou Fiji United Freedom Party Proposed leader
Today we are grateful and want to let the world and especially to all Fijians throughout the world that the Fiji United Freedom Party is their party.
Being one of the parties that was rejected and came back again means a lot to us because it has strengthen our unity and increased our domain. With the election just a month away our manifesto will concentrate on the very important issues that do affect ordinary Fijians. We are ready to influence the voters to believe in us and finally vote for us come voting time. We stand for all Fijians especially the poor people and our youths and also want to promote and protect our business community. Being a totally poor party we will need your support in prayer and kind towards our campaign in this one month in front of us. With the high cost of living we are determined to reduce the cost of living so that a person who earn $80-$100 a week can be able to buy decent food and have some left over for his/her family. The parties manifesto will concentrate on these issues.
n Reduce cost of living, by reducing food price, water bill, electricity bill by 50 per cent within our first term.
n Increase Employment.
n Effective education system that prepare youths towards meaningful employment
n Increase Youth Development and Sustainability
n Reduce traffic jam on our roads and LTA related issues
n Effective affordable health system and baby support.
n Ensure workers’ rights is protected
n Increase pay for teachers and security workers and tourism workers
n Improving living standards
n Improving and increasing Religious organisation support
n Expand the security forces in manpower and resources.
We know and will promote that Fiji do really need true spiritual reconciliation to eliminate our differences and bring back true love of self, towards others and our lovely nation.

n We will have a Ministry of Religion and also provide budget allocation in that each religious organisation can apply for a grant of $10 per member. For an example the Methodist Church which has about 350,000 members will have 3.5 million grants every year.
n We want to see that every village in Fiji and Rotuma have a ‘talatala’ who will act also as counsellors to those in the villages.
n All religious buildings in towns and cities to be waived from all areas and payments of city rates.

On education we will:
n Continue with free bus fare to all students whose parents earn less than $16,500 a year
n Have all Fiji citizen students schooling in private and public school have free school fees. Private school students will receive same amount as those in public schools but will be given to their PTA account.
n All students whose parents earn less than $16,500 will have a scholarship and they will be provided with a job after they finish their degree.
n We will give rugby scholarship to all youths who want to play professional rugby.
n We will give allowance of $10 per week or $140 per term to all Year 13 students next year.
n All teachers will have pay increase by providing housing allowance and we will reduce registration fees to $10 per year.
n All babies from birth until six years old will be provided with allowance.
n We will install smokeless stoves in their homes
n Reduce the price of kerosene for alternative cooking method.
In the coming days we will be releasing our manifestoes in the media and hope that we will be able to reach the majority of the voters in the coming weeks.
For those who want to stand as candidates we as a party will campaign as a team and will use the preferential system. Candidates may pay a fee of $1000 to $5000 according to where they want to be on the preferential list.(9292394)
May we continue to spread the politics of harmony, peace, unity and freedom for we are one people of one nation from one God. We believe, yes we can!
n The opinions expressed in this column are those of the Fiji United Freedom Party. They are published by the Fiji Sun to enhance free and open debate ahead of the general elections.

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