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Where do I belong? Shyana Ali, Suva I’m utterly disgusted and hurt by the comments the former PM had made. Nobody ever cares about what we feel, because hey it’s
09 Aug 2014 08:40

Where do I belong?
Shyana Ali, Suva
I’m utterly disgusted and hurt by the comments the former PM had made.
Nobody ever cares about what we feel, because hey it’s not our land right?
We’re always told “go back to your country, go back to your land”. Where is my country? Where is my land?
My ancestors’ vulnerability was preyed on and used, they were told “you’ll have work, you’ll earn good money, this beautiful land is not faraway”.
So they came in the thousands, some made it some didn’t, only to be tortured and enslaved. Then when they were finally reassured everything was going to be ok they stayed thinking they were accepted, they were loved and that this was their country now, their home – little did they know. I don’t know where I belong. I can’t go to India, I’ve never been, I can’t afford the trip plus I don’t even know which part of that vast country my ancestors came from? Where do I begin to look for my family in the world’s second largest population?
I didn’t ask to be born here but I was always proud to have been! I cheered for the home team, I wore the colours with pride, I paid my debts, I helped and watched the economy grow.
But the ridicule and oppression was always present; “shhh! don’t talk about land, it’s not yours (even though my parents own freehold property)”, “you’re not typically like the other females of your kind – you have tattoos, you hang out with us and you can pronounce words like development, vegetables and sushi”, “are you sure you’re full bred?” Who am I, if I don’t know where I belong?

Roneel Chand, Caubati
I am seriously disappointed with the leaders of two major parties.
Laisenia Qarase seems to be openly using religion as a means of differentiating for his party’s political gain. This is a very low and a shameful way of canvassing.
Biman Prasad has proved that he is not at the level people would expect of a political party leader after watching the Aaina show on TV.
Also recently on TV he stated that the reduction of VAT will benefit the farmers and poor people of Fiji. This he repeated a few times.
I am neither a farmer nor do I earn enough to be considered either poor or rich.
His emotional canvassing left me with the question as to where I stand to be considered if I vote for NFP.

Clear the air
Allan Jesoni, Suva
The recent campaign speech of the former PM and current member of SODELPA based on racial and religious lines must be clearly addressed by the leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party now.
Particularly when in her maiden speech upon her election as leader of SODELPA, she stated that SODELPA is a multiracial and multicultural party. What we are hearing right now seems to portray a very different picture of what SODELPA really is.
Ro Teimumu Kepa must make her stand very clear right now rather than keeping quiet or acting to ignore the former PM’s recent style of campaigning speech in Davuilevu.
We need to clearly know whether SODELPA embraces multiracial and multicultural and multi-religious values and principles or otherwise.
Ro Teimumu needs to step up to this issue right now and clear the air.

Lalit Maharaj, Ba
It is good to see people of Ba enjoying the carnival going full swing in Ba. Many queens are contesting to raise funds for better causes. It is appreciated.
But it is a sad day when we elect to put up a support for a charity queen and then demand a fixed amount of contribution from their employees.
It would be nice for the employer to request for contributions and leave the amount to be decided by the person who is giving. People tend to give more when they give willingly.
When it is made compulsory and a fixed amount is dictated then it becomes a cause of resentment, and it also impinges in the rights of individuals too.
One may have pledged his or her support for some other charity queen.
People should understand when one is forced to donate. It kills the spirit of goodwill and the feeling of charity.
All the best to the queens.

Simple explanation
Wise Muavono, Lautoka
Can any of the political parties contesting in the September election please explain to me how are they planning to combat poverty and unemployment? In simple English would be just fine.

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