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The Laughing Samoans have been a huge hit in the Pacific region for the last 10 years. Their unique blend of Pacific humour laced with a touch of Kiwi bravado
10 Aug 2014 08:58

The Laughing Samoans have been a huge hit in the Pacific region for the last 10 years. Their unique blend of Pacific humour laced with a touch of Kiwi bravado has made them a show not to be missed.

The Laughing Samoans with Ajay Amrit.

The formation of the duo act was founded in 2003 when the act was called “Laughing With Samoans,” the show was presented in Wellington New Zealand and was an instant hit. At the time the show was comprised of three artists but in 2004 Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea’i decided to form the duo act of “The Laughing Samoans”.
In 2004 they toured Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA and Fiji, it was here in Suva in front of a sellout crowd of over 5000 people that “The Laughing Samoans” really captured the imagination of the public.
Since this time they have produced and toured every 12 months to crowds in many parts of the world.
I was lucky enough to interview them recently and to say that they were funny is an understatement, I found both Ete and Tofiga to be as humorous and carefree off stage as they were on stage.
I was very interested to know that Tofiga was a very good rugby player back in New Zealand and played prop with another rugby legend Big Bill Cavubati. Their claim to fame is Tofiga weighed in at over 130 kilos and Big Bill came in at around 165 kilos making them the biggest front row pairing in history. As Tofiga said he would scrum down and work for about 45 seconds then have to rest for another 10 minutes.
Ete who is considerably smaller in stature of the two laughing Samoans certainly makes up for it in his talent and script writing. Together they have formed a brilliant team that can entertain the crowds for hours with their comic sketches and impromptu wit.
Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea’i have grown up together as members of the Wellington EFKS (Samoan Congregational Christian) church where Ete’s father was the minister and Tofiga’s father a lay preacher.
The church has had a defining part to play in their success, Ete was one of the first Pacific Islanders to attend the New Zealand Drama School and was a founding member of New Zealand’s first Pacific Island theatre group called Taotahi. The prankster Tofiga was a member of the EFKS Church in Wellington, this has contributed to enhancing his talents from leading the church choir, appearing on screen in music videos and adverts etc to working with youths at risk.
This year’s tour to Fiji has been in collaboration with (WOWS) Walk On Walk Strong Kids Fiji Charity. The charity WOWS kids Fiji was inspired by the late Tae Kami who at the time was suffering from a very rare form of cancer that festered and deliberated the jaw ultimately taking her life in 2008.
Ete and Tofiga had a personal reason to be involved in WOWS as they visited Kami before her passing and took great solace from knowing that their comedies where watched by her on DVD and bought her much joy and reprieve from the onslaught of her condition.
All in all both Ete and Tofiga are great guys who entertain the public with both wonderful wit and humour, but ultimately they also understand that with fame comes responsibility. It is nice to see that this duo serve the community with their God given comical talents and also at the same time are able to serve the people through raising much-needed funds and visibility for the various charities that they support.

– The writer is a Fiji Sun columnist.
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