Khan Recognised for Hard Work

Success stems from hard work and perseverance. These were the words of 49-year-old Mohammed Faizal Khan of Sovi Bay, Sigatoka when he won the Best Farmer of the Year award
20 Aug 2014 16:24
Khan Recognised for Hard Work
marijuana crops uprooted in the recent operations

Success stems from hard work and perseverance.

These were the words of 49-year-old Mohammed Faizal Khan of Sovi Bay, Sigatoka when he won the Best Farmer of the Year award at the 2014 Western Division’s Agriculture Show awards night held recently in Ba on Wednesday August 6, 2014.

The proud farmer thanked the Ministry of Agriculture for recognising his efforts and years of hard work.

Mr Khan has been a farmer after leaving school and believes that agriculture is indeed the backbone of the nation’s economy.

“I grew up in a hardworking family with farming background and that is where it got me today.

“My decision to utilise the land well was the teachings of my parents back in the days when we were struggling. There are six of us in the family and we were all born to terrific parents who nurtured us lovingly and taught us the sweet and harsh realities of life,” said Khan.

“I only reach up to Form Four level and decided to take up farming while the rest of my siblings found job in Suva.

“Farming is something that I was also passionate about during my young days and I decided to continuously carry out our family farm legacy at Sovi Bay, where I currently reside with my family,” he added.”

He is married with three children and has excelled their dreams through farming. One of his sons is helping him on the farm while the other one is in school and his daughter is at the University of the South Pacific.

With his 30 years of a native land lease, he has been building his own little piece of ‘green’ heaven on 512 acres of land.

“I have been planting root crops and fruits and vegetables like water melon, pawpaw, peanuts, tomatoes, pineapple and onion on twelve acres of the land while the other 500 acres are used for livestock farming.

“It has been an epic experience for me as I do not intend to slow down at any time soon,” he said.

The hardworking farmer has been tending to his vegetable garden and grazing livestock which he says is a source of food security. To assist with his daily chores, Mr Khan hires two labourers during planting, weeding and harvesting time.

“I leave home before 8am with my two labourers and we usually eat in the farm and come back home at 3pm. The help of these labourers saves a lot of time.”

He is blessed to have the market come to his doorstep whereby middlemen buy his crops and livestock from his farm every week.

“Money earned from my farm is spent on my children’s education. My daughter is doing her degree at the University of the South Pacific,” said Khan.

Mr Khan has also bought a tractor valued at $17,000 and a rotovator worth $5000 with the money earned from his farm.

As part of his achievement, every year he rewards himself by travelling to places such as India, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Australia.

Like other farmers Mr Khan also faces problems on his farm but adds that it is a challenge.

Khan Recognised for Hard Work

Best Farmer of the Year, Mohammed Faizal Khan with his wife and the Deputy Secretary Agriculture

“When we have problems like flooding we lose a lot of produce but it’s not the end of the road because we can plant the crops again which gets matured in three to four months,” said Khan.

His efforts and hard work did not go unnoticed by the Ministry of Agriculture as he has also been assisted under the Rural and Outer Island Programme (ROI) since 2012.

“I am very grateful to the Ministry of Agriculture for assisting me with a water tank and also in making the borehole to irrigate my farm as well as supplying seedlings and fertilisers,” he said.

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