Gau: More Than Rugby

When it comes to grassroots rugby, it is not just a sport anymore, but a way to make a better life. This stands true for the people of Gau –
21 Aug 2014 21:09
Gau: More Than Rugby
From left: First Lady Filomena Katonivere, President Wiliame Katonivere and Chief Justice Kamal Kumar during the investiture ceremony at the State House on December 2, 2021. Photo: DEPTFO News

When it comes to grassroots rugby, it is not just a sport anymore, but a way to make a better life.
This stands true for the people of Gau – the home of some of Fiji’s finest rugby players like 7s wizard WaisaleSerevi and MarikaVunibaka.
Gau is a new district playing in the Rewa Galaxy Kaji Rugby tournament at the ANZ Stadium in Suva.

Most of the players in their Under-12 and U14 teams have never participated in a major tournament, let alone visiting Suva City and the 2014 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Festival.

Gau U14 coach MeliLogavatu aims to change these kids’ lives saying rugby is a platform where they can showcase their true talents.

“Not everyone is good in the classroom and it is our duty to expose them. This tournament is a good way to do that, so that they can move up a level in terms of skills,” he said.

“Some of them are slow in the classroom and not doing, but when they are on the field, they become a different person altogether.”

Logavatu coached the U14 Koro team in 2010.

“In 2010, I brought the U14 team from Koro and one of the players was LepaniMoce who now play for Lelean Memorial School. He has been noticed for his talents. If we didn’t come back in 2010, Lepani would have still been in the village and so that is what I want to achieve for these boys from Gau.” Logavatu said.

Moce was instrumental in Lelean’s Deans Trophy win against RatuKadavulevu School last week.

“You can see the talents that we have in the islands, so why not bring the talents over to the city, so these boys can showcase what they got and in the process move a level up and improve themselves.”

“We want the boys to just feel the atmosphere and get a taste of what it is like but to win will be an added bonus. We will learn a lot from this tournament and take it back with us,” he said.

“I grew up around rugby and I went into the teaching field back in Koro and sports go with education. It also creates job opportunities for the future and if other players can do it why can’t we?”

“Parents donated $150 each for our trip to come over. They bought the jerseys for the boys and boots and we return the favour by playing well. This could not have been possible without their help.” He said.

Gau won their first game against Wainibuka 20-0 and upset Tailevu 3-0 in their second game but were finally beaten by Suva Blues 25-0 yesterday. Meanwhile, other Day Two results: Under 9; Kadavu 0-14 Northland, Nadi 1 12-7 Cakau East, Macuata 0-14 Ovalau, Rewa 0-14 Nasinu. Northland 0-7 Cakau East, Beqa 0-26 Macuata, Bua 0-0 Rewa, Wainibuka 0-19 Tailevu, Highlanders 0-12 Tailevu, Northland 0-7, Cakau East won by default against Tailevu, Beqa 0-7 Serua, Bua 7-12 Nadi 2, Navosa 0-5 Tailevu, Highlanders 0-43 Navosa, Northland 5-12 Suva, Cakau East 14-7 Lami , Kadavu 7-28 Suva, Nadi 1 25-0 Lami, Serua 7-14 Macuata, Nadi2 0-19 Nasinu, Highlanders 14-12 Wainibuka, Cakaudrove 7-21 Suva, Lami won by default, Kadavu 0-12 Cakaudrove, Nadi won by default, Serua 0-45 Ovalau, Nadi2 0-19 Nasinu, Beqa 0-12 Ovalau, Bua 0-19 Nasinu and Wainibuka 0-10 Navosa.

Under 10; Serua 0-0 Cakaudrove, Bua 33-5 Beqa, Macuata 7-0 Serua, Nadi 28-0 Bua, Kadavu 21-7 Ovalau, Nasinu won by default, Suva 21-0 Ovalau, Navosa 0-5 Nasinu, Cakau East 21-0 Lami, Macuata 14-7, Tailevu, Rewa 0-7 Ovalau, Wainibuka 0-33 Nasinu, Suva 28-0 Rewa, Navosa 17-0 Wainibuka, Cakau East 28-0 Namosi, Nadi2 0-19 Nasinu, Northland 33-0 Namosi, Tailevu 7-5 Serua, Highlanders 19-0 Bua, Suva 7-0 Kadavu, Navosa won by default, Lami 40-7 Namosi, Northland 28-5 Lami, Tailevu 26-12 Cakaudrove, Highlanders 45-7 Beqa, Macuata 28-0 Cakaudrove, Nadi 40-0 Beqa, Kadavu 14-0 Rewa and Wainibuka won by default.

Under 11; Suva 21-0 Northland, Ovalau 21-0 Bua, Nadi 12-12 Cakau East, Suva 14-0 Wainibuka, Ovalau 26-0 Lami, Nadi 21-0 Serua, Navosa won by default, Macuata 7-14 Cakaudrove, Tailevu 10-7 Kadavu, Navosa 14-7 Rewa, Macuata 14-0 Highlanders and Tailevu 0-7 Nasinu.

Under 12; Nadi 42-0 Cakau East, Cakaudrove won by default, Suva 21-0 Macuata, Navosa 0-7 Northland, Nasinu 42-0 Lami, Nadi 19-0 Namosi, Suva 19-0 Highlanders, Nasinu 47-0 Rewa, Kadavu won by default, Northland 24-7 Serua, Nadi 49-0 Gau, Suva 19-7 Bua, Nasinu 0-0 Tailevu, Wainibuka won by default, Namosi 7-7 Gau, Wainibuka 0-14 Kadavu, Highlanders 7-12 Bua, Ovalau 7-0 Serua, Rewa 7-28 Tailevu, Cakaudrove 28-5 Wainibuka, Navosa 7-7 Ovalau, Cakau East 12-12 Gau, Macuata 0-0 Bua, Lami 0-40 Tailevu, Cakaudrove 14-14 Kadavu, Navosa 21-0 Serua, Cakau East 5-7 Namosi and Macuata 0-0 Highlanders.

Under 13; Nadi1 5-0 Cakau East, Macuata 26-3 Lami, Bua 10-7 Rewa, Tailevu 5-0 Lami, Northland 14-0 Rewa, Cakaudrove 7-0 Kadavu, Tailevu won by default, Northland 0-5 Ovalau, Cakaudrove 14-0 Wainibuka, Beqa 0-0 Nadi2, Suva 36-0 Wainibuka, Highlanders 0-3 Nadi2, Nasinu 6-0 Cakau East, Suva 5-0 Kadavu, Highlanders 5-0 Navosa, Nasinu 29-0 Serua, Nadi1 34-0 Serua and Macuata won by default.


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