Parties Look To Better Health Future

The state of health services in the country has been a contentious issue, just as it is even in developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia. The political parties
21 Aug 2014 19:09
Parties Look To Better Health Future

The state of health services in the country has been a contentious issue, just as it is even in developed countries such as New Zealand and Australia.

The political parties tell how they will improve services.


Party leader Voreqe Bainimarama, said at the launch of the PSC’s leadership model for senior executives in the public service that health services would need to undergo improvements.

This, he said, included the attitude of medical staff, the state of medical facilities and capital works.

Mr Bainimarama said this also included the execution of capital works and priority given to them and the level of coordination between the Ministry of Works, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and the private sector wherever outsourced.

“It includes creating medical facilitates that are clean, well maintained and salubrious to making patients feel good about and confident in the public health system.”

Recently, the new Navua Hospital was opened. This was followed by the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ba Hospital.


The party believes that all citizens, rich or poor, deserve high quality health care. The party’s manifesto outlined that it would establish a national health scheme similar to medicare in Australia.

• Management of specialist and divisional hospitals such as CWM, Lautoka, Labasa and Nadi would be contracted out to private health care providers to raise the standard of curative health care. Fully fledged hospitals would be built in Nasinu and Ba;

• More specialist doctors would be recruited under special arrangements to overcome skills scarcity;

• Labour will ensure that no-one is denied proper medical attention because of the inability to meet fees and medication charged. Labour will review these fees and charges.


The party, in order to improve health services, will:

• change core health management and administration to be directed towards people- centered policies for successful health services;

• Establish a national health care system, open tertiary health care to providers outside the Ministry of Health and separate health policy making and delivery of health services;

• Will ensure that clinical (hospital- based) care is delegated to empowered health specialist groups ( specialised teams) for standard practice and equal care levels throughout Fiji.


The party recognises the importance of healthy living in promoting healthy lives and a healthy workforce.

As immediate measures, PDP will:

• Reduce waiting time at out-patients departments in public hospitals

• Provide all commonly used drugs at 10 per cent of the cost price;

• Provide all drugs free to children and people aged over 60 years and regulate charges of private practitioners to a level that is affordable.


A SODELPA government would initiate action to stop deterioration of health services and deliver improved services which the people deserve.

• Recruitment of additional specialists;

• Review training and retention of medical personnel;

• Free out-patient medical services;

• Immediate repairs and maintenance of hospitals and related infrastructure;

• Subsidising health costs and charges where necessary.


The party will extend medical insurance for life for those who are currently covered by group company policies only until retirement.

“Even under group policies employees are paying approximately $1000 a year for their medical insurance which could amount to $20K to $30K depending on the number of years in employment,” party president, JagathKarunaratne said.

“We want to work with the government and the insurance sector to ensure that this can be extended for life.” Mr Karunaratne also said workers in the transport industry (such as taxi, bus drivers) in most cases do not get sick leave or any other leave for that matter.

“They work on revenue sharing models and their rights as workers should be protected. We propose for them to be provided with the standard leave structures and also provide them with FNPF contributions.”

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