Select Quality Hair Styling Tools

Heat styling is the in thing in this modern era where young and old, men and women, boys and girls style their hair. With sleight of hand, curl and volume
05 Sep 2014 15:10
Select Quality Hair Styling Tools

Heat styling is the in thing in this modern era where young and old, men and women, boys and girls style their hair.

With sleight of hand, curl and volume can be added to stick-straight hair with rollers or curling iron action, and wavy or curly hair can miraculously be straightened with a solid blow out and flat iron finessing.

And when you style your hair with these essential tools you expect them to make your job easier, right? Well, that’s why we’ve rounded up of the best of the best straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, rollers, diffusers, etc.

They are all available in many shops around the country.

It is only a matter of choosing what to buy and where to buy.

According to the Consumer Council of Fiji, consumers have been cautioned to choose carefully when opting to purchase an electrical hair straightener, curler or multi-styler.

There are evidence that poor quality hair appliances and not familiar with the usage can cause hair damage including hair loss.

There is an entire range of such appliance available in the market with different brands, sizes, colours and prices. Consumers need to weigh the pros and cons of a product first before buying. With so many choices available, it becomes difficult to decide which ones are of good quality.

However this could be easily identified by (Source: CONSUMER COUNCIL OF FIJI):

1. Brand- Ensure that it is a reputable brand and not a brand that is rarely heard of.

2. Price- Shop around to locate a suitable price for a reputable brand before deciding on which one to purchase.

3. Instruction- Always check the package and see that the instructions are in English language so that instructions are easy to follow. Normally a user manual is present in the package. This should also be checked to see if it is in English or in a language you can understand

4. Content – Always check the box/manual to see if the trader is providing all the accessories listed with the straightener, curler or multi styler. While some appliances may come with accessories, some appliances do not and needs to be purchased separately. Thus it is important to keep a look out for this.

5. Warranty- Check to see if warranty is provided on the product. This is important, should the appliance become faulty than it is easy to seek redress. However at the point of purchase it is always good to know what all is covered under warranty.

6. Test- Always ensure to test the hair straightener, curler or multi styler to see if the product heats up. Also take into consideration the heating time of such appliances.

7. Receipts- Retain receipts in case this will be required in the future when seeking redress should the product become faulty.

It is always important to fully gauge the appliance and its potential use before purchasing. Once a consumer has purchased one of these appliances, the following is also advised:

1. Temperature- Ensure that the temperature is not set too high and frequent use of the appliance should be avoided as heat damages the hair.

2. Hair Protection- Always applies heat protecting hair treatment products to protect hair from breaking and frizzing.

3. Caution – Use the appliances with caution and be aware of burning hazards.

4. Follow Instructions- Always follow instructions to see whether the appliance can be used on wet hair. However care must be taken as the steam released may cause skin burns and hair breakages. Make sure to heed to the warning against using the appliance near bathtub or shower.

5. Handling- It is always important to handle the appliance with extra care as electronic hair tools are worked close to the scalp, forehead, ears and neck.

6. Hair products- Choose hair treatment products for thermal styling with care so that it suits the type of hair texture.

7. Storage -When not in use, always unplug and store away, out of reach of children.

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