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Praying as a nation Joseva Turuva, Lautoka We, as a nation of Fiji, come together in prayer remembering the safe release of our fellow brothers in Syria and the upcoming
08 Sep 2014 07:52

Praying as a nation

Joseva Turuva, Lautoka

We, as a nation of Fiji, come together in prayer remembering the safe release of our fellow brothers in Syria and the upcoming general election. We look to you oh Lord in seeking your divine intervention because with You, nothing is impossible.

Keep praying

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Let us keep praying without ceasing for the release of our 45 captured soldiers.

And for the hearts of the captors to be touched to release our peacekeepers.

Secular State

Shivneel Prasad, Lautoka

I have not seen any difference in the way we conduct our state of affairs in a secular State. All the programmes I have attended, began with a Christian prayer and ended with a Christian prayer. So what is the fuss about ?

Even if it became a Christian State, we still need to earn our living through hard work. Remember, religion is only dear until we live or are healthy. There is nothing after that. Please look at the policies as they are and not twist the interpretations that can lead to become a lie which the same Gospel says is a sin.

Practice what you cherish, but do not think of harming others through words and actions. Remember, all people suffer through natural means as a Christian or any other. Just as well followers of other religions are also happy and prosperous just as a Christian.

Please think and ponder upon this.

Free water and electricity

Ashok Lal, Nakabati Renewable Energy LLC

In reference to your article about free water and electricity. We are a renewable energy company based in the United States. Over the past two years we have submitted several proposals to FEA in regards to our water-to-energy technology. We have been on a constant run around from FEA. As a matter of fact, we rarely get a reply from them unless we contact the Commerce Commission.

Recently we contacted the Department of Energy. Though the director of energy contacted them, we still have not moved any closer. A week ago we wrote to FEA, with a copy to Department of Energy and the Commerce Commission. To date we have not have had a reply from anyone.

Our technology can produce electricity from any source of contaminated water or even sea water. The final products are electricity and portable water. We have offered free portable water to the Government.

Party manifesto

J Nakarawa, Hamilton, NZ

The Fiji First party manifesto is quite impressive; or as party supporters say a “whopper” manifesto. It would be interesting to know how they intend to generate the required revenue to fund promised freebies. If they could not do it after eight years in power, how can they do it now?

Main political issue

Frank Shaw, Lami

The main issue facing the country is not being addressed (or even mentioned) by politicians currently vying for a seat in Parliament.

This in my view on the issue of nationalisation, especially of the banks and oil companies.

Money is the most important factor in any organisation.  All other issues, although good in itself, is subject to funding.

The banking industry is therefore vital for all other industries to operate.

If government takes over the banks, it could reduce bank fees and charges, reduce interest on loans and increase interest on investment.  Government is not profit-oriented, so the millions of dollars profit the bankers are currently taking out of the country would be credited to the customers accounts.

This would reduce poverty and improve the economy generally and end the beggar mentality we currently have. (We then wouldn’t need so many overseas missions).

By reducing the price of fuel, the cost of goods and services will be reduced.

Poverty will be reduced and employees’ wages stabilised.

The need to reduce the cost of goods/services is more important than increasing wages simply because if benefits us all.

Fiji gold should not be exported. Government should buy the gold from Vatukoula Gold Mines simply by printing currency notes to the value of the gold.

Perhaps Vatukoula Gold Mines should remain since they are currently doing the job satisfactorily.

So, I urge all budding politicians to unite in our endeavour to nationalise the banks and oil companies.  It might be worth noting at this juncture when Indian achieved Independence. They gave the British 24 hours notice to leave the country and took over all their business assets without compensation.

Haunting memories

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

I salute Rajendra Prasad for this article (FS 06/09/14, P. 6 & 7). It is something all the leaders should read and understand.

I also recommend that all our children read this to better understand the historical impact on us.

There is a growing negativism which is not a good signal for our relationships. This should be controlled now and this article can be a contributing factor.

It is also unbelievable that God fearing people can spread lies for the benefit of a privileged few.

The world is becoming a society of hypocrites. The leaders say something else and mean something the opposite.

It is becoming difficult to choose who to believe and whom not to.

The so called qualified people are proving how unqualified they are in terms of building relationships and strengthening the existing strengths.

Sowing the seeds of hatred has led the world to this current state where there is no value of human life. People get slaughtered as if they are mere plants and trees.

Thank you Mr Rajendra Prasad for such an article which can be source of inspiration for all.

Thank you Fiji Sun for printing this. No doubt, Fiji is part of our biological body which is inseparable.

Candidate 347

M.Sabir, Nasinu

Under the headline “Fearless and Free” candidate Number 347 and his party president urges voters not to support anyone who has been part of a coup by voting for them. Can I know from this two, through this column, whether I can vote for a person who has saved hundreds of thousands of people from being victimised and vandalised in year 2000.


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